Geopolitical puzzle: Iran boasts of how he bitch British Intelligence, and the U.S. are rolling into the abyss

Geopolitical puzzle: Iran boasts of how he bitch British Intelligence, and the U.S. are rolling into the abyss
Police officers from Trenton stand in formation and salute after they were fired. Trenton became the last of the great cities of New Jersey, in which there have been layoffs in the police. Laid off more than 100 police officers. (AP Photo / Mel Evans)

Russian assistance to Syria. As the ITAR-TASS, is the second Russian Emergencies Ministry plane with humanitarian aid sent to Syria.

IL-76 took off at 03:30 Moscow time from the airfield near Moscow "Ramenskoye." Course — Damascus. On board the aircraft — sugar, canned fish and meat, baby food. Mass of humanitarian cargo is 38 tons.

ITAR-TASS recalls that earlier on Thursday to Syria was delivered the first shipment, too, weighing 38 tons.

General deserter says about the Syrian chemical weapons. RIA "Novosti", Referring to the British "Times" reports that escaped to Turkey, Major-General Adnan Cilla Syrian army said the willingness of Damascus to apply chemical weapon on the ground of Syria — "in the last administration."

In an interview he said: "We had a serious discussion about the use of chemical weapons, including where and how it can be to implement." According to a former general, the use of chemical weapons "was seen as a last resort if the regime would have lost control over any fundamental Human pt, for example, Aleppo."

Cilla, who in the army just in charge of the arsenal of chemical weapons, said the discussion of options for the use of weapons of mass destruction against the civilian population of Syria and the opposition and turned to his "last drop of patience" that prompted him to flee.

This person also said that the Syrian military talk about the terms of the transfer of chemical weapons Lebanese group "Hezbollah".

Sovereign Silla is located in Turkey. Publication in the "Times" is based on an interview last Syrian military for the first time gave the press — after fleeing from Syria three months back.

So Makar, we would add, the media began raising of the themes of Syrian chemical weapons. A month back Obama made a dramatic statement in which it clear that the reason for intervention in Syria would be possible to move the country WMD. Dare to Nobel "peacemaker" invade Syria before the election, but still in a difficult situation in the Middle East and the Arab world in general, caused by anti-American speeches from the movie "Innocence of Muslims"? .. Neuzh Obama has not only learned nothing from the lessons of the eastern, and a boy got so upset over "power" — and get into Syria as well brazenly as in Libya? Maybe he now considers the Syrian conflict only chance to lift America? Also rake in Syria fever proxy — I mean Turkish, Saudi, Qatari, — in America is bad. In favor of the strategy plays brutal and the fact that the behavior of America in the Arab world after the assassination of an ambassador to Benghazi not changed.

"Business and lasts with the countries where crushing the South American Embassy — writes «Wired» (Review by Ilya Plekhanov "Inosmi"). — Emotional and social "war" for the media is war, and lunch is on schedule. In Yemen and Tunisia are the supply of military equipment (gunboats) and "advisers" Egypt is allocated for the construction of the analytical center in Cairo, Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya planned construction and equipment of Internet centers. Many conservatives in the U.S. are wondering whether you need to tie assistance to countries where so hate the United States and crushing the diplomatic consulate, but so far the Obama administration and Congress are not willing to reduce the financial and real help and put at risk a heavy "becoming democracies" in the Arab world. "

So. America is not going to not learn the lessons of history, nor to stop stepping on a rake or change your davneshnee desire for world hegemony of democracy. Not even lay your expectations.

The incident touched helicopter hovering aircraft. Syrian military helicopter in the fall hurt passenger plane with 200 passengers. It happened near Damascus, reports "" (Alexander Golovin) with reference to «The New York Times».

The helicopter touched the tail of the aircraft, the state-owned airline "Syrian Airlines". Liner yet landed safely at the airport in Damascus. No one is hurt.

In Turkey, the restless. In the eastern province of Bingol Turkey's military conduct counter-terrorist operation, which is involved in the 2,5 thousand military personnel, transfers "Rosbalt", referring to the "Voice of Russia".

The operation in Bingol ran across the active phase after the terrorist attack on September 18 militants, "the Kurdistan Workers' Party has been under fire from rocket-propelled grenades and automatic guns army convoy. 10 fighter were killed and more than 70 were injured.

Saboteurs of the IAEA? Iran's nuclear facilities month back tried to undermine some of the attackers. On a serious attempt to sabotage said in Vienna, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Agency Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani, resource transfers "Fleet-2017".

He said the explosions saboteurs could be disconnected from the power center for uranium enrichment at Natanz and a nuclear plant "Ford." State of emergency was avoided thanks to backup generators.

Abbasi-Davani imagined that the IAEA can slip "terrorists and saboteurs."

Iran zapudrivaet brains British intelligence. Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili programmke said yesterday that Tehran was deliberately misinformed the British intelligence MI-6, reports "," with reference to «The Jerusalem Post».

Tehran stuff the agents of MI6 false information, thereby protecting makarom its nuclear facilities and economic interests.

According to the diplomat, the ploy failed: incorrect information had indeed passed intelligence to the IAEA.

However, the Iranian diplomat did not specify what information is passed on Tehran agents. Media did not report on the reaction of the British authorities to the statement Jalili.

