Geopolitical puzzle: in Israel are thinking about the development of the buffer zone on the ground of Syria, and the Islamists set out to destroy Obama and Merkel and undermine the Reichstag

Condemnation of Israeli aggression. As the SANA, a number of public organizations and political parties protested against the Israeli aggression against the research center in the suburbs of Damascus.

National People's Forum for Syria condemned the bombing and described the act as terrorism, which is associated with komplotom against Syria deployed it against the United States and the Zionists. The statement noted that the anger showed a real SAR image militants who are servants of Zionism. She revealed that since the crisis began, terrorists acting in the interests of the Zionists, killing its own citizens, destroying the town and villages, forcing many to leave their homes, using peaceful inhabitants as human shields, fulfilling the orders of their own masters in Washington and Western colonial capitals imperialist and Zionist circles in the world.

United Communist Party of Syria has condemned Israel's anger, and confirmed that this anger will not break the Syrian people, which on the one hand, resists the atrocities of terrorists, on the other hand, seek a political solution to the crisis. The Communist Party also called on the people to support the program from a political solution to the crisis, which guarantees preservation of the country's unity, independence, and territorial integrity, supportive of democracy and pluralism in Syria.

The State Committee for Solidarity with the people of Syria and its patriotic controlled condemned Israeli air raid and confirmed that some Western and Arab countries and the international Zionism are trying to weaken Syria and its role in the region and called on the Arabs to support Syria in the confrontation between Israel and contribute to the peaceful settlement of the crisis.

Alliance Syrian ladies and craft union also condemned the Israeli bombing, specifying that the purpose of such anger — implementation of what could not commit terrorist groups operating inside Syria. It is also made to raise the morale of the bandits, who receive every day telling blows from the Syrian army.

As reported in another news release SANA, patriotic rally in support of Syria took place in Italy, India, Cuba and Palestine.

Alliance Syrian students in Italy, representatives of the Syrian community and members of the Society of the Syrian-Italian friendship organized in Rome a patriotic rally in support of Syria, stating their opposition to terror, foreign interference in the affairs of independent state and Israeli anger.

In the Indian capital of New Delhi also hosted a general procession in a symbol of solidarity with Syria in its confrontation of the Israeli aggression and terrorist war waged by Israel against its allies — the United States and agents of the West. The procession took the role of members of political parties and public organizations in India, as the Syrian students and representatives of the Syrian communities living in this country.

Action of solidarity with the Syrian people was held in the Peninsula and Freedom. National Alliance of Cuban students and Syrian students held in Havana rally of solidarity with Syria, which condemned Israel's anger against ATS.

People's Committee for the Defense of Syria in occupied Palestine held a rally in Tamra, which renounces anger against Israeli research center in the districts of Damascus. The rally was the role of ex-prisoners in Israeli jails, the relatives of the victims, artists and journalists.

"We pin our hopes that Syria will give an adequate answer …" Yesterday, the president of Syria met in Damascus with the secretary of the Supreme Council of the State Security Council Saeed Jalili, transfers ITAR-TASS with links to SANA and IRNA.

In a statement, Bashar al-Assad said that Syria is a "powerful army and its own commitment to the path of resistance is able to withstand the current challenges and to reflect any anger directed against its own people."

Saeed Jalili in response to expressed confidence a "wise approach" to the management of CAP reflection of anger. He also assured Assad in full support of Tehran and its readiness to continue cooperation in "combating external komplotam aimed at destabilizing the region." Iran is "ready to offer all necessary assistance in achieving of success in the public dialogue that is the only plausible way to overcome the crisis" in the SAR.

It is also reported that the commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Jafari expressed confidence that the response of the Damascus blow to the Israeli Air Force on the project Syrian Ministry of Defence, will not force myself to expect long-term: "We pin our hopes that Syria will give an adequate response at the appropriate time. "

As for Israel, Defense Minister Ehud Barak at a security conference in Munich, initially saw, "I have nothing to add to what you have already read in the newspapers about what happened in Syria a few days ago." However, then he said: "… I continue to repeat what we have stated … We do not believe that you can afford to import advanced weapons systems in Lebanon."

