Geopolitical puzzle: in Syria is nearing the end of the opposition, and in U.S. schools continues to shoot gun

Geopolitical puzzle: in Syria is nearing the end of the "opposition", and in U.S. schools continues to fire weapons

America does not care about the Syrian democratizers. Approximately so says Thierry Meyssan French intellectual. He expressed the view that the South American administration decided to "throw" armed terrorist group calling themselves the "Free Syrian Army". Washington is about to begin negotiations with Russia to continue to work on resolving the Syrian crisis in accordance with the "Geneva communique", reports with reference to SANA.

Monsieur Meyssan published an article on the network, "Voltaire", which indicated that the South American administration apparently has decided to turn the page in its relations with the SSA. Not so long ago there was a mocking statement of the State Intelligence Council that the "global jihad will soon disappear."

May add, to Obama, has a reputation of hidden Islamist finally realized that, once calling Islamism, terrorism, his opponent, the United States is doing everything to promote and strengthen it in the world. Only Egypt and Libya are worth. And overpower Islamists led by the "Al-Qaeda" in Syria, they would have made it a foothold anti-American.

Thierry Meyssan saw that at the strategic level of war in Syria over. At the SSA has no chance to reach their goals. The flow of funds and weapons fighters dried up, and a significant portion of international support discontinued. The U.S. Administration will begin implementation of the peace plan in Syria immediately after its approval by the Senate.

It must also be added that the change in rhetoric brutal white houses in the address Syria may be connected with the departure of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. According to rumors, specifically to a concussion she ran the United States, and not weak-willed Mr. Barack Obama, rained tears of impotence in front of a portrait of Putin in a small reddish Rounded corner cabinet. Now everything is changing, and along with the United States is growing cash crisis. Obama does not want to wage war, and wants to make its own deadline for himself the reputation of the peacemaker worthy Nobel Peace Prize, granted to him in advance.

According to the views of Meyssan, some assistants in the midst of the Obama campaign prevented him to translate "Geneva communique" in life. Perhaps in revenge after he cleaned out the re-election of subordinate ranks — and the first "swept from the political landscape designer war against Syria — David Petraeus."

Meyssan has expanded its findings and other "allies" of America. Now all they have to ask themselves questions, and whether Washington will abandon them as well.

This is a French analyst could not write. And it is already clear: yes, throw. She has no friends, only "partners". Like sex.

And America turns the "allies" as he wishes. Profitable — soyuznichat, unprofitable — throws. The main thing for America — to realize when profitable, and when — no. In recent years, it is bad it is. That syphilis, gonorrhea then, you know, from partners … There is one of these diseases warning means: less change partners, or better yet — be faithful. But now this is just what America does not know how. How, then, then all sorts of freedom?

Marine Le Pen told about Western blind men. She gave an interview to Syrian television SAMA TV, owned by Rami Makhlouf, the brother of the Syrian president, reports "Russian peacekeeper" with reference to «Russia Today».

Frenchwoman accused Western countries of "encouraging" the Syrian war, and said that in Syria are at war "Islamic fundamentalists" and "Western countries to help them blindly." Le Pen is convinced that "in Syria, they do exactly the same as in Libya, but not so clearly."

Le Pen added that she did not approve of the French intervention in Libya and would not approve of this, and Syria. It "protects the freedom, sovereignty and identity of all nations." It also denounced the very "close relationship" with France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

She also condemned Turkey for trying to "get the regional leadership" against the Syrian crisis.

Statement by the President of the "National Front", condemning the actions of the West and the French government, suggests that not all the French are ready to support the colonial policy of the home country, based on terrorist methods.

Blonde wife. Naikrupneyshaya Israeli party religious Jews agreed to withdraw the pre-show video about the "Russian" to his wife, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Central Election Commission in Tel Aviv.

Day or two Israeli television channels broadcast advertising, in which blonde wife at the altar receives a certificate of conversion to Judaism by a new method: pressing a few buttons on the fax.

