Geopolitical puzzle: Bahrain did not appreciate the drama of the Iranian censorship, and the Russian tractor in 2020 to save the world

The new international peacemaker opposed military intervention in Syria. On Saturday, a special representative of the UN and the Arab League, Lakhdar Brahimi, officially took office, said that military intervention in Syria would mean the failure of efforts diplomatically, pass "News".

78-year-old Algerian diplomat said: "For me there is no such option, and popravde will not exist tomorrow or the day after tomorrow."

The main role diplomat drew no opposition and the Syrian government. Specifically, he "plays the main role in the initiation of the political process in the country."

Unusual (in our time of double standards and omnivorous American morals) and it seems that the peacemaker in particular singled out: he absolutely supports the call of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, "the obligations of the cease-fire, addressed to all parties affected by the conflict."

Also fellow Brahimi gave realize that does not see the need for new UN Security Council resolutions. He assured the international community that "the question of military intervention and sent to Syria, Arab and UN troops on this point is not considered."

In turn, Sergei Lavrov explained the position to the public of this very world society in Syria. On a classical benefit of annual meeting with students and teachers MGIMO he said: "Our Western colleagues and representatives of some countries in the region actually in favor of the open outside interference. Our homeland, China and other countries are convinced of the need to immediately force the warring parties to the negotiating table. "

In general, we would add, the United States has repeatedly hinted that their own policy towards Syria can do without the UN Security Council sanctions. Comrade Brahimi majestic democratic America and not the decree. Do not decree it, and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which continue to arm the "opposition."

"Stupid" solution. If the United States decides to attack the positions of Bashar al-Assad, Iran will support Syria. On this, as reported by "," with reference to «Reuters», September 1 Asuda said Mohammed Ali, head of the Committee for Culture and the promotion of the Revolutionary Guards.

With all this Asuda described Washington's decision likely to start a military operation in Syria as "stupid." After all, if adopted, Iran and other allies of Damascus will take "retaliatory measures" that "will lead to the failure of the United States." Moreover, these measures, which are not voiced by fellow Asuda already spelled out in a bilateral military agreement, dated 2006.

The new world order — not the one who behold the Americans. As the resource "Fleet-2017" with links to and «Press TV», at the opening XVI Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement supreme favorite Ali Khamenei said: "The era of cool war policy of unilateralism and irrevocably a thing of the past. Drawing lessons from this historical experience, the world of distributed a new international order, and the Non-Aligned Movement can and should play an important role in this. " Khamenei added: "The new world order must be based on equal participation of all nations."

With all of this, according to the Iranian supreme favorite, the solidarity of member countries of NAM is now necessary requirement for the formation of a new world order.

At the same time Khamenei has listed the main features of the policy of Non-Aligned Movement: Protection of national independence, the struggle for social progress of their countries, anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism.

As of today, Khamenei said, these political values are not achieved, but the countries of the Non joint efforts will be able to change reality.

Bahrain has not attracted synchronous Iranian censorship. The Government of Bahrain has expressed a formal protest to Iran about the inaccurate translation of speech of Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, aired on August 30 in the air. The relevant statement, as reported by "," with reference to «Associated Press», was handed over to Iranian diplomat on September 1.

Excerpts from the document leads the agency «Reuters»: «This is a violation, fraud and unacceptable behavior of the media, which indicates how Iranian media interfere in the internal affairs of Bahrain."

Geopolitical puzzle: Bahrain did not appreciate the irony of Iranian censorship and Russian tractor in 2020 will save the world

As the «France-Presse», the Bahraini authorities now demand that "the Iranian government has apologized for its own act and take the necessary steps to make amends and make sure that the more similar will not happen."

Speaking at the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, Mr. Morsi criticized the regime of Bashar al-Assad, called it "depressing", and expressed support for the Syrian rebels. Translation from Arabic into Farsi successfully changed in the speech of Egyptian President Syria to Bahrain. (More on Iranian censorship transferable read in the last "Results of the week").

The extermination of the local inhabitants. As reported by "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS, the Yemeni Air Force fighter jets on Sunday bombed from the air on the two machines. The military were going to cope with the militants, "Al-Qaeda", but eventually destroyed 14 civilian inhabitants, among them women and children.

