Geopolitical puzzle: Australians threaten to ruin, and the bourgeoisie makes money for the disaster in Colorado

"For the sake of the country." LAS persuade the Syrian president to quit his post "to save the country." This statement reports "," with reference to «France-Presse», was made after a meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Arab League, which took place yesterday in Doha.

Some representatives of the League believe resign as president would be "courageous decision." For example, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani said: "By taking this bold decision, Bashar al-Assad will be able to put an end to the destruction and killing." Care Assad to resign, according to the Minister, supported by all the member countries of PAH (excluding one country — which, speaking not say).

The logical solution, and the Arab League was to urge the Syrian opposition and the FSA to form a transitional government of so-called. "National unity." The meeting also decided to allocate aid to refugees from Syria (100 million dollars).

United States continues to work on the Syrian theme. As delivered now from Washington corr. Itar-Tass Kirsanov, America will continue to work with its allies and the Syrian opposition on the issue of a modern government in Damascus. This was announced yesterday, Jay Carney, a spokesman for white houses, who accompanied President Barack Obama on a trip to Colorado.

Geopolitical puzzle: the Australians threatened with death, and the bourgeoisie makes money on the tragedy in Colorado

Official dealer said the head of administration in Washington: "The United States continues to believe that Syria should be a political transition, involving fast refusal Bashar al-Assad from power, so that the country can move forward to the creation of such a government that would be responsible for the aspirations of the people. We will continue to work with their friends, allies and the Syrian opposition for the sake of political transition. "

With all this Washington very afraid of chemical weapons in Syria. As highlighted Mr. Carney, the United States is very concerned about the safety of the upcoming himvooruzheny and therefore "actively consult with neighbors Syria and their friends in the international community."

It should be added that the chemical weapon is a factor of intimidation of enemies, fully comparable with nuclear missiles. Who knows what would have been the situation in Syria, do not be out there these terrible warehouses, protected by the army. In the meantime, opponents and neighbors like Syria are afraid that the instrument will apply Assad (which is unlikely), and that it will fall into the hands of the rebels, half of them — ordinary criminals and terrorists who are willing to sell at below market prices. Apprehension about the fate of chemical weapons in Syria expressed more than once and that of the U.S. ally as Israel.

Mr. Carney, Washington horn, nothing remains as to the public to warn the Syrian authorities that the brave America will provide a "bring to justice" those who would give the order to use chemical weapons against the rebels. Carney also said that the United States has long been considered the presence of chemical weapons in Syria factor undermining regional stability, and more than once urged Damascus to abandon him.

Mr. Carney and his like Messrs. called "the factors that undermine stability" that caused consternation among the aggressors. Similarly, you can call the presence of U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal of the tremendous "factor undermining stability." It is no longer regional but global. After all, America was noted specifically in the history of the use of atomic bombs.

Favorite weapon. Western secret services, collaborating closely with the representatives of some Arab countries, currently preparing provocations against the Syrian satellite television channels. This was warned on July 22 the Ministry of disk imaging Syria, report "News" citing SANA and ITAR-TASS.

"The frequencies of TV channels will be used to broadcast false messages such as Tipo coup occurred in the country, the split or the overthrow of government", — the warning agency SANA. States that broadcasters can play a role working for Western and Arab channels Syrian journalists have also abducted staff Syrian media, which are under pressure.

Missiles on the border. Turkey sent missiles "land — air" on the border with Syria — where there are fights between rebels and government troops. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse», an informed Turkish agency "Anatolia".

The number of missiles is unclear. The footage shown on the Turkish channel NTV, seen 5 cars carrying car with a gun. Train with rockets yesterday arrived in Mardin in southeastern Turkey.

The explosion at the headquarters of the Saudi intelligence. He thundered on July 22. "Rosbalt", Recalling and Iranian media reports of the death of the deputy chief of intelligence of the kingdom.

But other sources not confirm this information. No information about the devastation and the other victims. Not even the name of the deceased is called.

"Rosbalt" recalls that not so long ago in the exploration of Saudi Arabia occurred configuration. Intelligence community was headed by the Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the 63-year-old aristocrat who for more than 2 decades, uh worked as head of the U.S. embassy in the kingdom. After retirement from the post in 2005, he went into the shadows. The prince, according to experts, has retained ties to the United States. Now his main task can be dangerous confrontation between Iran and the coordination of efforts to support the Syrian opposition.

The bad news for tourists. Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud, president of the Islamist party of "national unity", called on Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi demolish the pyramids, since they — monuments to the Gentiles that have no place in the land of Egypt. On it "" with reference to

Islamists, reminiscent of the "Argmenty" previously destroyed Sufi tombs in Timbuktu, sculptures of Buddha in Afghanistan, and many of the world heritage monuments in Iraq, Malaysia and Tunisia.