"Wait a minute, you're not Jewish?" — Asks the radical Israeli-fiance, who half a head following the chosen one. — "Now a Jew" — responds with a strong Russian accent Marina Ivanova. Later, she leans in to kiss the future spouse, and he recoils in fear from her.

Roller belongs religious Shas party, which opposes mixed marriages, secular marriage without a role rabbinates and facilitation giur — making Judaism Jews. With 10 deputy mandates and 4 ministerial satchels Shas has the fourth largest faction in the parliament.

Political advertising with the "bride" Russian voters were outraged, and at the same time and look forward to their voices policy, including the candidates of the winners — the combined list of "Likud" and "Israel — Our Home" party "Jewish Home", "Labor "" Yesh Atid. "

CEC in response to the complaints said roller arranged with the owners of the termination of its translation.

Punishable desire. 49-year-old Saudi citizen, was arrested by police near the stateliness of the mosque in Mecca. In an interview with the newspaper "Al-Hayat" the press service of the police said that the suspect had with him documents containing information about his intention to marry a Jewish woman, reports

Citizen is currently in custody. He will soon appear before the tribunal. Charges, but not disclosed. It is clear just by the police believe that a detainee — "mental disorder."

"Great Jamahiriya" goes down in history. Ilona Yarosh ("Voice of Russia") With reference to RIA "Novosti" reports that Libyan State Congress approved the decision to abandon the name "Great Jamahiriya". So Libya called the era of rule of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Deputies approved the new title: Government of Libya. And it will be used before the adoption of the constitution.

"The purpose of the adoption of such solutions — to enable the government to make the configuration of all the official documents on which up to this time the number of title An old country" — the newspaper "Al-Sharq al-Awsat."

A lot earlier, in 1977, was promulgated the "Declaration of Sabha," and Libya became known as Lofty Sociali
st People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya ("Jamahiriya" means "state of the masses"). Document has secured the Quran as a source of law and the principle of democracy. There were abolished: the government, political parties, parliament and the presidency. People had to realize the power directly through the people's congresses, committees and trade unions. Constitution in Libya has replaced the "Green Book" Colonel Gaddafi specifically it defined the political structure of the country.

In the end, the victory a "revolution" and the killing of Gaddafi Libya was plunged into chaos democracy.

NATO against the Tuareg? African Alliance urged NATO to take part in the operation in northern Mali — where Tuareg announced its Islamic government. It is reported by television station Press TV, reports Vladimir Azin ("").

The head of the African Union Yayi Boni at a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa, said: "NATO must play a role (in Mali), and the forces of the African Union must fulfill its purpose because it was made in Afghanistan." He added: "We have to react (to challenge the Islamists), so this problem is true not only of Africa. We must understand that terrorism is a problem of the entire international community. I think NATO should make their own contribution to the international target (in Mali). "

In general, the prime minister of Canada said that Ottawa does not address the issue of direct participation in military operations in Mali. He only expressed his concern over the situation.

Hunting for lions and leopards in Zambia is prohibited. Zambian authorities announced a ban on the hunting of lions and leopards, reports "," referring to the agency «Reuters».

According to the Minister of Tourism Sylvia Masebo, the number of predators was very little to maintain a measured income from safari. If you have previously received from Zambia to kill feral animal lovers around three million bucks a year, but now the authorities have estimated that the demonstration of live animals tourists to the country will be even more profitable than the safari.

"Why should we lose our animals over three million a year? The benefit of the tourists who come to look at them even more, "- said Masebo.

Earlier, a similar decision was taken by Zambia neighboring Botswana. The first African country to ban shooting of animals (a few decades back) was Kenya.

Bane Pakistani fighter. The Indian military January 10 Pakistani soldier shot dead in Kashmir, reports "," with reference to «Reuters», «BBC News» and «France-Presse». The murder, according to the Pakistanis, there was nothing provoked.