Military commanders acknowledged that the raid in the town of Rada had been authorized on the basis of false intelligence. According to them, a 2-cars drove extremists who accompanied the ladies. In fact in cars vorachivalis home local residents.

"Not only has it but many do." Grapes Eliyahu, who led the commission to investigate the events of the second Lebanon war, criticized in the days of the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak at the same time, reports with reference to the radio station, "Galey Tzahal."

In an interview with radio station betrothed arbitrator a retired Vinograd said that the acts of higher military and political control of Israel in regard to the probable attack on Iranian nuclear facilities should be considered irresponsible.

In addition, the companion grapes in public advised the prime minister to lower the tone. After all, if he, the Prime Minister has decided to cut the Gordian knot of Iran, it is not enough to read, but a lot to do, Eliyahu said Grapes.

Former judge and walked from the speeches of Ehud Barak. Grapes highlighted those expressions Barak, in which indicates the number of probable losses on the part of the civilian population of the country — about 500 people. Where such numbers? — Asks the grapes. — When did the ceiling?

And ignorant of these matters can not be called a comrade Winograd. Summing up the second Lebanon war, specifically his commission has not left any stone unturned in the state of logistics, availability of rear services to ensure the safety of civilians during the fighting.

It is reported that at th
e present time, only 40% of the people of Israel are equipped with personal protective equipment, 700 thousand Israelis do not have and "flimsy" shelter.

As in the days of old. As reported by the Iranian channel «Press TV», Ali al-Ahmed, director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs, interviewee channel on Sunday, said that Egypt remained in the shadow of the regime of ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak. The government of Mohamed Morsi, according to political analyst, works very slowly to please the legitimate demands of the people.

Ali al-Ahmed said: "I think they (the inhabitants of Egypt) is no behold the configurations that were to happen with the coming to power of the sovereign Mursi or generally after the Revolution. In a country as before from virtually the same device security and intelligence apparatus such as, from the standpoint of security and military sector in Egypt, there were only superficial changes. "

The expert also noted that, despite last year's revolution, the Mubarak regime is still in force in the country and the regional board produce all of the same governor.

This comment was given after thousands of Egyptians staged a demonstration in Cairo. People work toward the goals of their own revolution. On Friday of last week, more than 5,000 protesters in Egypt called on the government to release prisoners arrested during the revolution. Demonstrators also called on President Mursi install lowest wages in the country.

The Egyptian president also came under the fire of criticism of left-wing groups and young revolutionaries, as made the request in International monetary Fund for a loan of 3.2 billion. $. Not a lot of Mursi have tried to beg credit increment to 4.8 billion dollars. $. The protesters believe that the IMF loan will make the Egyptians poorer.

Curiously, add, and what to expect from the Mursi its voters? Where they beheld the government, in which democracy would triumph without loans from the IMF? The destiny of the Egyptian revolutionaries clear: still gather in the square to protest, and then fill bullpen of the new regime — which most likely will be new political prisoners in the cells next to an old political prisoner. Welcome to Democracy!

Summaries of Mali. Islamists from the group "Unity and Jihad in West Africa" ("Mudzhao") seized control of the city Duenttsa in central Mali. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse».

The jihadists entered the city in the morning on September 1, and drove out the militias disarmed.

Duenttsa, resembles a "ribbon", is of strategic importance: the area north of the town are kept under the control of the Islamists, and sub-government. In March, the city took the Tuaregs, but later abandoned it.

North of the country not controlled by the government of Mali. Most of it is at the moment under the rule of the Islamists. After the failure of the merger with the Tuareg Islamists vyshybli latest of a series of big cities.

While the West states the fact of the looming famine in North Korea, North Korea, the birthplace of our help. Ben Blanchard ("Reuters", source of publication — "Inosmi") Produces forecasts that North Korea could be repeated food crises of the 1990s.

In today's North Korea was hit by the floods and are unlikely to cope with new disasters. So says Kim Harttsner, managing director of the Danish humanitarian organization «Mission East», to provide food assistance to children.

