Fox responded to calls and write SMS, stealing phone in adolescents

December 7, 2012 8:51

In Norway, two other, deciding to try out a new application, which attracts animals, suddenly lost an expensive gadget and even got a message from red thief.

16-year-old from Norway Lars Bjerke Robbed agile fox, leaving the boy without a modern smartphone, the possibilities of which he had with a friend.

The friends have downloaded a special program that emit sounds that attract wildlife in the forest. The gadget has worked flawlessly, and soon in the house appeared Bjerke cute redhead animal.

Curious canine while cut circles around the phone, as if torn between the desire to try it on the tooth and the fear of the people who were hiding nearby with a video camera.

As a result, Fox surrendered voluntarily and, quickly grasping the mobile device, ran away under the cheering teens.

Lars, apparently not upset loss, began phoning to your number in the hope that the animal will throw it on the road and one of the passers-by to pick up.

— Someone picked up the phone, but in response I heard was the sound of feet, some noise and puffing, probably fox accidentally pressed the call accept button teeth — said Bjerke.

Shortly after the call Comrade Lars got a message from the number obscure content Bjerke.

— We saw the following text: «I FRY o a0ab 34348tu aaugjoi zolbmosdji jsog ijio sjiw», — apparently Fox wanted us to pass something, most likely, the phone we never see — laughing animal victim of robbery.

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