Soldier was on duty in the Kashmir sector Battal. Name of the deceased — Havildar Mohyudin.

This is the third fatal collision between the Indian and ending the Pakistani military in the last few days. January 6 Pakistan has accused India of killing 1st soldier and wounding another, and on January 8 India blamed Pakistan, the murder of two fighter (according to some reports, some of them beheaded.)

The newspaper «The Hindu» writes that the aggravation of the situation on the distinction between the band with 2 parts of Kashmir began after going 70-year-old lady on the Pakistani countryside, to be with her grandchildren. It happened in September 2012, Indian Army has established new observation posts. This caused resentment among Pakistan: after all, in the area of smoking at least some military construction.

January 10 Pakistan entered followed by: a protest over the loudspeaker on the narrow neutral zone, and then opened fire. The return fire and led to the death of a Pakistani soldier. This version is voiced «Daily News and Analysis».

Officially, however, and Divide and Islamabad deny the accusations of provocation.

92 killed and more than 120 the wounded. As the RIA "Novosti" with reference to "the Associated Press," the number of victims 2-blasts that rocked yesterday at Quetta in southwest Pakistan, have gained 92 people. More than 120 people were injured.

Two explosions at intervals of a few minutes occurred near one of billiard clubs. Both bombs were powered bombers. Among the dead — nine police officers.

Earlier in the day, reminds RIA "Novosti" in Quetta, an explosion occurred in the market next to the jet Fri border military corps. Victims of the attack were 12 people.

On the same day in the mountainous region of Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa districts in Mingora, where some 1.5 thousand local residents gathered to listen to a sermon, there was an explosion that killed 22 people, and about 80 were injured.

Killed, eaten, sold. Yesterday, in the Chinese province of Yunnan, was executed serial killer Zhang Yongming. This Chinese for four years killed 11 people, reports "," with reference to «The China Daily».

It is clear that in the years 1979-1997. Yongming was sitting in the bullpen, having been convicted of murder. About his life after his release have not been announced. But in the period from March 2008 to April 2012, he killed 11 men. His victims were lonely passers-by.

The agency "Xinhua" writes that the killer dismembered the bodies of the victims to hide the traces of the crime.

«France-Presse» cites a Chinese newspaper, reports that neighbors Yunmin beheld hanging from his home bags with items that are similar to the bone. The agency quoted the publication of the Hong Kong newspaper «The Standard», asserts that the killer was selling the remains of the victims on the market under the guise of ostrich meat. In addition, he himself ate pieces of bodies.

A series of explosions in the capital of Croatia. A series of explosions took place in Zagreb on Friday night. Befitting the information disseminated by local police, reports "Voice of Russia" with reference to RIA "Novosti".

In the western part of the town came from the 2-to four explosions, some of them were heard in the city center. Law enforcement authorities have confirmed that it was "more than one" of the explosion. One person was injured.

Viva Chavez! 10's of thousands of supporters of Venezuelan President passing healing in Cuba, yesterday took to the streets of Caracas for a role in a mass demonstration in support of it, reports corr. RIA "Novosti" Oleg Vyazmitinov, citing local media.

Venezuelan authorities have dated to the days of the demonstration, which was previously scheduled inauguration of Chavez. On Wednesday, the Supreme Tribunal of Venezuela said of the postponement of the date of the oath, and explained that in the recent inauguration of Chavez's position is not necessary, because the interruption of presidential possibilities were not.

"Revolution and the Socialist United Party of Venezuela requests all parties and social groups take to the streets and to support the decision that accepted by the Supreme Court" — said the head of the State Assembly Diosdado Cabello.

U.S. school shooting again. While the rich lobbyists from the State Rifle Association in the U.S. stand on the protection of the second amendment and through regional offices taught school teachers fired from handguns in educational institutions of America continues to "speak" firearm. Now shots thundered in California.

