Geopolitical puzzle: in Abu Zubayr provide 7 million bucks for Obama — 10 camels, and for Hillary Clinton — 20 birds

Hungary followed the curve of the Latvian track. Stephen Luan («», source of translation — "Inosmi") Writes that Hungary was an ally of Hitler exonerated Admiral Horthy. "Imagine for yourself — says Luan — that in 2012 in France put the monument to Marshal Petain, call it the naming of the park dedicated to him or hang a plaque on the wall of the university."

The admiral was regent of the kingdom and led to Hitler's policy of the country — with the approval of the government. Creator article lists the merits of Horthy, who was honored at the old days in the Hungarian town of Kereks, Gyomro and Debrecen: the adoption of provisions on the interest rate at the institutes in 1920 (anti-Jewish law); volunteer convergence and then the subsequent alliance with Hitler's regime in 1930 and the adoption of a 1938-1941 years. three anti-Jewish laws, shipping in 1944, about 435,000 Jews in the concentration camps. In July 1944, Horthy made a belated order to suspend deportation.

In October 1944, the Nazis stripped him of his power and appointed him instead of Ferenc Szalasi. After the war, Horthy was living in Portugal, and died there in 1957.

Now Miklos Horthy elevate Hungarian far-right (the party "Jobbik" — "For the best Hungary") — "under Favourable eyes of those in power restricted party" Fides, "according to Luan.

The creator explains tacitly endorsing the position of the party, "Fides" in that it is losing popularity with voters. Maybe this party even wants to merge with the ultra.

Government and in fact is in a difficult position: 75% of Hungarians, not so long ago, according to the survey, believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and only 12% are satisfied with the status quo.

Dissatisfied just realize that Hungary, which is under the supervision of the IMF, all sinks deeper into the abyss of the crisis. In I quarter GDP fell by 1.3%. This result — the worst in all of the EU except Greece.

Now, according to the creator of articles, "Fides" is moving towards nationalism. The government nepoprostu included in school programs from the product-wing writers — Albert Vass and Joseph Niro. Niro, for example, was an anti-Semite, praised Goebbels and sat in parliament in the gloomy days of "Arrow Cross".

Deserter with 28 years of experience. Past South American military pilot David Hemler admitted desertion 28-year-old. This writes "," with reference to the South American newspaper «The New York Times», which took the pilot, has long been living in Sweden, a telephone interview.

Geopolitical puzzle: in Abu Zubayr provide $ 7 million for Obama - 10 camels, and for Hillary Clinton - 20 birds

Hemler served in the U.S. Air Force Squadron in Augsburg (Germany) and had access to a hidden program there, directed against the Russian Union. Angered, he said, the external policies of President Ronald Reagan, in February 1984, he deserted, going hitchhiking in Sweden. Having reached this country, "migrant" changed his name, saying to the government that he — the son of bloodless parents. Hemler received a residence permit, and later married and became the father of three children.

By the way, the information about the search of Mr. Hemler so far is on the website of the U.S. Air Force special investigations department. Relatives also Hemler thought he was dead.

In June 2012, Hemler finally decided it was time to tell all their relatives in the United States. He called his younger brother Thomas, and he was delighted. Hemler also on the electrical-mail contacted the Department of Special Investigations of the U.S. Air Force. It was found that the Air Force has long been suspected that Hemler lives in Sweden. In the department of special investigations they say they do not want to shoot a deserter charges and expect to bring him to justice.

The last pilot escape responsibility in this case is in Sweden. US-Swedish agreement on extradition does not apply to suspected war sins. But if Hemler thinks of going to the U.S., where he was arrested.

Small talk in the hallway. As foreign minister told the press in Argentina Hector Timerman, British Prime Minister David Cameron did not open a discussion with the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in the G20 summit in Mexico, the question of the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas). This is reported from Los Cabos RIA "Novosti" Dmitry Znamenskii.