Details on the Israeli attack and its likely consequences. Ivan Yakovina (",") Has compiled a more "popular" version of bombing targets in the suburbs of Damascus.

1st: Israelis informed Washington of its intention to kill a convoy of trucks carrying "dangerous weapons" in southern Lebanon, where the motion is based "Hezbollah". Frame it was followed: air defense systems "Buk-M1-2" anti-ship cruise missiles P-800 "Yakhont" and, obviously, the ingredients for the creation of sarin and mustard gas. All of this was exported as "deposited" in Lebanon. Today's civilian nature of war does not imply the use of any anti-ship missiles or air defense systems, or chemical weapons, but to throw a pity supplies, and to their protection and service to waste precious resources on today's times the Syrian army. But "Hezbollah" is just such weapons is not enough. For participants in this movement to bring down an Israeli plane or sink a ship — the majestic victory because "Buki" and "Yahonty" for their invaluable. Hence the destruction of such a caravan with a gun — flat duty of the Israeli Air Force.

Many experts are inclined to the opinion, that the Israelis killed concrete column with a gun, and did so on the ground in Lebanon.

"This version shows at once a few facts. In 1-x, Damascus and its suburbs densely covered by an air strike most modern air defense systems, was in service with the Syrian army. Himself "research facility", which was struck Tipo, stands on the mountain. In other words, the planes would have had to rise above the zone acts radar to knock on it. It turns out that either all the same, "Buki" no matter what do not work, or the Syrian air defense fighters something very roughly noted in something or someone is mistaken.

In-2, Syrian state television, usually with whom relish the consequences of "the bloody crimes of Zionists," now issued in 15-second broadcast message, read by the announcer grimly. Neither the smoking ruins, no dead babies, dead scientists nor the public did not show. "

In general, from this point of view there are opponents who say that because of the war the Syrian air defense system has come in the last decline, because to overcome it is not working. A sense of bombing science complex was the fact that the militants "Front al-Nusra" stor
med the complex, which is stored all the necessary for the creation of chemical bomb. It is interesting that this version was confirmed by the insurgents, said resentfully that scientific institution with "God willing," they smashed, and the Israelis have nothing to do with it.

There is also a presentation on the development of the situation.

Assad, whom the Israeli intervention to anything, the rebels declared Zionist mercenaries and promised to find a way to take revenge on Israel ("surprise"). Meanwhile, the Syrian president at the moment is not the position of being angry stern neighbor. Yet, Bashar al-Assad can unite people around him, provoking a war with Israel. The rebels have already condemned the bombing of Syria, and in the event of an invasion they would have to come to the defense of the motherland: how else? .. At the same time the war against Israel to improve the style of Syrian President will do more than all the speeches on TV. In the end, the war against the "bloodthirsty Zionists" on the side of Syria will be required to stand up, the Arab states supporting the rebels, perhaps even Turkey. In the other people will not understand them.

The buffer zone? Israel is considering the creation of a buffer zone on the ground in Syria's own borders in the event of the fall of the Assad regime. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse», which sends readers to the sources in the Israeli security forces.

The plan, as already developed by the military command of the country, can enter into force "on the next day" after the overthrow of the Syrian president. The buffer zone is designed to prevent the ingress of "terrorist elements" of the border between Israel and Syria.

Anonymous sources explained to that the proposed buffer zone is the territory of Syria. Israel does not want to annex it and have her troops.

Israel said, "The Syrian army is electric." Naovaf Ibrahim ("Voice of Russia") Said that a group of hackers calling themselves "The Syrian army is electric," said the burglary of several 10-s of the Israeli government web sites. The fact of hacking websites confirms the Israeli press, for example, "Yediot Aharonot".

The correspondent of "The Voice of Russia" was able to contact one of the managers of "electronic army." Neither the name nor the town, nor the phone number of the person has not been determined.