"The scale of the disaster were shocking," — he said in an interview with "Reuters". Floods in late June and late July, killed 169 people. 400 Koreans still missing, and 212.2 thousand people were left homeless.

"The damage to arable land — says the director of« Mission East », — affect not tomorrow or the day after, and after two or three months. As long as they can eat corn, which is already assembled gathering. "

In addition, recurring food shortages in North Korea — According to experts, the result of a centralized economic system and political regime that undermines productivity of farmers.

While Westerners ascertain how bad the DPRK, Our homeland has real support for the victim of North Korea.

As previously reported on the website Global Food Applets UN, Our homeland allocated to WFP 5,000,000 dollars for humanitarian assistance to the DPRK.

It is reported that this year, more than 6.2 million tons of fortified flour with the special properties of these features will direct our motherland to implement humanitarian programs WFP in North Korea.

Russian Federation — one of the main donors to WFP's programs in North Korea. In addition, our native land — one of the biggest donors to the Global Food Applets.

Demand explanations! In the words of London corr. ITAR-TASS Boris Zaitsev, salting of in the UK Alexander Yakovenko reclaims on Mon official explanation for the publication September 2, 2012 in the newspaper "Sunday Times" article on the entry restrictions in connection with the "Magnitsky list".

According to the betrothed of the newspaper, Interior Minister Theresa May of England sent to the British Embassy in Moscow, the Russian Federation a list of sixty people who are denied check-in area on the kingdom due to involvement in the Magnitsky case.

According to the newspaper, the "black list" were Russian law enforcers, judges, prosecutors, officials said.

UK authorities will use the list when considering applications for visas to the United Kingdom.

Imperial ways. The Queen of England Elizabeth II flatly refused the offer of Deputies of the Parliament to cancel the title of municipal awards of the country the word "empire".

In the words corr. ITAR-TASS Makarchev with reference to the radio station "Bi-bi-si", through his own Secretary Elizabeth II had informed the government that "if there was an urgent need to abolish the word" empire ", then this should be done only after her death."

ITAR-TASS recalls that half a year back a group of deputies of the House of Commons, the opposition Labor Party has taken the initiative — to remove the higher merits of Britain (Excellent Order of the British Empire and the British Empire Medals), the word "empire". Deputies proposed to change it to the word "Excellency" or rename the Order of the British civilian clothes medal.

Labour MP Paul Flynn said: "We need to free England from its relic of the colonial past. The Order was created in 1917 and forever associated with World War II. "

Committee on Public Administration (it is headed by an influential member of the Restricted Party Bernard Jenkin) has decided to recommend to Parliament to save An old title awards and medals to their 100th anniversary, that is, until 2017.

Hollande promises, unemployment is growing. As passed yesterday from Paris corr. ITAR-TASS Sergey Shcherbakov, Unemployment in France has overcome the psychological mark of 10 percent. This was stated by the Minister of Labour and Employment Michel Sapen.

According to him, the number of unemployed in France exceeded 3 million people and have gained 10 per cent of the working population.

The turning point in the labor market, reminiscent of ITAR-TASS, was one of the main election promises Francois Hollande. Recently, lawmakers plan to see the new draft law on the development of an additional 150 thousand jobs.

In Mexico, took the "Devil Commander" Guzman. Me
xican police arrested naikrupneyshgo drug lord David Rosales Guzman, transfers "," with reference to «France-Presse».

D. R. Guzman, known as "El Comandante Diablo" was arrested Saturday in Monterrey. Narc is suspected of involvement in the nineteen Kill (it only in August 2012). According to Mexican police, it has to do with a series of high-profile murders (victims' bodies were hung from the bridge in crowded areas of Mexican cities.) Guzman is also suspected in the kidnapping and extortion.

"Tape" recalls that since 2006 conflicts Mexican drug cartels killed more than 50,000 people.

Americans stopped training Afghan recruits as they kill their own teachers. As reported by RIA "Novosti" referring to the "New York Times", the South American military trainers more than a month to stop training recruits enlisted in the units of the Afghan police and special forces mission. Now recruits will be checked for links with militants.