Meanwhile, as reported "Voice of Islam", Egyptian representatives of the political party "Light" made a statement to the press: "The rumors that the Islamists plan to damage the pyramids in Egypt, have no foundation." Dr. Ahmed Mahrous, a spokesman for the party, commented on the situation: "Some Egyptian human rights organizations constantly raise this issue. According to them, some Islamic clerics they say about the need to destroy the pyramids, temples, and other monuments of the reign of the pharaoh as a "symbol of paganism," made in the pre-Islamic period. But these rumors are pursuing a very different purpose. The Egyptian pyramids, as well as sculptures in Aswan and Luxor, were the signs of idolatry before the arrival of Islam. But in any country of the world where Islam came, not fixed any of the 1st version of the destruction of
recognizable heroes of that time. "

Israeli announcements. About Jerusalem. As reported by RIA "Novosti", Israel asks of BBC English company name Jerusalem as its capital. Such a request is expressed in a formal letter, a copy of which is placed the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the network «Facebook».

The Israeli authorities have shown dissatisfaction with the placement of reference disk imaging on the country on the website, which the Air Force has made to the Olympic Games in London. Jerusalem indicated there simply as "the seat of the government." Also made a slip that "most foreign embassies are located in Tel Aviv."

RIA "Novosti" recalls that a significant portion of the world community refuses to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish country. The eastern part of the town, occupied by Israel following the 1967 war and later annexed, usually attributed to the occupied Palestinian territories. Palestinians want East Jerusalem to build, which is inhabited by about a quarter of a million Arabs and almost 200 thousand Jews, the capital of the country.

Second self-immolation. Like yesterday handed RIA "Novosti", referring to the Israeli TV stations already the second Israeli this week gave the public self-immolation. A prerequisite for such an act were financial difficulties.

Wheelchair user oblilsya gasoline at a bus stop and set himself on fire on sight in 10-s witnesses. 45-year-old Akiva MiFi with burns 70% of the skin was taken to the clinic. He is unlikely to survive.

Relatives of the victim told reporters that MEPI, received a disability in the army, had debts. Before the act of self-immolation, he read about the desire to follow the example of Moshe Silman — bankrupt businessman, a week back Having burnt herself at a rally supporters of social justice, held in Tel Aviv. Silman, who accused the failures of bureaucracy, died Friday.

According to police, MEPI — not the only one who followed the example of Silman. This week tried to burn himself four people, not counting the MiFi.

"Hezbollah"? As the day passed now from Washington corr. Itar-Tass Kirsanov, the Israeli government has reliable data on the terrorist attack against its citizens in the Bulgarian resort town of Burgas. Terrorist attack — the work of Shiite group "Hezbollah", supported by Iran. This was said yesterday in an interview with the South American broadcasters C-PBS and the "Fox" Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister.

Netanyahu said: "Iran and" Hezbollah "made these raids … in Kenya earlier in Cyprus, Thailand and India … A week earlier," detective "," Hezbollah "was arrested in Cyprus and admitted that his task was the fact, that storm Passengers with Israel after getting off the plane. Exactly the same pattern of behavior. "

According to him, the intelligence services of Israel is "undeniable, one hundred percent backed up by intelligence information," proving that the explosion in Burgas bus with tourists — a terrorist attack, organized and carried out by the group "Hezbollah" with the support of Iran. Netanyahu is no shadow of doubt on this score: "We know quite reliably, without any shadow of doubt that the operation was a" Hezbollah ".

Or not "Hezbollah"? Previously unknown Islamist group "Kaedat al-Jihad" claimed responsibility for the attack in Burgas airport on July 18. Statement to that group spread through the media, reports "," with reference to the Israeli newspaper "Yediot Aharonot".

Geopolitical puzzle: the Australians threatened with death, and the bourgeoisie makes money on the tragedy in Colorado

The document states: "One of our groups with God's help, managed to undermine a bus full of Jewish tourists — the sacred land of robbers."

The appeal also states that the attack was timed to the start of the month of Ramadan, which the creators of the text referred to as "the month of the battle against the enemies of Allah — the Jews and their American stooges."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, has denied the report. But the details of the refutation is not reported.

The last Minister of Finance Pranab Mukherjee was elected president. About this report "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

On Wednesday, Mukherjee will succeed Pratibha Patil, who has been in office since 2007.

The official results of the elections in India is not declared, and counting continues. But it is clear that Mukherjee has received 525 thousand votes out of 1.05 million According to preliminary estimates, for the former Minister of Finance gave the votes of more than 70% of the members of the upper and lower houses of parliament and the legislative assemblies of the states and union territories of the country.

