General Ivashov: Makarova to reward the title Hero of NATO

General Ivashov: Makarova should award the title of "Hero of NATO"

Chief of Staff who carried out military reform, sent down?

The manual of the Armed Forces (AF) change is coming. In the press entered the information that the head of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov — the 1st of the main performers reform BC — sent in his resignation. In the bowels of the Ministry of Defense circulating rumors that Makarova honorable "leave" in May, immediately after the inauguration of Vladimir Putin.

Tipo 20 March, at a meeting of the expanded board of the Ministry of Defense, President Dmitry Medvedev has thanked the Chief of Staff: said that the reform of the army actually completed this task and stood in front of Makarov that he fulfilled it and now goes to some honorary position.

They say also that during the closed part of the board meeting, President Medvedev also gave the general a star of Hero of the Russian Federation for the awards to the army and the state. Officially, the award has not been reported, although some defense officials in informal talks told reporters that the general has already arisen with the star in the narrow circle of confidants. Typically, the right to a real moment in the Ministry of Defense shall be removed to comment on the rumors.

What is the displacement of the General Makarov, says Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, the last chief of the Head management of international military cooperation of the Ministry of Defence, now — the doctor of historical sciences, president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems.

"SP": — Leonid G., what role General Makarov played in the reform?

— Makarov, apparently, did what he gave the order, and he did without complaint. It was necessary to reduce the combat potential of the Armed Forces. Specifically, this task was given to the general — that the Armed Forces do not frighten the international community, so as not to have been superimposed in the content. And Makarov has proposed a model in which the armed forces are no longer a system of military organization.

"SP": — What does this mean in practice?

— "New Look" of the army consisted, first, in the translation by its brigade system. As a result, we have now — if you take the Army — there are only 39 combined arms teams. And I, for example, there is a question. We have only one crew is on the border of the Trans-Baikal length of 3 thousand kilometers. Who is there that the team can keep what the enemy? The same can be said of the air defense system — it is practically no big holes everywhere.

As a result, the reform we are now deprived of military intelligence, military science, destroyed an old system of management of the armed forces, and the latest did not. In the end, we ditched his military education.

I believe that our armed forces, as a result of the reforms were an order of magnitude weaker. And it is — the result of Makarov. For all of this, of course, you can give the highest merit. But not Russian. For this you can assign credit for the "Hero of NATO."

"SP": — Why Medvedev thanked the general?

— What is Medvedev do? He — the commander in chief. And if he will announce that the reforms have led to the degradation of the Armed Forces, to weaken the fighting power — which means our president flogs himself as a non-commissioned officer's widow. Because the president and praises Makarova.

"SP": — How now the fate Makarova?

— He joined up here and there, that he received his monetary subsidy. But such people will always figure, which is held at gunpoint.

If tomorrow in Russia will exchange power — and it certainly will exchange — and the process will begin to undermine the country's defense, someone will have to answer. Medvedev planted his hands — pronounces it a civilian, and a trusted expert, General of the Army. In this situation, General Makarov can always put the main culprit.

"SP": — What's the story with the Tipo hidden assignment Makarov Hero? This seems to be true?

— This is the kind of ceremony occurred in the past. Kvashnin (Chief of the General Staff in 1997-2004 — "SP") also did much to undermine the country's defense. And he, too, is a hero lurking decree of. You see, undermining their defense we have a very high value.

"SP": — Who will come to the place Makarova? At the moment, they say, that may be appointed commander of the Interior Troops Commander Nikolai Rogozhkina. He was a professional soldier, was deputy chief of Staff of the Army, its just under Putin moved into the unit MIA. Because of the Defense Ministry, on the one hand, there will be a stranger, and on the other — will not be so connected with the generals that are so scrubbed of Defense Serdyukov and Makarov. Rogozhkin Tipo already been meeting with Putin, but what was discussed there, is unclear. Rogozhin — a possible candidate?

— I have this rumor in particular do not. Putin, who usually makes all the rumors to the contrary. If you appoint Rogozhkina … Of course, it's not bad specialist. But there is a question of the military policy. If the Chief of Staff appointed commander of the Interior Troops — means functionally armed forces become an appendage of the internal troops. And they are not aimed at neutralizing external threats and to implement inside the country, for the current government …

Other world

Alexei Makarkin, vice president of the Center for Political Technologies:

— In 2007, the political administration has concluded that it is necessary, in the end, to conduct military reform, rather than read about it (before 15 years of reform of the army were some discussions). In the end, found a man who could carry out the reform, sovereign Serdyukov — a civilian man, devoid of political ambitions, who did not care what they say and think about it the officers and generals.

Outside the Ordinary reform had a puzzle. Russian army was focused on the role of a global confrontation, first with the United States. Until 2007, the army was reduced in numbers, but its interior was as previously targeted, in fact, to prepare for World War III.

Now the required brand new army, which was adapted for the effective role in regional local conflicts. In other words, the army of small-size, based on the contractual principle sverhtehnologichny, with a modern system of military education. Plus, it was necessary to solve the problems with a lot of military equipment left over from the Russian army. Plus, reduce the enormous number of officers who were engaged in non-core issues.

But just say — you need to transform the Army. In practice, this transformation generates a huge amount of problems. First, there is the usual current structure of the army and its reorganization into teams means, for example, the elimination of military units with a long history — the pieces that became famous during his stateliness Russian war. Or another task — to remove the straps with the officers of non-core specialties. This means not only a blow to their esprit de corps, and the cash collateral.

With the reform appeared lot of practical problems whose solution was needed professional soldier. The general, who would go through all stages — from platoon commander to commander of the district — and that could be the number two man, the right hand of the Minister of Defence. This should solve the general was unpopular puzzle, which is opposed b
y most of his companions. Become such a person, and agreed to General Makarov.

Because at the moment Makarova and reward. Even when he went to the post of Chief of the General Staff, I think, was well aware that the reform does not increase its popularity in the military campaign.

He is now a lot worse than Serdyukov. Serdyukov yesterday at the tax office, and now — for the army, and tomorrow it somewhere else otpravlyut. His career is not closed. But Makarov — a man of war, and nothing more. Yet, he took over the intended target, and it performed …

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