Tuesday was the place to be a little backstage interview Cameron and Fernandez. British Prime Minister, according to Hector Timerman, Argentina claimed the president to respect the right of the islanders to a referendum to be held in 2013. Timerman said: "The British Prime Minister said he was not going to open a discussion on the question of the sovereignty of the islands, to which the President replied to him, which also does not want to open a discussion that question, but would like to exchange views, as it is foreseen by the UN resolutions, showing the resolutions Cameron if he does not see them. "

But Cameron, he saw the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, refused to take the resolution, he turned and walked away without saying goodbye.

Well purely in English.

Bullpen for Berlusconi? June 18th Italian prosecutors claimed for the ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's three years and eight months in prison on charges of financial fraud Holding «Mediaset», the founder of which he is a national. About this report "," citing "Reiter".

Berlusconi and other executives «Mediaset» incriminated in buying through offshore broadcasting rights of foreign films and television programs, and to implement their next media holding at low prices. On such Stealther scheme between 1994-1999. U.S. companies have been bought rights to films and TV shows in the amount of 470 million euros. Acquisition of rights to broadcast through offshore companies at low prices, according to the prosecution, allowed us not only to avoid taxes, and organize illegal funds used to finance political campaigns Berlusconi.

In general, Berlusconi and other persons involved in the case of guilt as ever deny. Another court hearing in their case is scheduled for July 2.

Former Prime Minister of Italy, by the way, is suspected to have sex with a minor confusing, abuse of power and violation of state kept secret.

In general, the whole bunch.

Italian-Chinese economic cooperation. Police and customs of Italy said yesterday the seizure of more than 2,000,000 fake train tickets. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse». Tickets were made in China and have, in the views of the Italian authorities, the market price is above EUR 28 million.

With such a large party fakes Italian police have not encountered. The fakes were found in a container that arrived in Livorno from the Chinese port of Ningbo. When scanning of cargo customs saw that does not match the contents of the declaration. 29 cartons of counterfeit tickets have been hidden for office furniture. Container intended for the Chinese office in
Florence. Launched an investigation.

In Macau — without visas. Administrative Region of China Macao abolish visas for the Russian people. This writes "," with reference to the website of the Russian Embassy in China. The agreement between the Russian government and Macao on the mutual abolition of visa requirements was signed yesterday and will come into force when the legitimate internal procedures.

The Russians will be able to be on the ground Macau without a visa as long as 30 days. A similar mode of stay is provided for people Macao, who arrived in Russia.

Chavez is ashamed to argue with "pig" and a "loser." Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, refused to debate with his opponent Henrique Capriles, transfers ",", Recalling the «France-Presse». According to the "furious" Hugo, his shameful to see him on the verbal duel. The candidate of the opposition, the views of the president — an unworthy rival. Chavez has resorted to the art of literary reception — a figurative comparison: Hugo himself likened to a world-class fighter, and own your opponent — with a lover.

Opponents and then criticize each other. Not so long ago denounced Capriles send a second Venezuelan satellite into space: the president, he said, should solve the pressing prepyadstviya health and law enforcement.

Comrade Chavez is aware of the criticism a little differently.

Since that time, as was the opposition candidate Capriles, the current president of Venezuela has never mentioned his name. He just calls Capriles "pig" or a "loser".

Australian Julian Assange can be Ecuadorian, and Australia will give him consular assistance. As reported by RIA "Novosti" referring to the agency, "Agence France-Presse," Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said her country wants to provide consular support while it is in England, Australian Julian Assange (the founder of the portal WikiLeaks).

At the moment Assange is in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. On Tuesday, he asked for a refuge. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador Ricardo Patino said that Ecuador analyzes the application, and while Assange will be located on the ground under the protection of the Embassy of Ecuador's government.

The founder of WikiLeaks released a statement in which Ecuador thanks for agreeing to see his statement.

Hosni Mubarak's condition is improving. Relatives of Hosni Mubarak, their lawyer and representatives of the Supreme Military Council on Wednesday night denied rampant in the media reports of the medical death of ex-president of Egypt. About this report "," with reference to the Arab TV channel "Al Jazeera".