Fellow attacker said the group conducts a counterattack against anyone who assaults Syria. According to him, as soon as the objects were counter-electric resources of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and some other countries. Now — and Israel. Hackers broke into some 50 Israeli websites — in response to the bombing of a suburb of Damascus.

Geopolitical puzzle: in Israel are thinking about creating a buffer zone in Syria, and the Islamists set out to kill Obama and Merkel, and blow up the Reichstag

Hackers are not hidden: the penetration at least some website "The Syrian army electric" leaves on the main page of your logo. The group is now added another and the message in which the Israeli government has asked not to do it.

Netanyahu — Prime Minister again. Eugene Ehrlich ("Voice of Russia") Said that on February 2, Israeli President Shimon Peres announced, forms the new government will be Benjamin Netanyahu.

Perez previously consulted with favorites parties that won the consulate in the Knesset. Netanyahu's candidature was supported by representatives of factions in totality with the mandate of the 82 120-seat Knesset. For the approval of the composition of the future government would be quite normal, and the majority, in other words 61 votes.

About Iranian monkeys. Smee suspect Iran of replacing gallakticheskoy monkeys. Journalists believe that the photo "before" and "after" shows the different monkeys. After flying in primate disappeared somewhere mole above his right eye, reports "Voice of Russia".

On official photographs, common to experience the animal depicted with gray hair and a mole above his right eye. Fly in space monkeys in the photo appears with a darker fur and no moles, writes ",".

Iranian authorities have not officially commented about a possible replacement. But two sources of news, «Rajanews» and «Nasimonline», said the images monkeys are shown in the media before the start, were archived and treated in a failed test in 2011.

"Voice of Russia" recalls that the Iranian apparatus "Pioneer" with the monkeys on board, was launched into space in January, successfully returned to Earth.

Earlier, the Iranian authorities gallakticheskogo Hamid Fazeli said that the project anticipates and human space flight. It is scheduled to perform in the coming 5-8 years.

Against Pharaoh. On Saturday night, again broke out mess at the Presidential Palace Al Ittihad in Cairo. Police, pushing the protesters from the walls of the residence of the head of state Mohamed Mursi, used tear gas. Protesters pelted security forces in response stones pass "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS. Earlier, the protesters were bombing the inner garden of the palace "Molotov cocktails."

At Al-Ittihad protested hundreds of people. They paid tribute to the 10-s of people who died in the last days, including the man who was killed on Friday at the presidential residence. The participants claimed the resignation of the government and the head of the Interior Ministry. They shouted slogans against the Mursi and the "Muslim Brotherhood."

On Saturday, the opposition "Front government of salvation" said the refusal to engage in dialogue with the Mursi, assigning it the responsibility for the bloodshed on Egyptian squares and judge demanded the head of the country for the killing of protesters. Favorites of the coalition also expressed support for the national call for the overthrow of a tyrannical regime and the hegemony of the "Muslim Brotherhood."

Moreover, as pointed out by Hamdin Sabbah, the last competitor Mursi in the election, and now one of the favorites of the Federal Tax Service, the president of Egypt by force methods inherited from Mubarak.

What is happening in Egypt, we would add, can be commented one well-known phrase: "What did we fight — for it and ran." Whether it was necessary to organize a revolution, immersed in the chaos of their homeland — for the sake of so-called "democratic means" to power the real despot, next to which "acts" comrade Mubarak will soon fade? If at the time of Mubarak's memorable Hillary Clinton called Egypt one of the states in the region with measured, now here is destroyed economy, rampant inflation, the treasury does not have enough money dies tourism and rising unemployment. This is not to mention the constant clashes of protesters with the police about the wounded and dead.

Washington supported the "Arab Spring", relying in any way on the unfortunate democracy and "human rights", but intending to lower North Africa and the Middle East into chaos. The U.S. goal is viewed quite accurately: the liquidation of the Muslim world. And to destroy each other will be the Muslims th
emselves. This — the main geopolitical plan "Arab Spring", and under it fall even Saudi Arabia.

Turkey: SCO instead of the EU? Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey is seriously considering becoming a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as an alternative entry into the European alliance, says Love Lyulko ("Pravda.Ru").

