Frozen under the rainbow

Christmas party will be met at forty degrees Siberian frost.

According to SI "Tomsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring", until January 7, inclusive, in the Tomsk region remain abnormally cold weather with temperatures — minus 35-39 degrees, sometimes very cold as minus 40 — 45 degrees.

In connection with the receipt of the forecast EMERCOM Russia's Tomsk region warns of a possible emergency. All these basic services recommended a set of measures to prevent their occurrence. The public are advised to observe personal safety measures.

In the Novosibirsk region also extended storm warning until 7 January. As reported in the Novosibirsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, January 6-7, the temperature will drop to -33 — 38 degrees, sometimes down to minus 40-45 degrees.

The reason for the anomalous frosts in West Siberia — cold arctic air masses that continue to arrive in the region of the Evenki and Taimyr.

Forecasters promise that will only become relatively warmer by the weekend. So, in Novosibirsk on Saturday afternoon is expected to minus 28, and on Sunday only 18 -20 degrees.

Abnormally cold weather combined with almost 100 percent humidity inherent in the urban microclimate, caused the appearance in Novosibirsk, the so-called "winter rainbow." This optical phenomenon in the form of bright arcs around the sun forecasters called a "halo." It occurs in cold weather when the air is humid enough, and thus in the upper atmosphere is a cloud.

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