In addition to the post of Minister of Finance, Pranab Mukherjee held the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defense and Deputy Head of the Planning Commission, which forms the Indian "five years".

Mutiny in Madagascar. Riot at a military base located near the international airport of the capital of Madagascar, started yesterday in the early afternoon. Antananarivo Airport interrupted their work. Details about the events on the basis not disclosed. In the press got the only information about the shooting on the ground military facility. Prerequisites rebellion suppressed on the same day, is not called, reports "," with reference to the «Reuters».

General Rafael Ramasamy, Defense Ministry spokesman in Madagascar, said in a broadcast of the 1st of the local TV stations that the situation at the military base is under control and that zateyschik rebellion — Corporal Koto Myint, nicknamed Black — killed. Other participants of the rebellion surrendered or arrested.

"Tape" recalls that in 2009 there was a city in Madagascar coup. President Marc Ravalomanana was ousted from power and exiled, and the government with the support of the military took last mayor of Antananarivo, Andry Razhuelina. He headed the transitional government.

Explosion in Colombia. As delivered now from Mexico City corr. RIA "Novosti" Dmitry Znamenskii, Colombian oil pipeline "Caño Limon" was blown up by rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces. The explosion occurred in the department of Boyaca in the north. The length of the pipeline of large, the second most important in the country is 770 km. Once a day it pumps about 80 thousand barrels of oil, including for export.

No injuries were reported, but the oil spilled into the river, which serves as the main source of water for several cities. Two villages Fri at the moment were absolutely no centralized water supply.

The FARC has been fighting the government since 1964. Over the past six months has recorded 67 attacks on oil pipelines. The number of attacks has increased 3.5 times in comparison with the first half of 2011.

Died Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya. One of the more recognizable Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya died ye
sterday in a road accident reports "," with reference to the «Reuters».

Accident took place during a trip Payi by Cuban province of Granma. Details were not disclosed.

Paya, a favorite of the Christian Democratic Movement, is known for the fact that in 2002 initiated the collection of signatures for a petition to hold a referendum to abolish the one-party system in Cuba. Supporters Payi collected over 30 thousand signatures, but to achieve the referendum failed.

Oswaldo Paya in the same 2002, he was awarded the Sakharov Prize — Special Merit for human rights, established by the European Parliament in 1988. Paya also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (twice). Both times his candidacy offered Czech ex-president Vaclav Havel.

Exchange collapse in Hong Kong. As the corr. Itar-Tass Zuzin, trading week on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange began with a collapse in prices. Against the backdrop of new signs worsening debt crisis in the euro area investors dumped bank shares of commodity companies and industrial enterprises.

Already in the middle of the morning session, the Han Sen decreased by 509 nm (2.6%) — to the level of 19130. At 2.99%, or by 286 nm (up to 9284 values) decreased indicator showing the state of the securities of state enterprises in Mainland China category "HLB".

Brokers say that depreciate substantially all "blue chips". Fell by 4.4% naikrupneyshgo assets of the bank in Europe — the English "HSBC BBC", by 7% — the insurance giant "China Pacific Insurance Group." Fell by 4.7% position coal company "China koalas", by 4.5% — "China Unicom" (telecommunications). Also lost more than 3% share of the oil sector.

All the fault, according to experts, the aggravation of the economic problems in Europe. Among the rest of the investors are afraid that because of rising interest rates Spain will not pay their debts. Exchange increased pessimism and reports that the IMF has decided to abandon the role of money in the program of aid to Greece. Athens may become zero in September.

Australians threaten to ruin. Number of critical challenges for emergency services in Australia — 000. Now day this number has fallen off a flurry of calls, reports from Sydney corr. ITAR-TASS Paul Vanichkin.

Calls continue to come to the rescue so far. Subscribers say they received an SMS message with the danger of physical execution.

The unknown author of the "esemesok" notify recipients that received an order for their murder. Order is paid, the case is left to do. But the intended victims have the opportunity to save your life: you need only within 48 hours of contact with the killer at the address indicated in the message of electric mail and pay 5 thousand dollars.

"Notifications" on the order and received a ransom of several hundred inhabitants of Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and other Australian cities.

The police believes that it is a scam and asks people not to pay and not to worry.

Tiltrotor arrived in Japan. As reported from Tokyo corr. ITAR-TASS Igor Belyaev, ship with twelve konvertoplanov U.S. Air Force 'Osprey' arrived on the future of their dislocation — base Naval Air Station Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture (Honshu). The opposition movement formed by local authorities and residents, failed to prevent the placement of konvertoplanov.