According to reports from Los Angeles ITAR-TASS correspondent Alexander Urusova, school shoot
ing town Taft opened the 16-year-old student.

PE it was about 10 am yesterday local time (22:00 Moscow). Injuring two, one student with serious injuries was taken to the hospital.

School staff managed to persuade the offender to surrender to police. His name has not been disclosed.

Law enforcement agencies and a half hours searching the building in search of possible accomplices arrow. Kids were evacuated from the school.

Following reports of a shooting in the town started to panic. "We are all very frightened when they heard about the shots — says one student. — After the state of emergency in Newtown seemed that began repeating the terrible tragedy. "

In addition, as reported by RIA "Novosti", Thursday was clear about the incident at school in Alabama. According to the channel «Fox News», police arrested 13-year-old child in a bag that the lesson of physical culture were found a loaded gun and a knife. The boy explained to the police that at school he is constantly subjected izymatelstvam and now brought a gun for self-defense.

Toughen sanction accelerated. Interdepartmental commission on combating violence will advise the U.S. president to tighten gun control system of buyers, authorize the exchange of information about the sins of using guns and intensify research work on the analysis of their events. This was on the basis of meetings with professionals said U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, reports corr. RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov.

"These measures include the strengthening of the overall verification tools buyers, not just removal of legal" loopholes "used by shoppers during the arms trade fairs and shows … It should solve the problem of over-capacity stores. And one more question — this is an opportunity for at least some of the federal agencies to conduct investigations into cases of violence with the use of tools: the need to collect information about any of the tools in most cases killed, what weapon often buy "- said Biden. He noted that the need to lift any restrictions on the collection and sharing of disk imaging in this area.

Hackers are fighting for their rights. Movement «Anonymous» urged the administration of U.S. President legalize DDoS-attacks. According to the views of attackers, the U.S. authorities should recognize their legitimate form of protest. This is stated in the respective petitions posted on the website of white houses, transfers "Voice of Russia".

The petition notes that the DDoS-attacks — no hacking, and the method by which people can express their protest in real time.

According to the views of hackers, DDoS-attacks similar to a civilian disobedience campaign conducted by the movement "Occupy Wall Street". Hackers believe that DDoS-attacks are the equivalent of repeatedly clicking refresh on the web page, and the only time kutsee immobilize the online services.

«Anonymous» call themselves "modern loosely organized group of hacktivists." By this term is understood and subculture, is building a model of freedom and the idea of anonymity on the Web. Common representative of this subculture is against censorship, harassment and surveillance.

«Anonymous» has received worldwide recognition for numerous attacks on the websites of governments and commercial organizations. Magazine «Time» in 2012 included the group «Top-100" most influential people in the world. «Anonymous» — the only organization represented in this list.

The petition was filed on January 7, you can read here. Its creator — someone Dylan K. At the moment, she gathered 1,671 visitors. For its consideration of the administration of white houses required 25,000 signatures.

The old man is afraid of Panetta cuts. U.S. Secretary of Defense ordered to begin development of emergency measures in the event of curtailment of the federal budget. "Cutting" is fraught with reduced by as much as 20 percent of military spending in the current fiscal year.

"We are talking about safety precautions, but we have no other choice but to prepare for the worst" — sadly the Pentagon chief said at yesterday's press conference, the corr. ITAR-TASS Ivan Lebedev.

The fact that the Obama administration and the Republican opposition in Congress in the first days of the new year have gained an agreement on the budget and taxes. However, such is only for a time delayed the risk of "fiscal cliff."

If by March 1, 2013 "sides" will not be able to work out some arrangement, in accordance with previously adopted law will come into effect the decision on forced reduction of expenditure items of the state budget.

For the armed forces of the United States is, and it means sending an unpaid leave of several hundred civilian employees and reduced military training programs of various military units, explained Leon Panetta. In fact, sequestration is not able to affect only those parts which are on a mission in Afghanistan or prepare to head there.

