General: Iran will not be easy to kill South American aircraft carriers

Kill a South American aircraft carriers is not difficult, because for the construction of aircraft carriers was used to develop new, and if on board the aircraft carrier will be a small firecracker exploded, the system will be destroyed and there will prepyadstviya, said the commander of aerospace forces of the Revolutionary Guards Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, transfers Trend on Friday citing agency Fars.

"Iran is making photos of these most common drone aircraft carriers. Kill these carriers is not difficult," — said Gadzhizade.

According to him, six thousand fighter, passing through the Strait of Hormuz, each time experiencing the horror, and the man who is afraid of something, fails to be a danger to Iran.

Grouping of American ships that were on duty off the coast of Iran, at the present time has about 430 cruise missiles "Tomahawk" with a range of acts of 1.6 thousand km.
Information Service of the U.S. Navy said that the current time is in the Gulf carrier battle group led by the aircraft carrier "Enterprise". According to reports, the ships and outposts attributed to a group of naval nuclear submarine may have more than 130 cruise missiles.

Another carrier battle group led by the aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln", located in the neighborhood in the northern part of the Arabian Sea, has the same amount of "Hatchet".

In addition, in the same region runs attack nuclear submarine "Georgia" with 154 cruise missiles and nuclear-powered submarine, part of the amphibious assault ship's group, on board of which there are 12 "Tomahawk".

According to experts, these missiles is quite in order, so that in the event of military action to disable all of the major air defense Iran and military airfields.

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