It is a question neither more nor less, and about 7% of all Afghan forces. During the inspections will learn not to have joined the ranks of the Afghan soldiers terrorists.

"," referring to the "Washington Post" reported that the command of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, has decided to stop the recruitment of new recruits to the program from training Afghan soldier and security forces. Indicates the reason and level of this solution: the number of murders recruits soldiers of the American army.

Since the beginning of 2012 at the hands of Afghan forces killed 45 Yankees. About the last fatality was clear on August 27 when the Afghan army soldier used a weapon against 2-American commandos.

Sandman. Corr. RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov said that in the town of Charlotte (South Carolina), supporters of the Democratic Party, with the support of the local authorities have established a huge statue of U.S. President Barack Obama made out of sand. Create a sand Obama has been dated to the Congress of Democratic Party, which will be held here with the Sun. on Thursday.

Statue achieves a height of 7.5 m for the sand sculpture was brought out of the mine. President imprinted in the sand of the Florida architect Larry Hudson, who worked with five assistants. Cost of the project — about 30 thousand dollars. Funds allocated Tourism Board Head resort staff — Town Myrtle Beach. The construction of the statue took more than 15 tons of sand.

Secured Romney. U.S. authorities suspect of tax evasion of more than 10 ka large U.S. companies vkladyvatelnyh, and among them — «Bain Capital», based Mitt Romney. On it "News", citing ITAR-TASS.

At the moment, the prosecutor's office finds out whether the use of the scheme, which allowed them to avoid paying taxes in the amount of hundreds of millions of dollars. In their own tax returns vkladyvatelnye offices have made profits from transactions with customer accounts in the column vkladyvatelnyh revenue funds, and as a result revenues fell at a lower rate of taxation. Mitt Romney was not working at the material time due to clearance in «Bain Capital», but as of the 1st of the founders continues to receive a portion of the proceeds from its activities.

The company was named was based in 1984, and 15 years later, the Republican left her, lost in sports business: he headed the organizing committee of the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

"Vesti" remind us that the current state of the presidential candidate is estimated at 230 million dollars.

Seventeen Moments. Nicholas Clerks ("News") Said about the future, most recently, the end of the world. The darkness will cover the earth in the morning on April 13, apparently on Friday.

But do not worry: it will not happen in 2013, but only in 2029. Asteroid Apophis mass of 50 million tons and a diameter of 320 meters, concealing within yourself energy 65 thousand nuclear bombs, crossed the lunar orbit and rush to the Earth at a speed of 45.000 km / h

Head. Laboratory Municipal Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University Misha Prokhorov says about the subsequent: "This really is not safe for the Earth, because if you fall down on the asteroid's surface — and it will fall at a rate of not less than 16 kilometers per second — that from the 1st of his fall energy release is as of the fall of thousands of nuclear bombs in the atmosphere will rise an unlimited amount of dust. "

At the moment, scientists invent methods to stop a deadly asteroid to knock it down with a devilish way. Some propose to set on the surface of Apophis rocket engine, the other — to put towards gallakticheskomu body gallaktichesky ship that it would be "rammed", others recommend to arrange his mother get off, that is to undermine the nuclear charge.

Many experts believe that these measures — are stupid. For example, Vladimir Alexeyev, head of the Laboratory of Trinity Institute of Innovative and Thermonuclear research, says: "This asteroid is no pause, as he sheer size …"

Asteroid may fall on a strip of 50 km, which runs through Russia, Central America and the Atlantic. In this case, one hundred square meters of cities, writes Nicholas Clerks, threatening total destruction.

In Russia decided to send Apophis so called "gravity tractor". His task will be to study the behavior of gallakticheskogo body, its composition. Then the "tractor" try to deflect the asteroid's orbit. Gallakticheskaya mission is planned for 2020.

In general, "Case of the week" reassured of their own readers encounter with Apophis may not happen in 2029.

Year of the disaster — 2036. The same month — April. The number is the same — the thirteenth. Typo, of course. But that's not it.

The fact that only Bruce Willis Russian tractor can save the world.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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