The Minister said that the reduction of costs and the need to save money to support troops in Afghanistan are forcing him to give an order to prepare a package of measures in the event of the failure of negotiations between the administration and Congress. Among them: lowering costs for the maintenance of minor military facilities, suspension of hiring civilian employees, "freezing" of the process of military contracts to contractors.

About Putin crony capitalism and corruption. The blog of the newspaper "Financial Times" (England) posted an article by Sergei Aleksashenko "Hello, 2013: Will Putin reforms will seriously?" (Source of translation — "Inosmi"). The creator of the material — the director of Macroeconomic Research at the Metropolitan School of Economics and former Deputy Minister of Finance.

He writes:

"President Vladimir Putin has more than 10 years managing Russian economy recovered through a combination of state power and crony capitalism.

Since that time, in 2000, Putin came to power, the GDP continues to grow due to the increase in oil prices, but behind this economic growth has to pay dearly. The country's role in the economy has increased, but the institutional structure of the country has weakened: the credibility of the courts has fallen down, bureaucratic corruption flourishes, bureaucrats even milked funds from small companies. "

On the other hand, the creator admits that Putin promises to make better business climate.

"But can a leopard change its spots?"

Before the crisis, says creator, Putin had much luck in the economy. In his favor played a rise in global oil prices has not. Increased revenues from oil exports and the inflow of foreign loans brought before the crisis of 2008-2009 GDP growth to 7%. This allowed Putin to raise wages and pensions to fund military spending and technological projects and make economical reserves.

Coupled with the fact Aleksashenko notes, Putin has made extraordinary economic model. She made the government naikrupneyshim economic player, and many friends of the president led to the billionaires.

In the end, all international ratings, characterizing the quality vkladyvatelnogo climate Our home was on the same level with dictatorial regimes.

In general, the creator assures that Putin is beginning to think about the scale of prepyadstviya he has promoted to do.< br>
Now institutional weakness, limited competition and strong dependence of the economy on the country hamper the post-crisis recovery. Vladimir Putin acknowledged the nasty fact: fallen in 2008-2009, a total difficulties by 10% Russian GDP slightly recovered to pre-crisis levels, and at this point the growth is slowing down. For the first three quarters of 2012 the rate of growth of 2.5% in annual terms.

The outflow of capital — one more discrepancy. The Ministry of Economy said that in 2012 it will amount to 75 billion dollars, and in 2011 he headed for 80.5 billion dollars (about 4.5% of annual GDP).

"When Putin announced that he vorachivaetsya the Kremlin for a new presidential term, Russian business to realize that this will mean the development of the upcoming municipal and crony capitalism, and decided that the hopes for the emergence of the country's more conventional economic system no."

Also in Russia a bad deal with the independence of the courts. In recent years the quality of Russian justice is better, says creator, but only in those cases when it came to disputes between businessmen. In disputes between the state and business law takes the side of the country. Moreover, in the last few months have been sounding the processes with "unlawful motivation", says creator. Here refers Aleksashenko second case of fraud against Misha Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev, a business «Pussy Riot» and of the charges against the opposition's favorite Alexei Navalny criminal charges of fraud money.

Of course, the courts are dependent — the first support Putin.

The second pillar of the Putin system creator calls widespread corruption, coupled with plundering the budget funds and are very common business interests of officials at various levels. All this often leads to the racket of the personal business, according to the creator of the article. The magnitude of these problems Aleksashenko justifies the investigation of corruption in the Ministry of Defence and another case of corruption, in which arrested 10 mid-level officials of the city administration of St. Petersburg.

