Geopolitical puzzle: Brzezinski does not approve of the policy of the United States and France voted for socialism

Syrian reports. By estimates of the human rights organization «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights», for June 9 in Syria killed 83 civilians inmate, according to the opposition, 96 people became victims. This writes ",".

In the province of Homs, on disk imaging «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights», during bombardments, shootings, torture and killing of 29 people. In the province of Deraa killed 23 people, 20 of them (including 10 women and three kids) were the victims of a night bombing.

Clashes continued on 10 June. The agency «France-Presse» with reference to «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» transferred to the four deaths (two of them — the peaceful inhabitants).

Geopolitical puzzle: Brzezinski does not approve of the policy of the United States and France voted for socialism

Channel "Euronews", reporting 83 deaths for June 9, also led prosecution of journalist Alex Thomson, thrown them into the address insurgency. Thompson, a member of the English Channel «Channel 4 News», asserts that the fighters of the Free Syrian Army deliberately brought his crew under attack government troops, hoping to lay on the regime of Bashar Assad to blame for the killing of a Western journalist.

In Syria, the Council of State — a new favorite. About this report "Euronews". SNA has taken the post of Kurdish activist Abdel Basset Seida. He was replaced by Burhan latrine, who led the Council to illumine 2011 — immediately after its creation.

Speaking at a meeting of the SNA in Turkey, Seyda said that the Assad regime is living its last days are.

English newspaper "The Guardian" quoting "Reuters" reports that Abdel Basset Seida was elected as a favorite SNA for three months. It also indicates that Seida lives in exile in Sweden for many years.

"The Guardian" quoted the British minister of foreign affairs, who said on Sunday that the situation in Syria, he recalls the situation in Bosnia in the 1990s. William Hague said that Britain does not rule out military intervention in the situation, but saw that our motherland can stop killing, using his influence in order to put an end to the violence.

Abdel Basset Seyda urges UN to invade Syria. A new favorite SNS, said yesterday that the Assad regime, being "in distress," has lost control of Syria by some towns. On the plight of Bashar al-Assad, according to a new favorite SNS indicate more frequent "massacre of the inhabitants of the Syrian cities." This is reported now from Kuwait corr. ITAR-TASS Vyacheslav Anchikov.

The head of the opposition, speaking in Istanbul (SNA is based in Turkey), called on world powers to 'protect civilians from President Assad, "and asked the UN to force action. For its justification would be amiss, in the views of esenesovtsa, Chapter Seven of the UN Charter, which provides the application and enforcement and the military. Sovereign militancy from Sweden, said: "If the Security Council fails to reach agreement, some countries may take action without a UN mandate."

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday that outside interference in Syrian affairs "will lead to unpredictable consequences that will affect an unlimited number of states in the region."

The Gulf states are arming the Syrian opposition. This is indicated "News", Recalling the statement of the famous South American Senator John McCain.

The fact that Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries of the Persian Gulf supplied weapons Syrian opposition, John McCain reiterated on Sunday in an interview with broadcaster «CNN». The legislator openly expressed his satisfaction over this and urged the U.S. administration following the example of Arab States to begin to provide direct military aid to the Syrian rebels.

As reported by "Vesti", representative of the "Syrian Free Army" Aref Hammoud said that the SNS and other groups zabugornoy opposition is even better stuff with the rebels means which are then used to purchase weapons on the black market in force in northern Syria on the border with Turkey.

Also zabugornye proceeds are used to pay the rebels — for his role in the fighting. "News" report that, according to «The Washington Post», in some parts of Syria, for example, in the province of Nahal, the commanders of the SSA began paying fighters from 50 to 100 bucks a month. In general, the SSA, like other opposition groups, as before are fragmented, poorly armed groups. They can not even associate with regular troops Assad. The last member of the intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense Jeffrey White, who works at the Washington Institute for Near East, said: "They never get to organize coming to Damascus and topple the regime."

Syrian rebels they say on the use of chemical weapons. "News", Recalling the Syrian government newspaper "Dampress", in turn, referring to the Iranian news agency "farce", reporting that the Syrian opposition terrorist groups want to use against civilians chemical weapon.

Argues that chemical weapon received from abroad, and use it the terrorists were trained on the ground in Turkey. As journalists believe the Syrian publication, the terrorists are going to organize a chemical attack, and later accused the Assad government of genocide of their own people (the information of "Interfax").