According to recent reports, 84-year-old Mubarak, who is in the department of intense therapy Maadi military hospital, connected to a respirator and unconscious. His condition improved uniformly.

Ahead — the fourth round. Participants of the third round of the six on the Iranian nuclear program that was held in Moscow on 18-19 June, agreed to continue meetings. July 3, Istanbul will host a discussion of professionals and then are expected to negotiate the deputy secretary of the Supreme State Security Council of Iran, Ali Baghiri and Deputy High Representative for foreign affairs Helga Schmidt. Next could be held the 4th round of talks in Tehran with EU mediator shall report RIA "Novosti".

Geopolitical puzzle: in Abu Zubayr provide $ 7 million for Obama - 10 camels, and for Hillary Clinton - 20 birds

The talks in Moscow, according to the participants, there were serious back there for the first time open a discussion technical details of the solution of the problem.

The head of EU diplomacy Catherine Ashton insists on stopping Iran's enrichment activities of uranium to 20%, and the object is closed "Ford" and Jalili, Secretary of Iran's SNSC believes that should be recognized "the right of Iranians to have access to peaceful uses of nuclear technology, in particular fuel cycle" . Jalili said: "The enrichment of uranium should be recognized as a right. This should be the first step. " He added: "We have full trust and confidence in our opinion, we are quite willing to cooperate with the IAEA, but in return, we expect that the measures that have been taken against the Iranian people, will be removed in response to the collaboration that goes beyond contract on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. " So Makar, Iran insists on the lifting of sanctions.

Syrian Kurds plans. Sherkoh Abbas, the president of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria, on the day or criticized the idea that the Kurds like to cooperate with the opposition of the SNA. In a telephone interview with the newspaper «Jerusalem Post», he said that Syria should "break up into ethnic enclaves." He also said: "A series of federal structures disposition will be based on the different ethnic groups of the country." This writes MIGnews.

"Federal Education" (Kurdish, Druze, Alawite, Sunni), according to Abbas, "will not be interested in an alliance with Iran." With all of this does not threaten Syria federal and transformation in Sunni theocracy in which dominate the "Muslim Brotherhood" and the Salafis.

The private plans Abbas hopes to support Israel because Syria, split into several regions along ethnic and religious lines, would be a "natural buffer" between Israel and constructive Sunni and Shiite Islam.

MIGnews recalls that last week there were meetings management Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria with the representatives of the South American State Department, including withdrawn from Damascus, the U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, and the Obama administration's special coordinator on Syria Fred Hoof. According to the Kurdish media, Abbas called Hoof and Ford to create "a separate Kurdish country, which consists of the autonomous Kurdish region in Syria, who will join the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government, or, perhaps, to the creation of even more of the country — Lofty Kurdistan."

Abbas said: "The Kurdish people, in all parts of Kurdistan, relies on the creation of stateliness of Kurdistan. We can achieve this goal only dignified by the Western democracies, first and first, with the United States. "

Turkey contributes to terrorists. According to El Murid, "… Become aware of details of the events leading up nedavneshney strong terrorist attack in the province of Latakia and Idlib. June 12, Syrian newspaper "Vatan" said that with the country of Turkey near the Syrian border crossed 2,000 militants, who were armed with Qatar and Turkey's new small gun, anti-tank gun, shaped charges, rocket launcher "Love" as "ground-ground "Short-range acts had with them about a ton of explosives."

According to El Murid, the Turkish armed forces to help terrorists, namely the wounded being evacuated by helicopter. The terrorists are equipped with new means of communication.

"Certainly, — says the creator notes — any" rebellious people "in such criteria does not even smell. We are talking about the very real inte
rvention from outside. "

Indeed, as passed on June 12 «Iran Russian Radio» (Radio and Television of Iran), according to sources in the Syrian province of Idlib, about two thousand terrorists of various nationalities, armed with a new tool, with the assistance of Turkey and monetary support of Saudi Arabia and Qatar were leaked to the Syrian countryside.