Turkish newspaper «Sabah» quoted Erdogan: "The EU wants to forget about us, but smuschyaetsya to say about it. Replaced in order to fool our heads, it was necessary to openly recognize this. Replaced in order to take care of business, we spend time on useless negotiations with the EU. When things are so bad, I, as the Prime Minister of the 75-million country must find other ways. That's why I said not long ago, Mr Putin: "Take us to the Shanghai Five, if you are willing to do it, we say goodbye to the EU. Shanghai Five better and more stronger than the EU. "

The analyst believes that the Turkish Prime Minister finds the block where the financial strength of his country would be consistent with its geopolitical needs. In contrast, a weak Europe, where Turkey looks just like a large investor, the SCO (Our homeland, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) are gaining influence. In the company expressed a desire to join Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. "We share common values with many of these countries," — said Erdogan in the summer of 2012 the President of the Russian Federation. And in November, he filed an application for a SCO dialogue partner status.

In addition, the Turkish prime minister stares for surveys of public opinion, according to which the number of supporters of the EU in the middle of the Turks declined from 70% in 2004 to one-third in 2012.

Economic characteristics they say about lowering the dependence of Turkey on EU fraction of the eurozone in the turnover decreased in Turkey over the last decade, in 2003, it accounted for more than 55%, now — about 40.

Edzhevit Şanlı group of DHKP-C. 40-year-old Edzhevit Şanlı, a suicide bomber who committed the attack near the U.S. embassy in Turkey, before seeking political refuge in Germany, but was refused, reports RIA "Novosti" quoting "Agence France-Presse."

This man, a member of the group "Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front» (DHKP-C), in 1997, was sentenced in Turkey to imprisonment for terrorist activities. But he was released after the examination has confirmed that he is suffering a psychological disease that can cause hallucinations.

In 2001 Şanlı fled from Turkey and asked for political refuge in Germany, but was refused: he was not subjected to political persecution. Two weeks later, he illegally arrived in Istanbul from Germany via Greece. He made the forged documents with which he came to Ankara.

RIA "Novosti" recalls that as a result of the terrorist attack died Turkish guard the U.S. Embassy. Two of the guards were provided medical aid. The clinic is wounded in the explosion Didem Tuncay, a former correspondent for Channel NTV.

As for the DHKP-C, then the group was created in 1978 and has positioned itself as an opposition to the U.S. and NATO.

Malala Yousafzai returned the hearing. British doctors again operated on 15-year-old Malala Yusufzai, wounded by the Taliban in the autumn of 2012. About this report "," with reference to the «The Guardian».

Yusufzai suffered at Birmingham two successful operations, which lasted about 5 hours. Doctors implanted in her skull titanium plate as a hearing aid to restore hearing in the left ear. According to the forecasts of doctors, surgery devchenke will no longer be necessary.

"Tape" remembers that October 9, 2012 Yusufzai was wounded by the Taliban in the neck and head. Initially, it cured in Pakistan, and then she was transferred to a clinic in England. She was treated at the hospital in Birmingham until early January and underwent several operations there.

Announcements from Mali. The air forces of France continue to strike militant positions in the north of Mali, transmit "News". Yesterday stormed the aviation logistics warehouses and training centers of Islamic groups in the region Tessalita (70 km from the Algerian border) located near Kidal. As the official dealer said the head of Staff Thierry Byurkar French army in air strikes 30 cars were involved: fighter-bombers, refueling tankers and surveillance drones.

Foreign Minister of Mali Thiemo Coulibaly said that the government of his country would welcome the decision of France to continue his role in the military operation against armed Islamist groups.

In the coming country, usually waiting for "stabilization phase", the main steps of which will be the return of refugees to their homes and, of course, elections.

Two hundred and seventeen dollars. As reported by "Kommersant Vlast", Last week in the treasury of the Republic of Zimbabwe had 217 bucks — after the government paid another municipal employee salaries.

Zimbabwean authorities believe that the blame for the disastrous situation in the country's economy is on the Western countries that have imposed sanctions against the regime of President Robert Mugabe. However, the rest of the world blames Mugabe himself: he drove out of the country of white farmers and businessmen.

