Gauleiters NATO of Azatlyk

Gauleiters NATO of "Azatlyk"June 24 in the capital of Bashkiria accomplished the first meeting of the Governors and the activists of the Bashkir human rights movement "to ½ to b? Re" and the Union of Mongolian Youth "Azatlyk."

Following the meeting, a statement was prepared in which the participants expressed their determination to make effective collaboration between organizations with 2 for an effective struggle for the legitimate rights and interests of the Tatars and Bashkirs. There were also critical comments to the address Russian authorities accused of ethnocide against non-Russians, the Kremlin's reluctance to promote the opening of public kindergartens, schools, universities and libraries.

Both organizations also said they wanted to make a pan-Turkic company for the conduct of an organized struggle for the rights and legitimate interests of Turkic and other non-Russian peoples: "We are open to dialogue and invite all concerned to join us." To ½ to b? Re "and" Azatlyk " of an international right of nations to self-determination and endeavor Promoting its implementation. "

After the murder of Waliullah Yakupova and the attempted assassination of Mufti of Tatarstan Ildus Fayzova us finally come to understand that the situation in the Volga region is far from stable.

Institutional weakness and corruption of law enforcement does not allow for efficient operation to counter terrorist threats in the region. But the explosions and shooting — is the "hot items." Opponents of the Russian-Turkish union prepared to destabilize and "cold meals". Specifically, and should be considered the claim "Cook storm" and "Azatlyk."

For democratic verbal tinsel seen the obvious intention to make the separatist platform in the Volga region, involving the construction of its Tatars and Bashkirs.

Tatarstan has always been a "senior" in the Tatar-Bashkir dialogue. Compared with Bashkiria, Tatarstan in separatist sentiments were always more pronounced. Lead to secession "floating" Bashkiria can only Kazan, provided that the power in Kazan take a course on building your own country that is mixed with Russophobian rhetoric.

Official Kazan does not, but in this endeavor all sorts of spiteful critics masquerading as defenders of the rights of peoples, etc.

Look at the "Azatlyk." This organization best ally in protecting the rights of Tatars sees … NATO!

"We see NATO as a potential ally in the fight for our democratic and national rights. In the criteria, when the Russian authorities do not consider our interests when national schools are locked when there is no state institution and the federal channel in the Mongolian language — and we are the second largest civilization in Russia — in the criteria when there are government crackdown on activists we litsezreem choice but to turn to democratic countries, NATO members, that they have put pressure on Russia not comply with international obligations to protect the rights and interests of national minorities "- specifically as the chairman put it," Azatlyk "Nail Nabiullin in an interview with the" New the newspaper. " He added that organization support the opening of a NATO base in Ulyanovsk.

What is it like outright perfidy? Now Nabiullin his comrades run to kiss NATO boots, slobbering grin grinning in a dedicated, tomorrow, decide NATO members that the reign of democracy in Russia it is necessary to throw a couple of bombs, run with ruzhishkom partisans in the forest, hoping for a speedy arrival of the Anglo-Saxons? And those instead, you see, have pity him the post of a village head or even higher!

Stamps used "Cook storm" and "Azatlyk" utterly beaten, and reminiscent of the "democratic" howling Ukrainian, Estonian, Georgian nationalist era of the 1990s.

Having their own, these guardians of the rights of peoples immediately rushed to express loyalty to the holders of Western (and what happened to them furious tirade that honor people for their — are most important?), And oppress all who do not agree with their policies.

Georgia has suffered so far away, she invited to discover the Israeli and American instructors who trained the Georgian warriors bombard sleeping peaceful town and Russian peacekeepers.

By the way, the last commander of the mixed peacekeeping forces in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone during the war in August 2008, General Marat Kulahmetov — Tatar. But "azatlykovtsy" does not equate to call people like him, and shoved the youth's own putrid "heroes."

Over the initiative "Azatlyk" and "Cook storm" — a project to build a strong and cohesive Turkish opposition swept Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, the Republic of owning an enormous strategic importance for Russia. If separatism margins, both in Chechnya and Dagestan, is part of the threat, the separatism almost in the center — it's all danger.

Understand this and in the U.S., because Hillary Clinton and Mongolian nationalists so quickly found a common language during her visit to Kazan. And work on the Yankees promises Baksova grants and trips abroad to increase espionage skills. Here are some and try to destroy the country from within. The work is well paid!

And, fortunately, not all Tatars and Bashkirs go on about the pro-Western iudushek. "We are against the deployment of the Russian Federation on the territory of military bases in foreign countries. However, at the moment I'm speaking only as a citizen, not on behalf of the organization. But for us, this issue is so clear that we do not even let us open a discussion ", — said chairman of the Global Forum Mongolian Youth Ruslan Aisin.

Almost all because of bureaucratic slowness of Moscow, its political blindness and domestic social problems the West managed to make permanent hotbed of tension in the Caucasus.

At the moment, look second step is to test such a center in the Volga region. And if you do not get quiet and free shots, do not doubt that the West will go on a bloody scenario. And behind them posodeystvuyut Elvira and his ilk. And well, that in the Mongolian and the Bashkir State media understand this.

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