Brzezinski senses? Large spec in the geopolitics of Zbigniew Brzezinski advised Western countries to refrain from feeling in the Syrian issue. About this report "RBC" with reference to the «Press TV».

The last U.S. presidential advisor on national security sovereign Brzezinski said: "I do not think that at this step, you will surely assume that the majority of Syrians do not want to build up the government of Bashar al-Assad in power. I believe that the problem is more deep than it is customary to think about. In fact too little evidence that we are dealing with vseobyatnym rise against the B. al-Assad. " Also recognizable South American ideologue said: "We are dealing with individual choices popular uprising and localized facts of violence, but in this case should not be read in full on a full-scale civilian war."

Regarding RF Brzezinski said that Moscow evidences an intention to work with the West and the U.S., but you can not dictate to test yourself.

Political analyst warned America: "If we act from a position of feeling and open threats, our homeland will play the role of good small, in this case, the whole region a wave of rejection of our policy. Ultimately, we risk a situation in which Syria will become a conductor, which is closed to the interests of the Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia. Iraq will be one hundred percent destabilized the cause intense fits of Iran. " Brzezinski saw: "One gets the impression that the U.S. wants to make the international problem of. Its consequences will be political difficulties and a strong economic impact ".

On Saturday, Libyan
authorities detained four employees is internationalized criminal court.
This was said "Radio" Liberty ".

International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague claimed the release of their own employees. In a statement, the Chief Justice of San Hyun Son said that contact with them was lost, and there are serious concerns about their safety.

ICC employees were arrested in the course of their official visit to Libya, where they were met with Seif al-Islam Gadhafi in custody in Zintane. Libyan authorities, according to Radio "Liberty" court officers accused of trying to pass Gaddafi suspicious documents.

Among the detained employees ICC was one Russian. This is reported "," with reference to ITAR-TASS, in turn, referring to the press service of the court. This Russian — Alexander Hodakov, last salting of in the Netherlands. (Since September 2011 he is a senior adviser to the ICC registry. — ITAR-TASS, Paul Vanichkin).

Besides Khodakova, reports "Ribbon", the Libyan authorities also detained Australian Melinda Taylor, Spaniard Esteban Peralta Losiya and citizen of Lebanon Helen Assaf. ITAR-TASS news agency said that the ICC officials at the moment paramilitary guards "Zintanskaya team."

Here it is, add, Libyan democracy in action.

Terrorist attack in the Iraqi capital. RIA "Novosti" referring to the agency "Reuters" reports that at least 6 people were killed and another 38 injured in attacks in Baghdad Shiite meeting Sunday.

According to preliminary data, the Shiites gathered in a square in the capital on the eve of a religious prazdnichka to honor the memory of the 1st of the imams. Unbeknownst to them fired a mortar shell. Police began an investigation of a terrorist act.

John Allen apologized. As reported by RIA "Novosti" with reference to "Associated Press", in turn, referring to the office of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the U.S. military did not coordinate with the Afghan officers airstrike on suspected militants in Logar province, resulting in the killing of eighteen peaceful inhabitants.

"This airstrike was lopsided decision and was not coordinated with the Afghan security forces," — said the press secretary of the Afghan country Aymal Faizi. He also said that Hamid Karzai met with the group that investigated the incident. The President noted that such acts will be dealt with in the upcoming as violations of agreements on cooperation with the United States.

The commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, General John Allen, on Friday visited the village in Logar province, where the shelling killed 18 people, among them ladies and kids, and personally apologized to its residents and local authorities. General promised to support the victims' families.

In the elections to the lower house of the French parliament leading socialists. ITAR-TASS reports from Paris that the French Socialist Party and the Alliance for a Popular Movement leaders in the elections to the National Assembly of the Republic.

First results of exit polls placed immediately after the polls closed at 20:00 local time, show that the Socialists with the "green" are gaining about 40% of the vote. For the center-right vote SPND gave about 35% of the voters. "National Front" led by Marine Le Pen gets almost 14% of the vote, and the "constructive Left Party" — 7%.

Second round of elections will be held next week. To exit to the second round of applicants should receive more than 12.5% of the vote. This means that the elections next week will last for the Socialists, the center-right and the "National Front".

Europe, afraid of Putin. "Inosmi" released an article well-known journalist Petra Prochazkova "Esperanto Putin and bloody visa" (Czech original — here).