4000 farmers were deprived of supplies under on "decolonization" of agriculture that began in 1999. In 2000, the GDP of Zimbabwe in terms of per capita was $ 2500, then in 2011 its value was equal only $ 500.

Curiously, most recently in Zimbabwe must pass a constitutional referendum and presidential elections. As the RIA "Novosti", citing "Agence France-Presse," Zimbabwe Electoral Commission announced that the organization of the referendum and elections require 104 million dollars.

Perhaps add, funds for democratic elections have to ask that of the West.

A day for prayer. Ilona Yarosh ("Voice of Russia") Told that in The Gambia introduced four-day working week. According to President Yahya Jammeh, "the new ordinance will allow residents … to devote more time to prayer, social studies, and horticulture." Well, experts have expressed concern that the four-day week for people just get lazy, and the economy is already not brilliant, will come in full decline.

Decision was signed on four-month clock. It predicts that from February 1, entered the 40-hour working week, from 08:00 to 18:00 hours.

Previously, civil servants in the Gambia worked 5 days a week from 08:00 to 16:00.

There are "benefits": schools, banks and other organizations to work on Saturdays to make up for Friday's loss.

African channel «ENewsChannel Africa» asked residents what they think about the decision. It turned out not all were satisfied with the innovation. One of the respondents said bluntly: "Oh, no! We have to work seven days a week. After all, we all need money. "

The new regulation will allow the Muslims, constituting 90% of the population, to spend more time praying. In a number of Muslim countries is mostly a day off Friday (holy day). In Saudi Arabia and Algeria, for example, the working week runs from Saturday to Wednesday, and in Syria and Egypt — from Sunday to Thursday.

Let's see what will come Gambian villagers. Maybe the right way — working day or three, or even two. Comrade Chekhov and his predecessors — for example, Campanella or John Lithgow — want a four-hour work days are. Here's what I wrote t
he creator of "Sun City": "But in the Borough of the Sun, where the duties of art, the works and the work distributed among all, everyone has to work no more than four hours a day, the rest being carried out in pleasant exercise science, interview, reading, short stories , writing, walking, the development of intellectual and physical capabilities, and it's all done joyfully. "

However, it is clear that the art on an empty stomach to digest bad. Because fast rule that gambiets that encourages neighbors to work hard seven days a week (and probably not too far away for seven hours a day). A grinding away for wear, you need to dream of a bright future …

The EU — a bad, our homeland — not bad. Cyprus President Demetris Christofias has criticized the European Union for the conditions of cash assistance and appealed for support of, reports BFM with reference to the PROFIT Online. According to him, Our homeland "will not put Cyprus on his knees" and reclaims unacceptable concessions that could lead to the Cypriot economy of the 15-year stagnation.

Comrade President said that the European Union refers to Cyprus "looters" and even claims on money funds in the peninsula. Christofias further brag that the Russian authorities had promised him a willingness to participate in the aid — though with those EU.

Russian Federation has already lent Cyprus 2.5 billion euros at low interest rates until 2016, and Cyprus, in turn, asked for this loan five year delay.

Cyprus is required to stabilize the downside, the national debt and recapitalize banks in the country, why funds are needed in the amount of 17 billion. euro.

The man with the check. As it became clear the press on February 3, at the airport in Düsseldorf on January 21 arrested 59-year-old Iranian with a check for 300 million Venezuelan bolivars (70 million U.S. dollars). This was reported on the website of the German customs. According to the German tabloid «Bild am Sonntag», writes "," with reference to «Associated Press», the detainees — former head of the central bank of Iran Tahmasb Mazaheri. However, formal evidence that in Dusseldorf detained Mazaheri, no. Neither customs nor the Iranian embassy in Germany until the message Comment out «Bild am Sonntag».

