Geopolitical puzzle. 16.04.2012

Geopolitical puzzle.  16.04.2012Syria.

April 15 evening arrived in Syria first six observers from the United Nations. They intend to "commit to monitoring the implementation of the warring parties — the government army and the armed opposition — UN Security Council resolution on the peaceful settlement in Syria. During the day or for them to join more than 20 people from the advance team of observers' (""). Total in Syria must come 30 observers.

Concern for the Syrian government is their safety. Advisor to the President of Syria Buseyna Shaaban said on Sunday: "Syria will not be able to guarantee the safety of UN observers if their every move on the Syrian countryside would not be consistent with the government of the country" ("").

The country continues to operate terrorist groups and killed peaceful inhabitants. Radio "Svoboda" report this way:

"The city of Homs, one of the strongholds Fri opposition was again subjected to shelling by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. According to Syrian human rights activists, killing 6 people very little.

The authorities claim that they were acting in response to the attacks, as they put it, "terrorist groups."


In Istanbul "six" (England, Germany, China, our motherland, the USA, France) met a with Iran. At the conference, the parties decided to encounter again — May 23 in Baghdad. "Interfax" reports: "After the meeting in Turkey, the EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said that Iran and the countries of the" six "agreed to hold the subsequent round of talks on Iran's nuclear program there in May in Baghdad. "We now wish to move to a sustainable process of dialogue, — she said. — We will be controlled by the principle of step by step approach. "

Negotiators expect from the future of the May meeting even more, if a formal meeting of April. Ashton said: "Further negotiations will lead to specific measures aimed at holistic and coordinated decision, as a result of which the international community will be able to believe in only peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program" ("Interfax").

Israel, but keeps a permanent representation on the Iranian nuclear issue. "Interfax — Ukraine" reported:

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that as a result of negotiations with the" six "of international mediators … Tehran was" a gift "respite said Sunday of the Israeli Cabinet. Netanyahu said that "he (Iran — IF) was 5 weeks in order to no limitations to enrich uranium."

Israeli media said that the acts of Tel Aviv and Washington over Iran's nuclear dilemma as coordinated, "U.S. policy toward Iran, and the means we use are completely coordinated with Israel. This was stated by salting the U.S. to Israel Dan Shapiro told the newspaper "Makor Rishon". According to Shapiro, he had never encountered such a highest level of coordination between senior bureaucrats, intelligence agencies and the governments of 2-states "(IA «REGNUM»).

Against the background of these statements in the media there are various speculations — right to develop scenarios of World War III. Zbigniew Brzezinski, for example, believes that our homeland in case of war with Iran may start to pursue their interests Caucasian — and arrange a war with Georgia. There are large-scale and more than scenarios in which our homeland has not second role:

"Washington-based Jamestown Foundation analyst Pavel Felgenhauer says:" Russian forces (from the Caucasus) may be ordered to knock on the south to prevent the alleged deployment of U.S. military bases in the Caucasus, to establish communication with the troops in Armenia and take over the energy corridor in the South Caucasus, in which Azerbaijani, Turkmen and other Caspian gas and oil could reach European markets. " This implies a geopolitical expert: "One high-spirited military strike our homeland can provide control over the Caucasus and the Caspian states that were its former colonies. At the same time, a small victorious war connect voedinyzhdy Russian people in support of the Kremlin, which will allow to suppress the remnants of pro-democracy movements in fair elections, as well as the final prize of the military actions of the Russian Federation may not all kill the Saakashvili regime "(IA «REGNUM»).


In Bahrain, in which the "Arab Spring" stretches for more than a year (from February 14, 2011), the demonstrators are protesting against the holding of the country's racing "Formula 1". Protests against the "Formula", which kicks off on April 20, is being verbovaniya attention to the lack of democracy in Bahrain. Specifically, this concerned the opposition party "Al-Vekaf", announced not long ago about a week of meetings.

Demonstrators to know against whom the protesters, from April 9 in Bahrain conducted military maneuvers of 10 states. In the 10-day exercise, "the purpose of which is to strengthen cooperation in the field of defense," participate "warplanes United States, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan. Many of these countries are in varying degrees, opponents of Iran "("," referring to the "Xinhua").

Many protesters in Bahrain sits behind bars. This country — A nice example of a demonstration of "global democracy" in the face of U.S. and UN policy of double standards. The United States only sluggishly urge the Bahraini authorities to redouble their efforts to implement political reforms and make out in the end it dying human rights activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja — a two-month hunger strike protesting against indefinite detention. So terrible punishment was handed down to him for attempting to overthrow the ruling Al Khalifa dynasty.


In Mali, April 13, was sworn interim president Dionkunda Traore. New elections will be held in the country in 40 days. In the meantime, the interim president is going to lead active actions against the Tuareg in the north of the country.

French President Sarkozy, the Tuareg should be given autonomy: "We have to work with the tribes of the Tuareg to discern giving them a little autonomy. We must also do everything possible to prevent the creation of a terrorist or Islamic state "("Komsomolskaya Pravda"). Interfere in the internal affairs of Mali by military force Sarkozy plans, believing that the decision has to be taken not by France and the African Union and the UN Security Council.

More sonorous last event in the north of Mali was the kidnapping of a Swiss citizen (Christian missionaries) from her home. About this media said on April 16. No one has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and did not put forward any demands.

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