Geopolitical puzzle: Brzezinski does not approve of the policy of the United States and France voted for socialism

According Prochazkova, Putin chose ultimatichesky language of "orders, slurs and rude attacks" for international contacts yet after coming to power in 2000. And this choice is the "language of the orders," according to the journalist, was justified. After all, "the main feeling that Putin wakes up the majority of global politics — it's terrible. At the same ones who are braver, Putin is a concern. " Quote:

"Let's go back to the phrase, which the Russian government opened the summit of our homeland — the EU's wonderful St. Petersburg:" While there are visa barriers for the people of the Russian Federation and the EU, a true partnership is impossible. " And Putin immediately stood up for journalists. True — for their own beloved journalists, which he carries with him a foreign tour. Frame when they followed him to Germany and France, their visas were only for one day and ended up in the moment was a big press conference. "They do what was necessary to get up and leave?" — Said Putin, who did not wait the answer. "

Theme is developed in the best traditions of the creator of the geopolitical detective

"As the central theme of the summit was a tragic and very tense situation in Syria, one could get the impression that visa prelude Putin was to give to understand that some bargain. We will give to you Bashar al-Assad, you tear it into pieces and zapet blood of his generals, and for us it will open the gateway to Europe. However, in 2003 to open the doors to Europe Putin promised the then President of the European Commission Romano Prodi. Hot Italian blurted it without thinking, since that time it's been a long nine years, while Europe still afraid to open its arms to the Russians. In some areas controlled by the influx of Russians so intense that it is difficult to imagine myself, what would be uncontrollable. "

The journalist said that Putin asks "let the whole of the EU east (read: including — the people of Tajikistan, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, India, Iran, etc.)."

Not that Mrs. Prochazkova took lessons in geography George W. Bush, but its very easy manipulation countries and regions leads to think about something sort of … No Russian would guess that our homeland extends so far that its ownership has dashed border Pakistan, India and Iran. And that "etc." may mean that the EU countries with the abolition of visa barriers will flood and citizens of Syria. What Iranians, Russians, Syrians, Russians worse — even more so that in Syria 50,000 Russian lives?

Either Petra Prochazkova voiced secret dream mate Putin's Eurasian Union — confusing it with the EU?

In general, the journalist has nothing against those whom she refers to desperate people. She gladly accept all people from the east who "simply do not intersect very carefully guarded border with Russia. I have to announce: the people of these countries specifically I love the most. " Prochazkova perceive in Central Europe all, including of old times and unhealthy, "even if they are a burden to our health care and the budget." And Russian from Russia, too, Peter would take to Europe. A
nd we are not talking about the few, the most best, about 10 units or framework of — oh no, it would take "millions of decent Russians who make up the majority of people Russian Federation." It is "delighted" to be freed them all from "nasty, long-term, expensive and humiliating procedure to obtain permission to enter the free world."

Yet it is not all Russians. Mrs. Prochazkova very concerned that in Europe "to the right (in even greater numbers than before) and those who are a little afraid of me: the mafia and organized crime, members of the drug cartels, armed gangs and terrorist groups. If you bribe the Russian border guards and so do makarom uncontrolled flow to the West of people, animals and products, including the collection with poppy fields, it is easy, then bribe foreign diplomats who own opportunities to give or not to give visas, of course, is even more difficult. "

Mrs. Prochazkova, by the way, and in fact believe in the geopolitical ideas of Comrade Putin. Oh, so she describes them:

"… He (Putin. — O. C.) does not feel part of the Euro places he is not playing for a European team. He plays for himself. With the favorites of Iran and Afghanistan, Putin will open a discussion its eastern oriental affairs, and nothing more. In today's world, permeated by globalization, it looks a little archaic. Later, Putin still drop into Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. There may be, it will move a step in reincarnation own beloved Russian Union.

After all, he once said he did not know the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century than the collapse of the totalitarian hydra. So, now his ambition to open space from Lisbon to Vladivostok somewhat annoying … "

If you go back to the top of the article Prochazkova, it is unclear sense of "irritation" is transformed into a fully understandable European horror. And that is correct: Europe's aging mother, besides experiencing a severe economic crisis, really need to be afraid — but not a comrade Putin and his "language of the orders," and the invasion of migrants from the east, for example, Iran and India, and their own fragile mind who identifies Russia is a shame it did not sound, not a "decent millions of Russians," but with the mafia, opium plantation and heavily armed terrorists.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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