59-year-old man (and Mazaheri really 59 years old) came to Germany from Iran via Turkey. When asked about how much he had in cash for themselves, said an Iranian — 10 thousand euros, but customs officers found only 5 thousand in different currencies. In the hand luggage of a man found the check issued by the Bank of Venezuela. Iranian failed to clarify to whom and for what purpose the funds are provided. The message of Customs noted that the fact that the guy does not have this amount in the declaration is punishable by a fine of up to one million euros.

Obama, Merkel, the threat of the Reichstag and the "European summer." According to reports from Berlin corr. ITAR-TASS Anton Dolgunov, appeared in the web of the recorded video with the dangers of Islamists in the address of Chancellor of Germany. In general, it does not give reason to read German authorities about the growth of the terrorist threat in the country. The definition of "terrorist threat in Germany at that time no," said the Ministry of the Interior.

Yet the man who calls himself Abu Azzam, in frames reads: "For the" Arab spring "will" European summer. " We wish the death of Obama and Merkel. "

The video also states that the object of the terrorists could be a historic Reichstag building, which now sits in parliament.

The representative of the domestic political agency noted that in this video do not have any specific hints, but only "abstract conversations." The Islamists threatened via the Web before.

At the current time the video is being studied in the department for the protection of the constitution of Germany.

Neo-Nazis in the streets of Athens. In Athens, the procession passed multi-million adherents of neo-Nazi party "Golden Dawn", timed to the anniversary of the conflict between Greece and Turkey over the islands Imia (1996). About this report "," with reference to the «Sky News».

In the evening on February 2 in the center of the Greek capital had gathered, according to various sources, 10 to 30 thousand people. The participants were carrying Greek flags, torches, chanting nationalist slogans and sang songs.

Favorites of the nationalists, who spoke to the crowd, blame the current government of Greece is that they have thrown the national interests of the country and led to her plight. Direct claims of the "Golden Dawn" reconciliation deal with Turkey to end the crisis in 1996, during which killed three Greek Air Force pilot.

Hollande promises — in life. France's National Assembly voted in favor of granting homosexual couples the right to marry and adopt children. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse». Clarifies that the deputies adopted the law 249 votes with 97 MPs, objected project.

The decision was one hundred percent supported the ruling Socialist Party and other left-wing parties, and "green".

According to polls, the majority of French people support the idea of the rights of homosexual couples to marry. With all of this entitlement adoption such pairs kids also has support in the community, although the least.

Offensive chips. Potato chips "Virgin Mary" with spicy tomato taste hurt the feelings of believers England. In connection with this product has been withdrawn from the shelves of about 350 stores, write "News".

The emergence of potato chips in stores has caused strong criticism from religious organizations. Most indignant Catholics, whose views on the products with the title discredit honor mothers of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, we recall, Western resentment spared behavior in Russia panketok of «Pussy Riot», who staged a riot psevdomuzykalny in the temple. There were, of course, people in the West formed the exception, but against the background of the general chorus of voices almost heard. And more. It would be interesting to know: there were chips in Russia "Virgin Mary" and rebuked them, say, Comrade Onishchenko, that would sing in the western choir? .. Faster anathema, if praises.

The Russian mafia is found in Ireland. Irish businessman Kevin MacGyver, missing about eight months back, accused of kidnapping her not only the Irish Republican Army, and the "Russian gangsters." This writes "," with reference to «The Daily Mail».

According to the businessman, the robbers held him for several months in a cargo container. During this time, he lost 30 kg.

MacGyver was found barefoot on a country road in the county Leynstrim. On his forehead was cut with a knife the word "thief» (thief). According to the businessman, the robbers released him, issuing a mobile phone, and ordered all the time to keep it in for you.

MacGyver said the gunmen kidnapped him because of debts. In the 1990s — 2000s, this man was selling real estate in Dubai. It is clear that had one of the biggest houses in the country estate of "Nirvana" in County Galway.