The inhabitants of the province have complained that in the last days of repeatedly attacked the terrorists. Also, witnesses say that, despite the terrorist attack on the army units, government forces strongly discourage all attempts anger and attacks on civilians.

The inhabitants of Idlib they say that the number of terrorists is constantly increasing, they are joined by the new group. It happens to the eyes of international observers stationed in Idlib, and these same observers did not even once met with armed groups.

"Terrorist groups and armed gangs — says the Radio and Television of Iran — with the support of strangers, namely, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, in March 2011 turned Syrian town in the arena of strife and turmoil. Killing the local population and employees of law enforcement forces, they are willing to submit to Damascus to blame in all of this, so prepare the way for foreign military intervention in Syria. "

What interviewed Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. June 18 presidential 2-states met in the framework of the G20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico. This writes ",", citing RIA "Novosti" and ITAR-TASS.

"We talked about international dilemmas and found a lot of common ground," — said Putin told reporters after meeting with Obama, which was held behind closed doors.

In a joint statement issued after the meeting, the President of 2-states, stressed that the Syrian people should be given the opportunity to independently choose the path of future development. Putin and Obama have expressed their full support for Kofi Annan's plan and called on all parties to the conflict to an immediate end to the violence.

As for Iran, the favorites 2-states, said in a statement, called on the country to honor its obligations to the UN Security Council and the IAEA.

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin discussed the issue of a U.S. missile defense system in Europe. In a joint statement, the presidents have identified that they want to continue the dialogue on missile defense, despite the remaining differences.

Not spared favorites the United States and the Russian Federation also issues of trade and economic cooperation, including those associated with the entry of Russia into the WTO. Obama said that the repeal of the Jackson — Vanik is an asset for his administration, and Vladimir Putin thanked the South American employee for support Russia's entry into the WTO.

Russian-Chinese-American differences on the Syrian issue. Moscow and Beijing are not ready to support the position of the West on the need Bashar al-Assad. This was announced yesterday at a press conference following the G20 Summit Barack Obama, reports specials. corr. ITAR-TASS Los Cabos.

According to Obama, neither Moscow nor Beijing "did not justify the massacre" taking place at the moment in the SAR. But Obama has acknowledged, we can not say that "at this stage our homeland and China supported the" Western demands to withdraw Assad to resign. United States, Obama said, unable to provide for himself "scenario in which Assad would remain, and the level of violence at all it would have declined."

We parted like ships at sea. The official dealer of the U.S. Defense Department Capt. John Kirby at yesterday's press briefing urged not to "escalate the rhetoric" around Syria. About this report corr. Itar-Tass Shytov.

Russian plans to send warships to Syria, according to the views of the Pentagon, prompted by protective purposes, as previously announced in Moscow. Kirby said: "We have no evidence that these ships and these materials are sent to Syria for any other purpose if the one identified themselves Russian military, that is, for supplies and assistance to the security forces on their own object "- said a Pentagon official, referring to the point of logistics Russian Navy in Syria Tartus.

Questions about whether the previously headed the Russian ships in Tartus, Kirby recommended to address Moscow.

Asked to describe the position of reporter Russian military in the dialogue on Syria Kirby said, "I do not think that at this point in anyone's interest to try to escalate the rhetoric and be belligerent attitude to the internationalist-pressed, which is either must be provided on Syria."

Referring to the conversation of the President of the Russian Federation and the United States in Mexico, a Pentagon official said: "They agreed that the political transformation — the best ending for Syria … I think we all agree that this is the best way forward. We do not always agree with the Russians, it's true. But I think we can all agree that this is the best answer for Syria and the Syrian people. "

The Ministry of Defence okolosiriyskie dispel rumors. Reports that the Syrian port of Tartus will head a large landing ship "Kaliningrad" do not correspond to reality. This was categorically stated in the Defense Ministry, transmit "News".