The creator does not believe that Putin is fighting corruption:

"… Prefer to wait and have a look, what will end the case. Two years back in Moscow was found extensive network of illegal casinos, which operated with the support of prosecutors and police. The investigation has been arrested many people, but all of them later released, but prosecutors announced collected confirm the case of no effect. The last string of scandals, money can come to the same conclusion. "

If the global experience implies creator says that the courts are independent and free from government corruption have the right conditions for the creation of a competitive economy and the basis for economic growth,

"Putin apparently wants to refute this assertion. He desires that the economy has become more efficient and started to grow faster. But he does not believe in individual incentives, and bureaucratic solutions. Moreover, he is well aware that the appearance in Russia-independent courts immediately lead to the collapse of the political system made by him. "

Such value, said Aleksashenko, he is not prepared to pay.

"If you are choosing — to retain power or carry out institutional reforms — he had already chosen the power."

A new twist in the career of a Siberian Depardieu Tyumen theater actor with a salary of 16,000 p. Gerard Depardieu, received not long ago Russian passport in his troupe invited Tyumen Drama Theater. It is stated on page Drama in the social network, the agency with reference to "Interfax-Ukraine".

In the message, except for the rest, it is said that the actor was invited to March 2013 on the criteria fixed-term employment contract with a salary of 16 thousand rubles + 22% + 10% + 15% Ural factor. Not enough, and provides additional payment for performing roles. Depardieu even with the support of the theater will be able to rent an apartment in the center of Tyumen.

In the center of Tyumen breathe, add, and Depardieu does not like booming cities, preferring them to the village. In general, who knows, maybe Depardieu prefer to settle in with. Intercession … Grapes do not grow here, even savage, minus May 30 with the wind in the winter — everyday business. Scooter hardly starts, narrow wine fusel local residents prefer vodka, and after the increase in prices for it in January — the murky brew. Well, what? .. A similar Russian romance will help the actor faster and more precisely enter into certain images.

Drama director Sergei OSINTSEV in the social network wrote that Tyumentsev is that "show up and what to amaze Depardieu": "We Homeland Grigory Rasputin, the role of which is not the case for a long time played Gerard Depardieu. Only 100 km away is the world's only private museum in the village of Pokrovsky Rasputin! At 200 km is the spiritual capital of Tobolsk in Siberia and the unique Museum — Tobolsk Kremlin, where he spent the last days of Emperor Nicholas II and his family, whose lives are also associated with Rasputin. "

We note in passing that the last days (more precisely, months) Nicholas II took place in the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg.

Interstellar mosaic. It turns out that in the vast galaxy is 17 billion. planets comparable in size to Earth and have generally made by a placement in star systems. This is stated in the report of the South American scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, is responsible corr. ITAR-TASS Makarchev.

"Our findings on the existence of 17 billion. planets similar to Earth are the result of analysis of the data received from NASA astronomy satellite "Kepler" — leads the "Bi-bi-si" words Fressinet Francois, who heads a group of scientists.

It is noted that the global science doggedly seeks out planetoid in space, which in the future may become a second home to the world's population. There are 2,740 planets similar in size to the Earth. But new studies have shown that the number could be much higher.

"Now we play the first part of the task — to identify planets that are similar in comparison with the distance from the Earth's own sun and the size comparable to the Earth" — said comrade Fressinet.

Global Science is a named more akin to Earth on gallakticheskim indicators planetoid: KOI 172.02, or "Earth-2".

We'll live. Clash of the large asteroid Apophis with the Earth in 2036 is excluded. He approaches the planet at a distance of about 30 thousand kilometers. This statement was made by the experts at NASA yesterday, reports corr. Itar-Tass Zlodorev.

A day earlier, South American experts at watching the passage of the celestial wanderer of 15 million kilometers from Earth. They concluded that the predictions of the likely crash in 23 years simply outdated.

"It is definitely a similar outlook in 2036 can be excluded," — said Donald Yeomans, manager of NASA's research programs from gallakticheskih of near-Earth objects. According to him, the asteroid proparhaet really not so far away, but a threat to earthlings, he will not be present.

So Makar, ladies and comrades, another end of the world is canceled.

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