Generals revolt?

The Ministry of Defence matured severe staffing difficulties.
Several influential generals decided to do away with a career in the office, writing a resignation of Defense Minister — and Lieutenant Serdyukov and part-time manager of a furniture store.
Among them have been seen:
head of operational management (SEI) — the general Tretiak,
Chief of Staff, Deputy Head. Commander in Chief of Land Forces (NE) — Skokov Lieutenant General, Major General Ivanov, head of the Electronic Warfare (EW), and several other senior military officials.

Curiously, decided to end the career of more capable generals, aged about fifty years. They all have combat experience and staff, and in the near future were considered in the provision of the General Staff. In the absence of a sufficient number of the country's military perfectly cooked, they could be in the service of more than 10 years.

What is the reason for such drastic step?

The reasons have prompted the dismissal of generals silent.
But traced a fascinating pattern, all the posts that leave the generals who are considered more central to the ministry.
For example, SEI is a think tank army, and General Staff NE, absolutely conducts and organizes the training of the armed forces.
Specifically Skokov, is responsible for the implementation of a network-centric model in the army fighting in what used "single system of command and control and weapons at the tactical level." Very surprisingly, the introduction of this system — this is a fascinating and necessary for the operation of the country. But Skokov also decided to resign …

Previously, the main culprit for the complete collapse of the Russian armed forces, seen as lieutenant Serdyukov. However, in the armed forces was a rumor that the generals have decided to finish his career in the department who disagree with the way management and reform of the army, which uses General Makarov, who is chief of staff. During the entire time that the General Staff General Makarov taxis, Russian army resides in a strange state of constant experience. The main Army field manuals and regulations within 3 years in development, since all general staff three years can not find and approve their final version. Also, up to now Joint Staff not approved the decision on the structure of the species, as the armed forces and their locations. That "Magnificent" combat readiness of the army, which is constantly talking about the media, and personally Chief of Staff, clean water is a Kremlin propaganda and empty words that constantly want to impress upon people of the country.

Deciding on the right seems to follow the paved footpath "advanced" the President of the Russian Federation, chief General Staff has outlined seriously automate all processes of management. With perseverance, General Makarov lobbying automation interaction officials as government troops. For all this he had not come to that, these systems were developed based on the results end the second world voyny.Vo all these silly dances with a tambourine Makarova, enable greater managerial and financial resources that are already full of holes reduce the country's budget. Probably one of the reasons for which the general Skokov and a number of his colleagues have solved the problem so constructively, it was exactly that.

The resignation of the generals, of course, is not without consequences in the future, because the generals to find an equivalent substitution can hardly be. The whole procedure for the dismissal of war will be held, a means of presidential decree. But a lover of I-Phonov and Twitterov, apparently unable to properly assess the nature of what is happening, for it remains the country's security personnel such as nano-large, like everything else in Russia …

"The General's rebellion" was fake

Resounding sensational news spread around the country, "because he disagreed with the ways of the military reform Generals of the Army Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov" in the table of Defense reports immediately put the three "pillars" of the War Department: Chief Head Operations Department — Deputy Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Andrew Tretiak , Chief of the Head of Staff — the first deputy chief of the Ground Forces Gen.-Lieutenant Sergey Skokov and Head of Electronic Warfare Staff Major General Oleg Ivanov.

And to add the peppers in the news, this demarche of the generals here stuck gloomy label of "rebellion."

Our military columnist Victor Baranez four hours savaged their own informants in the Defense Ministry and the General Staff, trying to get to the essence of what happened (themselves figures of the scandal on the phone was out of reach).

But let's start with the official explanation. That's what reports management the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging:

"In the Defense Ministry surprised a number of media reports about the Tipo" scandalous dismissal "and several high-ranking military leaders deny this kind of information as incorrect. Materials referred to in general in three different times (from April to June of this year) applied with reports specific to their superiors with a request to see the question of their discharge from military service for health reasons. Final decisions on their dismissal will be taken on the results of the military-medical commission. We also pay attention to the media of the fact that at the present time in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation held a planned certification of officers.

Based on the decision of the Central Certification Commission of the Defense Ministry a number of officials of the military department, including senior officers who have served in the metropolitan area of more than 5 years old, planned to be moved to the appropriate military positions in the military district. "

This, again, — the official version of events. With regard to informal, my sources in the Defense Ministry and the General Staff did not deny that all the queries retired general's three things with Makarov evolved "is not easy."

But all problems have been solved, "behind closed doors" without mat and fling it reports on the table.

But when Makarov has to offer not only the generals and the colonels' to leave Moscow and go blow away the cobwebs in the Army "- there is almost without exception the officers began to manifest severe sores and a desire to hang his jacket on pension nail.

One of my sources is responsible:

— I know very well the situation from the inside and I am sure that premature dismissal of senior military initially linked to disagreement change the place of service in the context of a planned rotation. And not with the dissatisfaction of the reforms. Among those who filed a report about premature dismissal from the army, virtually every third did so after he was asked to change the place of service in the metropolitan area at equivalent positions in the military area.

Such dismissals are usually painful and often then presented as a "special position" in relation to the ongoing reforms in the army.

Here's to you and all the "rebellion" … But you can not, of course, exclude the other prerequisites demarche group of generals. "KP" will continue to investigate this "exotic" actions …

Here fundamentally find themselves defendants in the world. Although not convinced that they will be honest. Although you never know …

In the meantime, you have to "collect" version, and legends. One of them says, came the chief of staff to the mini
ster of defense and presented a plan for reform efforts. With deadlines. Terms minister seemed very longish so he redrew them and "stings".

And when CHODs at the meeting read out the timing and amount of tasks generals, approved by the minister — some generals rebelled and began to mutter:

"Unreal". — Oh, it is unrealistic? — Said CHODs — then it will make those for whom real! And you — "Ventilation" by rotation. That's from the day or whatever they say, and started … And rumor brings a rumor that the NPP without ecstasy met three reports Yegorycha and asked — "Are not you got a little excited?" …

Just once my source said the answer to the question of general Tretiak about his participation in the "rebellion."

I quote the words to the text:

— My decision to dismiss in any way connected with any questions of reforming the armed forces, much more so — with some "disagreements — discontinuities" with CHODs. All this is completely not true. I'm surprised how the creator of the material can take this information very similar to the gossip …

Victor Baranez,

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