"The participation of the occurrence of the last week of a similar deception in notable media with reference to different" razvedistochniki "and" satellite data "is focused on the subsequent escalation in Syria, and not a reflection on the existing realities — quoted by ITAR-TASS Russian Defense Ministry statement. — The only true information in these reports is that BDK "Kaliningrad" really comes into the Russian Baltic Fleet. "

An eye for an eye. As passed by now from Los Cabos special correspondent of ITAR-TASS Ksenia Kaminska and Misha Petrov, if the United States will accept the "law Magnitsky" Our homeland will introduce retaliatory sanctions. This was announced by Vladimir Putin at a press conference following the G20.

He said: "If the law is passed, if there are restrictions on race in the United States for the Russian people, means are appropriate limitations on arrival in Russia for a number of people of the U.S.."

June 20, it became clear that the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs of the U.S. Congress will vote on the "Magnitsky Act" in a week. Voting on a bill providing for sanctions against some Russian officials expected yesterday. Defer consideration asked Sen. Jim Webb, who has decided to look into some formulations.

The problem is the problem of missile defense. As reported from Los Cabos specials. corr. ITAR-TASS Ksenia Kaminska and Misha Petrov, Russian President Vladimir Putin questioned whether that will solve the problem of missile defense in the foreseeable future.

"I think that it will not be solved regardless of whether Barack Obama is re-elected for a new term as president or not," — he said at a press conference after the summit G20.

Romney in his repertoire. The last governor of Massachusetts re-styled Russian "geopolitical enemy" of America. This is reported from New York corr. Itar-Tass Bekrenev.

Yesterday an interview with Mitt Romney gave Radio Company "Fox News." Romney said, "Russia in turn hinders moves to the United Nations. Naturally, we do not hate, and do not fight together. This is not a "cold war", but our home is ou
r geopolitical enemy. " According to him, the Russian Federation "following a course directly opposite" of U.S. policy.

Mr. Romney also led to the formation of the basic principle of American foreign policy: "In conducting foreign policy must act from a position of power: the United States must be a strong economy and military. We need a president who will show the hardness of temper and forge relations with the allies, instead of doing the address in their attacks. "

State Department admits that at construction sites in Sochi will not pay wages and confiscate workers documents. As the RIA "Novosti", The U.S. State Department called on the Russian authorities to investigate the "stories" about the use of forced labor in the construction of facilities for the Olympic Games in Sochi and the APEC summit.

The report of the U.S. State Department, dedicated to the dilemma of human trafficking in the world, said: "Although the construction related to the APEC summit and the Olympics, are closed to public access, and all the information is based on individual stories, receives data about the heavy, in general, performance measures and signs forced labor, such as the retention of documents and non-payment of wages. "

The representative of the state of the company "Olimpstroy" said RIA "Novosti" that the living conditions of all workers employed at Olympic construction, carefully controlled.

"All applications received by the appropriate authorities, Eager investigated. No reliable disk imaging on the use of "forced labor" in the construction of Olympic facilities there. All information for the construction of extensive represented in the public domain, including on the website of the State Corporation "- uttered in the" Olimpstroj. "

Obama to pay for eaten pork ribs, you need to call in a white house. June 13th American president had a snack at a school barbecue — «Kenny's BBQ» on Capitol hill in Washington. There he looked into the company of four voters — 2-military, and 2-barber to talk to them in the immediate surroundings of days in anticipation of his father, which is celebrated in the U.S. on June 17. Write about it «Lifenews».

And the company or out of the military and hairdressers agreed that the generous and secured their treats president, or Obama generally unaccustomed to pay anywhere, but all five of them withdrew from an institution and forget about the bill for 55 dollars and 58 cents, not to mention the tip.

«Lifenews» clarify that the table Obama "enjoyed Edged ordered pork ribs in barbecue sauce, garnished with vegetables and rice."

The home team «Kenny's BBQ» notified misunderstanding administration white houses. "Barack Obama's gaffe — write« Lifenews », — was settled before the end of the working day."

In addition to Obama, "inconsiderate" behavior distinguished U.S. Secretary of Commerce. John Bryson, a report to "News", was the culprit immediately 2-car accidents in the state of California. The premise accident was an epileptic fit, as the ministry spokeswoman said Jennifer Friedman. However, specify "Vesti", in a statement she mentioned only about a tragedy, though police documents mention 2-incidents.

