General Victor Vodolatsky: If the authorities do not begin to put things in order, it will direct fans

Vsevelikogo Ataman of the Don believes that bold behavior of Caucasians in Moscow — a consequence of the impunity that they enjoy all the recent …

"Audacious behavior of immigrants from the Caucasus, we look now in Moscow, and the frequent crimes on the basis of the state are linked, first, to the fact that in Russia now there is a sinful practice that in all circumstances the Caucasus, frankly spitting and break the law every time out unspotted from the water. That's why they used to put himself above other nations. Now though any action against youth gangs, especially the Caucasus, locked behind huge amounts of money, which is not only completely unacceptable, and is fraught with tremendous consequences for the country, "- said in an interview with" Russian Line "Vsevelikogo Ataman of the Don, a member of the Committee State Duma Committee on Security, the Cossack Gen. Victor Vodolatsky, commenting on the case of a collision with the youth of the capital came from the Caucasus.

According to the chieftain, "arrived in Moscow two categories of persons of Caucasian nationality". "The first — the ones who have rich ancestors. They see themselves as the masters of life. For violation of traffic rules, lowered his own auto glass and throw the police officer 100 "bucks", then move on. Second category — those who are at home are not able to find the place in life — whether because of a lack of jobs or the same can not learn. They come here for the easy means to connect voedinyzhdy bandit groups and engaged in business. Because of course, that only increased criminalization of bullying, and, most importantly, bring all similar cases to their logical end, to lower 10's percent that inter-ethnic tension that occurs at this time in Russia and especially in Moscow "- allocated Victor Vodolatsky.

"If the authorities do not begin to aggressively clean up the existing dilemmas in our society, then, of course, the society itself will do it — divided into certain groups (such as fan organizations) and to protect themselves from the tyranny of things happening," — said Victor Vodolatsky. For all this, he stressed that "today, the police should not be afraid of riots fans of" Spartacus "or" CSKA "and fear for their future" "Because, if the law enforcement agencies will continue to work that way, they will soon be no one required — neither the president nor the government, the community itself will rise up against that of the police. Not in vain, many citizens now rely on the fact that the adoption of the law on the police, Interior Ministry officials will start getting decent money, but not take handouts from criminals "- see the general.

Speaking about the intense clashes with the local population of Caucasian youth Victor Vodolatsky directed attention to the fact that "these incidents are related to the fact that they now have grown children, who were born in present-day Russia, but who do not know any of its history or its traditions or belief." "The lack of state policy on kids, for young people, leading to catastrophic events. Youth, who was born on the farm (no matter of what she Republic), which does not know the state traditions, does not know their own culture, throws to the winds. Because now we are reaping the fruits of irresponsibility in the education of the young generation, which led to the fact that in the "open field grown weeds." The absence of ideology, lack of spirituality, lack of education leads to such consequences, "- concluded the Cossack general.

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