The ghosts of the former Russia. The presidential candidate of Armenia, a favorite of the association "National Self-Determination" Hayrikyan blames organize an assassination foreign intelligence services, transfers IA «REGNUM».
In an interview with reporters Hairikian expressed hypotheses about the assassination of the customer. He said: "I suspect the hidden service of a foreign country who long years I was persecuted — not of this country, the Russian Federation and the former. I suspect that this is their style. "

In addition, he said: "I very clearly said that we have no candidates, and we have to go to Europe, that Europe is our future. I said that from the imperialist Russia, we suffered more than benefited, but the Democratic Our homeland, of course, is our partner. After that statement, I think, some forces are activated. I believe that the attack is related to these statements, because I have no personal enemies. "

Hayrikyan — last Russian dissident who spent their time in 6 years in the camps. Party "National Self-Determination" he did in 1987.

In Paraguay — mourning. Paraguayan authorities have announced three-day mourning in connection with the death of a presidential candidate retired General Lino Oviedo eventually a helicopter crash, reports corr. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Fomin.

It is reported that the Government of Paraguay to attract international professionals to investigate the events of the death of a presidential candidate. According to preliminary version, the cause of a helicopter crash were bad weather conditions.

Farewell to a hero. Farewell to a school bus driver who died in Alabama, was held yesterday in Midland City, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to CNN.

January 29th 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes attacked the school bus. The driver, 66-year-old Charles Albert Polandov, tried to close the entrance to the bus with his body, for which he paid with his life. Then the offender stole a five-year boy and barricaded himself in a makeshift bunker near his house. There he is holding the baby eighth day, and the police and the FBI are negotiations with him through the ventilation pipe.

The police Alabama reported that a burglar can send the boy to products, toys, books and medicines.

South American media report that neighbors speak highly of Dykes as a "lone anti-government views," which at times threatened to local children, he would kill them if they "set foot on his land." It is also reported that Dykes built a bunker to take refuge there in the event of a hurricane.

Rampant pedophilia. Archbishop of Los Angeles Jose Gomez freed from all social obligations of its own predecessor, Cardinal Roger Mahoney — for his role in covering up the crimes of pedophile priests in the 1980s. About this report "," with reference to the «Associated Press» and «The Los Angeles Times».

It came on the day when the Church Archdiocese of Los Angeles court decision published on the website of the bulk of the documents related to the case of pedophilia. Some of this evidence for several 10-s years.

In the middle of documents — correspondence management diocese, personal files 122 priests accused of pedophilia, doctors' reports, messages sent to the Vatican. Of them can be seen as Cardinal Mahony and others tried to hide the guilt of pedophile priests of the diocese.

Cardinal Roger Mahony, recalls "Ribbon", was led by the Los Angeles diocese from 1985 to 2011, when he resigned because of the merits of the 75th anniversary. In the 2000s, the U.S. was a scandal associated with the pedophile priests. Mahoney did not once apologized to the victims of their actions, and no charges against him was not made. In 2007, the Tribunal of Los Angeles approved a deal between the diocese and more than than 500 alleged victims of the actions of priests. They had been paid 660 million dollars. In connection with this matter had been raised 10's of thousands of pages of documents, and the Archdiocese of 5 years fought for the fact that they have been placed.

"Well, stupid …" About 60 students were expelled from Harvard University after the scandal of massive cheating during exams. About this report "," quoting "Agence France-Presse." Approximately the same number of students suffered "other punishments."

The scandal became public in August when it was revealed that 125 students helped each other on the final exam. The Institute said the students "could inappropriately prepare the answers together, or use the preset own comrades." Harvard president Drew Faust then stated that similar behavior was "totally unacceptable practice that violates the intellectual tradition of the search, which is famous university."

Interestingly, there has been cheating in the exam on the basis of listening to the course "Fundamentals of the Congress." This course is considered to be one of the easiest.

By the way, the average Harvard students pay for academic year about 63 thousand dollars.

George W. Bush, we would add, the 43rd president of the United States, and previously the governor of Texas, known for their patients predilection for executions and torture, and we believe that Afghanistan and Iraq — is in Africa, and Australia to be confused with Austria, Slovakia with Slovenia and APEC with OPEC, had just finished at the time the Harvard Business School Institute.

Well, Barack Obama, who claimed that the car invented in the U.S. and in his native state 57 states — a graduate of Harvard Law School.

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