Genocide of the Copts in Egypt, Return home — which means to be killed. Interview refugee

Since the beginning of 2013 in Moscow there are several families of Copts — Egypt's Christian minority. Their office was a temporary shelter human rights movement "plainclothes assistance." In the room where Copts live — a table and a few chairs. No beds or cots. With adults — kids — breastfeeding babies. Russian language does not have one, talk through interpreters. But Copts glad to have it. "It is such a life in a foreign land than dying at home," — says Samih Mikail, a refugee — Copt. In an interview with the correspondent of IA REGNUM, he told about the present situation of the Copts in Egypt.

REGNUM: The first of the "Arab Spring" Copts supported the "Muslim Brotherhood." In the election of the president, many Copts voted for Mursi. Why is currently Copts leave their country?

The Copts did not vote for Mohammed Mursi. Moreover, during the presidential elections, the Copts were not allowed to polling stations. In Port Said, Mansoura, Cairo each area was cordoned off by armed detachments of the army and police. They inspected the documents, looked into the face, and if identifiable Copt turned his back. Later in the whole world, it was announced that the Copts in the presidential elections of Egypt Tipo supported "Muslim Brotherhood" and Mohammed Morsi. This was heresy.

"Muslim Brotherhood" were supported by the Copts through cunning. In autumn 2011, during the parliamentary elections, the Salafists had the idea to revive the medieval practice of jizya — poll tax on non-Muslims. In the keynote address by the Salafis said: Copts or pay jizya or leave the country, and if you do not pay and do not leave, then they are destroyed. Representatives of the "Muslim Brotherhood" voice of the Copts: if do not support us, Salafis wrong with you and do it. Support us and we guarantee to protect you. "Copts believe" Muslim Brotherhood "and the Salafis in parliamentary elections only took second place. Later we learned: the intention to levy taxes on the Copts were pre-election move Salafis, that provide a voice for themselves voters — Muslims. Currently, the Copts do not pay the jizya. else to do with them. Their day or beaten in the middle of a snow-white, set fire to their house, just kill them. young women are kidnapped and taken away in an unknown direction. Egypt wish to clear the Copts.

REGNUM: The How goes the "purification" of Egypt's Copts?

In the town — one method in the village — to others. In the Egyptian Muslim villages live poor — the main proponents of Islamic design. How to attack Egyptian Copts villages? For example, there is a militant mosque Islamist and calls of their own co-religionists to burn Coptic house along with its inhabitants. Under this call going the other villagers, burn the Copts in their homes, and it is a sin go unpunished. Illiterate villagers blame for the failures of some Egyptian Copts. And why not? Since the Copts were supporters of Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak. These rulers of Egypt protected the rights of the Copts as a religious minority and persecuted Islamists. In retaliation for this, Islamists are incited by Coptic illiterate rural poor.

In the Egyptian town — other social surroundings. Ever since the days of Muhammad Ali Pasha at the Copts had a special place in Egyptian cities. And in the time of Nasser's Copts have mental and monetary elite of Egypt. We took advantage of reverence in the middle of the Arabs, many of us were friends — Muslims. Muslims — the urban residents even at the moment is not easy to mobilize the Coptic massacre since the townspeople — a more broad-minded. Copts in towns survive "on — quietly." For example, the gang raided a Coptic house, takes out everything of value and left a note saying "go away, or we will kill you." At the end of February 2011 in Asyut this gang stabbed in his vicarage Daoud Boutros. Even earlier, on Christmas Day 2011, at Nag Hammadi was shot by a group of Copts, who came with the service. Next to them, braked machine where Islamist shot the unarmed Christians from the machine. Copts killed, and the police do not notice this. Coptic Christians are fleeing from their own homeland. At this point, a time of unrest in Cairo and Port Said, the migration of Copts acquired disposition of the exodus. In the border town of Rafah was previously two areas: the Christian and the Muslim. Now in Rafah generally not Christians. All Coptic Christians were forced to throw the house together with the assets and escape with their families. Coptic families wishing to leave the country at least by what method, though legitimate, though illegal.

REGNUM: The Is there a Copts, who for the sake of his own life to Islam?

Even the most craven Copt not throw faith Protz. On our hands — a tattoo of a cross. It is a symbol of what our forefathers — the ancient Egyptians — among the first to take the good news. It came out in the I century, soon after the events of Calvary. Everything connected with monasticism associated with Egypt. Pachomius Orthodox ascetics majestic and stately Anthony preached in Egypt. On the Egyptian Sinai is one of the oldest Christian monasteries. Female monasticism was born in the Egyptian desert. The first lady — a nun, nun Mary of Egypt, revered throughout the Christian world. I know that in Russia it especially adore.

And the burning of our churches, our priests murder, violence against our ladies. It sees every Copt. How can we then agree to the demands of murderers and rapists, to replace their own faith? Treacherous murderers can not believe. They were forced to convert to Islam Copt, and tomorrow it will destroy.

REGNUM: The Whose position in Egypt at the moment stronger — Salafi or "Muslim Brotherhood"?

Salafis stronger. Immediately after the election of Mursi they began to openly call for his overthrow, and later began to arrange the mess into which the police turned a blind eye. Beating with batons supporters in Egypt secularists and Islamists do not touch. Mursi from the beginning of the state did not run and could not do it. Not only because of it all solved headquarters "Muslim Brotherhood" in London.

I'll explain. Egyptian society like a pyramid. On top of it sits Mursi and his entourage, and across the bottom, at the level of villages, towns and districts, sits the same bureaucrats that under Mubarak. With the difference that now they pretend to serve Mursi, and in fact think only about themselves. Position bureaucrat — this sinecure, which is difficult to get, and regime change, just lose it. Bureaucrats adjust to the power of the upper and if it does not exist — the moods of the masses. At the moment, Egypt was ruled by the masses led by Salafis. If the masses — against the Copts, the bureaucrats and the police will not disturb them. That is why the police says the Copts, "you have burned the house and raped the daughter, son killed. But we do not go against the Islamists, as they avenge us."

REGNUM: The turns out that the "Arab Spring" in Egypt has put the Copts outside the law …

Yes. Copts have only three rights: to convert to Islam, leave or die. Under pressure not only directly, and through relatives. The Coptic community has always distinguished similar strong bonds. Copts have no division in the second cousins or relatives, all brothers — native. Islamists use it. If some Copt does not wish to leave his native land and the grave Protz, he is given a "signal from my brother." Either kill the brother, or his brother at one point lost quite a young daughter, or something else.

REGNUM: The What would you, as a refuge
e, wished to convey to the authorities of the Russian Federation?

While in power in Egypt, "Muslim Brotherhood", the return home of Copts is not out of the question. Return home to us — is to be killed. But the break with Egypt, we, too, can not. This — the land of our Protz. There we left our family, which we are concerned. If we see that the power in Egypt changes in the best possible way, we can return to our country. But while we litsezreem only change for the worse. Not so long ago passed that Mursi fled the country because of the riots. We wish to remain in Russia. We are ready to make the most stained work. Our homeland if deemed necessary to deport us, we agree. But one request: do not need to send us to Egypt.

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