Generals do not have to drive to zabugornye defense exhibition — Rogozin

Russian generals necessary allowed to go to zabugornye defense exhibition, at such events necessary send a delegation of representatives of the industry, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Thus he commented on the situation, when in the last year, representatives of the Defense Ministry expressed the need of the purchases abroad or other military equipment.

"The generals should be banned ride on this defense exhibitions. In their need to ride Delegation of chief designers, technologists, engineers, who have to make everything new, what we do not "- said Rogozin in an interview with radio station Bussiness-FM.

Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the training, of course, necessary for all relevant professionals, but first, for those who would later be able to do "the same thing inside our country."

"And the generals have to command the troops: in the trenches should be, not in Paris," — said the deputy chairman of the Russian government.
He noted that the talk about the ability to create in Russia itself will be all that is necessary is not quite fair.

"Amerikosy naikrupneyshie and those companies who have their work on a missile defense system, use Japanese technology" — an example Rogozin.

He noted that our homeland is interested in the transfer of modern technology, and not the finished product.

"We are even ready to create joint ventures with naikrupneyshimi manufacturers, including weapons and military equipment to have on its territory — but, as they say in our economy, with the highest level of localization," — said Rogozin.

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