According to the cops, having driven a car «Lexus» on a street in the town of San Gabriel 68-year-old Bryson hit the front of him, "Buick." He was standing at the crossroads, so to miss the train. Between Bryson and 3 guys that were in the "Buick", took place, write "News", "short-lived, and apparently not a constructive conversation." After completing the interview, the minister left the scene, again hitting it damaged the car. Affected by calling the police, went after him.

After 5 minutes minutes Bryson is meant to follow the culprit turned out to auto tragedy — in the adjacent Rosemead. Now hit man and the lady who ran "Honda Accord." Bryson later found near the wheel "Lexus" in instinctive state.

The cost of Obama. The terrorists of the Somali extremist group "Al-Shabab" A reward for information on where to hide "idiot Obama and Clinton, the old woman." Maxim knows about it Dinkevich ("News").

For information on the whereabouts of U.S. President Barack Obama's "Al-Shabab" is willing to pay … 10 camels. Hillary Clinton, for that, too, "hunted" offenders is cheaper: 10 cocks and 10 hens.

End of the Line and camels appeared as a reward not for himself alone, as an answer to the purpose of the Yankees services to 7 million dollars for the capture of the favorite Somali Islamist Abu Zubayr. Obama administration officials also said they are willing to pay 3 to 5 million dollars for information on the whereabouts of persons close to Zubair.

The representative of the Islamic Fuad Mohamed Khalaf said that at least some who told where hiding "idiot Obama and Clinton, the old woman," will receive 10 camels and 20 birds, respectively. (Quote Khalaf in transfer agency "Reuters": «Whoever reveals the hideout of the idiot Obama will be rewarded with 10 camels, and whoever reveals the hideout of the old woman Hillary Clinton will be rewarded 10 chickens and 10 roosters»).

Geopolitical puzzle: in Abu Zubayr provide $ 7 million for Obama - 10 camels, and for Hillary Clinton - 20 birds

Reporter «Edmonton Journal» Allen Abel wrote on M. Dinkevich, called around to several U.S. farm and learned: the female camel is worth 18,000 dollars. It turns out that the Somalis appointed by the head of U.S. President credit for only 180,000 dollars.

What can we talk about the value of Hillary Clinton!

Let me remind you that earlier, according to unconfirmed disk imaging, fee for the capture of Obama, and along with George W. Bush, offered to members of the British House of Lords, Nazir Ahmed. For this he was even temporarily suspended from membership of the Labour Party. For the capture of the Obama and Bush administrations Lord was willing to pay at cocks and hens, and American currency: it was about 10 million dollars. On it "Bi-bi-si", referring to the Pakistani newspaper «Express Tribune».

According to this source disk imaging, Lord Ahmed made his statement after the U.S. announced the merit of 10 million dollars for the capture of Hafiz Saeed, the founder of the group constructive Islamist group "Lashkar-e-Taiba."

According to Lord Ahmed, passed «Express Tribune», «if the United States could declare the reward of 10 million dollars for the capture of Hafiz Saeed, I can declare a credit of 10 million dollars for the capture of President Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush." Ahmed, a newspaper claimed vpribavok said that "organizes this award, even if it means he will have to implement all of his possessions, including his own house."

In general, the very Lord Ahmed denies that he offered rewards for the capture of the Bush and Obama administrations. He argues that just read about the "war crimes" of America in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anna Vergazova ("RBC") Writes that the hunt
for Saeed may offend the Lord. After Nazir Ahmed — the first in the history of the English indefinite peer (Baron), who is Muslim.

If Lord Ahmed and in fact read a reward for the capture of Obama, he got excited. 10 million — that's a good deal. Now-known market value of U.S. President: it does not exceed 10 camels or 180 thousand dollars. A person who is unable to pay for pork ribs, can not be cheap.

Oleg surveyed Chuvakin
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