Garry Kasparov called on the West to bombard Russian

Garry Kasparov called on the West to bomb Russia

Favorite of the opposition movement "Solidarity" Garry Kasparov once again called on the West to act against Russia. In his view, it is not necessary to dispense with half-measures, and to act from a position of strength. As in Libya.

Speaking in Washington at a conference "Risks reset." Why Washington should be careful in dealing with Moscow ", organized by the limited capacity of" Heritage "Garry Kasparov's own ordinary manner criticized the actions of the Russian authorities, preventing, in his view, the establishment of the country's" real democracy. " The absence thereof, said Kasparov, expressed in the fact that RF Since 2004 not a single modern party, and non-systemic opposition can not get power.

To correct this situation, says Kasparov, only with the help of Western allies, who just need to be more decisive ways. "You sit at the summits, negotiations, and Putin does not change anything" — outraged Kasparov and requests relate to Putin as a dictator. "Never be afraid to resist dictators, because they only understand the language of force" — addressed Kasparov to the audience, recalling "successful" experience of the experience of establishing democracy through military intervention in the Near East and Africa. Based on this experience, the more beautiful the establishment of democratic procedures is a means of "humanitarian" bombing.

In the mouth of Russian policy similar statements at least look amazing. Another thing is that Russian politician Kasparov can be called very conditional. Normal supporter of Western values ex-world chess champion huge part of their life is spent outside RF, to a greater extent on the location U.S., where his family lives. Kasparov himself categorically denies the existence of a South American citizenship, and without a passport he had long since become the Yankees in spirit. Accordingly, from the standpoint of playing the Yankees, clearly following the instructions on the outside part of the acquisition.

Curtailment of the "reset" in relations between the Russian Federation and the United States has long been a subject of discussion in the middle of American politicians still consider Russia as the enemy number 1. As in the time stated invariable representative of the Russian Federation to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, "hawk-wing South American establishment hardly hides that created the missile defense system (in Europe) will be deployed not against any out there fabulous states in the Middle East, and against the Russian Federation" .

Soon in the U.S. presidential election and "Republicans" want to take revenge for the defeat in the last election. Accordingly, the enhanced anti-Russian rhetoric in speeches of American politicians that with pleasure pick their Russian friends. Almost a few days back the Republican Senator John McCain in a more open form expressed what said Kasparov. "I think the Terai in the world, not only Bashar al-Assad, but can be even sovereign Putin, maybe some of the Chinese, maybe they will be a little more nervous, because of course the people in Libya revolted. We helped them, maybe without air support of France, Britain, and NATO would have them do not work out, but I think that they should be nervous. I think it's spring. Not only the Arab Spring, "- said the senator, noting that" it may well be that people will protest against the government, which of course is not democratic in the form which want to create citizens RF, collapsed when the Russian Alliance. I would not herald an armed uprising, but we will see significant protests in different countries ", — he said.

Russian non-systemic opposition has long been lost hope to take power legitimate method. Make a normal, workable all-Russian party she does not come out to protest stroll the same couple of hundred people, and only their pre-election programs from Fri is the overthrow of Putin. It is obvious that the citizens of, not even experiencing a special liking to the current government, are looking at the opposition with such suspicion.

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