In addition, Americans are going to place the 24 "Osprey" on the Futenma base in the town of Ginowan in Okinawa. Any of konvertoplanov can deliver Marine 24 over a distance of 700 km and is able to fly in an airplane mode and helicopter.

The governor of the southern prefecture of Hirokazu Nakaima spoke out strongly against the deployment konvertoplanov. Nakaima has davneshnie differences with the Japanese central government: a couple of years, he protested against the relocation of the air base the U.S. Marine Corps in Okinawa borders.

The central authority also believes that suspend the placing konvertoplanov unrealistic. Prime Minister of the Land of the Rising Sun Yoshihiko Noda said not long ago: "The issue of deployment of" Osprey "- the responsibility of the U.S. government. And we have no choice, to have them or not. "

The shooter in Colorado — not a terrorist. Law enforcement authorities have confirmed that the "Joker", opened fire in a movie theater in Colorado, is not connected to terrorist groups. This was announced by the official dealer of snow-white House spokesman Jay Carney, reports from Washington corr. RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov.

The disaster in the cinema «Century 16 Movie» in the town of Aurora took place on Friday night at the premiere of Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises." 24-year-old James Holmes entered the theater through the back door and opened fire on the audience. The result of fire: 12 killed, 59 the wounded.

As reported by corr. ITAR-TASS Oleg Zelenin, Barack Obama, who arrived yesterday, along with a delegation of the Congress in Aurora, personally expressed his sympathy to the families of the victims. U.S. President at a press conference said: "I came to them not so much as president, but as a father or husband. I tried to assure them that, although committed this crime and received a lot of attention in the last days, it will soon dissipate. In the end, what will keep in mind the people — it's great people who have died at his hands, and that affected by this tragedy. "

At the current time, "Breivik American" sits in solitary confinement. Now he would be charged. In addition to murders, Mr. Holmes accused the ready tools: Flat offender was full of improvised explosive and incendiary devices. Sappers izderzhali few hours defusing booby-traps.

Metal detectors for moviegoers. After stories with Holmes in American cinemas excessive security measures are taken. At the entrance to naikrupneyshie of them will now be installed detector-frame metal detectors. Evenly this measure, which excludes the penetration into the halls of armed criminals, will introduce in all theaters, cinemas and concert halls of the United States, reports from New York corr. Itar-Tass Shamshin.

Since then, the Yankees refused entry to the cinema with bulky bags.

In the end, so terrible actions that demonstrate to what has sunk modern America, experts expect lower attendance cinemas. Also, there is a reasonable question: who will pay for the sensors? The capitalist world gives one common answer: consumers. The ticket prices will increase.

Laws on the sale of firearms change in the U.S. will not. According to reports from Washington corr. Itar-Tass Kirsanov, Barack Obama does not see the need to change national legislation governing the implementation of firearms in the country, in spite of the Colorado tragedy. This was confirmed yesterday, press secretary Jay Carney white houses.

From the perspective of the U.S. government it can go on to Carney about "improving the properties and the increase of information" about wanting to purchase a firearm, which is studied by the authorities.

Carney acknowledged that the ruling Democratic Party is not going to impose a moratorium on the creation and sale of automatic weapons in the country.

Earnings on the disaster. To learn how to use online boutique hashtag "Aurora" by trading frock, knows Shan Li ("Los Angeles Times", source of translation — "Inosmi").

After Friday's killing of 12 people in Aurora, Colorado, the word «Aurora» suddenly appeared in trends "Twitter," says Shan Li. It turned out that online shopping «Celeb Boutique» intensively engaged in trade in the style frock Kim Kardashian under the title «Aurora».

«# Aurora comes to trends. It is obviously going about this dress in the style of Kim K. ;) "- noted in the record, followed by a link to a page with white frock at the cost of 157 bucks.

Some nick "Twitter" here are accused of incompetence dealers, and others — to use the disaster for marketing purposes.

«Celeb Boutique» eventually erased the recording. "We apologize for the confusion associated with Aurora" — said the boutique in the "Twitter". And an explanation has been given, "Our employees were not fully aware of the situation and decided that this is just another topic which is popular …"

Found a nick to answer. «# Celebboutique should enter into trends. It's called: "How to disable your company using social media," — wrote one. «Celeb Boutique, you fucking idiots," — said the other fiercely.

Shan Li recalls that a similar scandal — not only in the business. As of the 1st of the examples of the paper gives a tweet of "Microsoft" is also navlekshey the displeasure of users of the network. The company encouraged fans who died in July 2011 to honor the memory of Amy Winehouse singer followed this: buy her latest album belonging to "Microsoft" online music store «Zune».

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