The French ran out of Muslim countries. France had to temporarily close the consulate in more than 20 Muslim countries, finish work, many French schools and cultural centers. Enhance the security of diplomatic missions of Paris decided after the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in the newspaper «Charlie Hebdo», knows Ksenia Vitvitskaya ("News"). (Caricatures, see "Military Review" in the last issue "Mosaics", episode "France tempts Muslims").

France, as expected, provoked a general dissatisfaction with the Muslims. The first t
o react to such a prank by those who actually live in France, and such a 2-million.

The publication provoked the latest outbreak of protests and in various other countries. First suspended the work of the diplomatic mission in Egypt. In Lebanon, judging by the strong commitment of local residents, the confrontation of the diplomatic missions quickly enough. In addition, in the Arab countries do not calm down protests against the film "Innocence of Muslims."

Such a memory, we would add that people in the West — and Europeans, and the Yankees — tired of living. They decided not to expect in 2025 (the date of the collapse of the United States is projected companion Buchanan) or 2029 (the date of the scientific end of the world because of the alleged collision of Earth with Apophis), and certainly not wait until the end of the XXI century, when western nations have to finish because of the existence of demographic and economic circumstances, and to arrange for a general extinction of right at the moment. Well, Mr. and musyu, goodbye.

"Day of Love for the Prophet Muhammad." Now Pakistan will be "Day of Love for the Prophet Muhammad", which includes the massive anti-American actions. September 21 has been announced a public holiday, reports corr. Itar-Tass Pockets.

One of the organizers of performances in Pakistan — Islamist party 'Jamaat-e-Islami. "

In anticipation of protests protection of diplomatic missions of the United States — the embassy in Islamabad and consulates in Lahore and Karachi — strengthened. In the capital of the approaches to the South American Embassy locked containers and other obstacles.

30 minus three thousand. Additional U.S. troops numbering 33 thousand people entered Afghanistan in 2009, left the country, reports "," with reference to the «Associated Press».

In Afghanistan, yet remain 68 thousand U.S. troops. This is approximately the same as was in their country before Barack Obama's decision to strengthen military forces almost in half. Obama believed that additional military forces will be able to contain the increased activity of the militants, "the Taliban."

The President of the United States, we would add, not only was wrong in my assumption, and stimulated additional growth of Taliban activity. One word: Obama — lurking Islamist. This Mr. makes everything worse for America. It may, of course, Obama is our Chernomyrdin, just "wanted to do better …"

The transfer of control over security to Afghan security forces, writes on "tape", could be delayed: after NATO troops to frequent attacks. Since the beginning of 2012 in Afghanistan killed nearly 250 NATO troops. Most of them, it is not hard to guess — the Americans.

Indian tanks on the border with China. As reported by "The military parity" referring to, plan, already approved by the Indian Ministry of Defense, involves the deployment on the border with China 6 new armored regiments filled with 348 tanks. There will also be deployed three infantry battalions with 180 BMP-2.

Indian troops from that point on will offensive capabilities: one armored brigade in Ladakh and in the north-east of the country. This is the first deployment of India's armored units on the border with China.

The decision to deploy taken to strengthen the Indian light gornopehotnyh divisions because of the configurations in the doctrine of the People's Liberation Army of China. The fact that the PLA has deployed armored and motorized formations in both neighboring India military area.

It is also reported that the Indian army claimed to purchase additional T-90 for 6 new armored brigades. India purchased 657 RF T-90 and received a license to build another 1,000 such machines. But the army and longs to have the latest version of the tank — the T-90ms.

There was a smell of kerosene. In the Chinese school in Kobe in the Land of the Rising Sun on Wednesday night there was a fire. According to the views of the police, the school was set on fire in a symbol of protest against the anti-Japanese demonstrations in China does not abate because of the dispute over the Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu). About this report "," with reference to ITAR-TASS.

The fire was extinguished quickly, there were no injuries. At the scene of the fire police felt a strong smell of kerosene.

The main legislative, judicial and executive body of the world commanded to release Yulia Tymoshenko. September 20th South American Senate voted unanimously to adopt a draft resolution calling to release former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, pass "News" with reference to "Interfax".

In the Senate announced that they condemn the actions of the presidential administration, Viktor Yanukovych, "aimed at politically motivated imprisonment of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko."

The resolution calls for the Yanukovych administration to immediately release Tymoshenko and other political prisoners. To give even more power and international prestige in his resonant applications, the senators in the same document addressed to the State Department and the OSCE to support the demand to release Tymoshenko and push for this on the President of Ukraine.

Not enough, the senators suggested the State Department to use against Ukrainian administration officials responsible for "planting" the former prime minister and "bad appeal to her," their beloved sanction — ban these poor people to check in brotherly America.

Small South American mosaic.

While U.S. senators are fighting for the rights and freedoms of Yulia Tymoshenko, Yoko Ono, widow of John Lennon, which regards itself as a singer, has awarded the «Pussy Riot» Peace Prize, founded in memory of her spouse, reports "," with reference to the «Reuters».

This credit will now in New York, Peter Verzilov, husband of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. It will award him the prize itself. Panketki will be awarded "for their contribution to the struggle for women's freedom of expression."

"Bank of America" — the second by a U.S. bank asset prices — until the end of 2012 lay off almost 16 thousand employees. The purpose of large-scale layoffs — to reduce costs, transfers corr. Itar-Tass Bekrenev referring to the "Wall Street Journal".

Pilots «American Airlines» staged a rally on Friday night at the international airport of Chicago "O'Hare" to protest against cuts in salaries and bonuses in connection with the so-called "business reorganization of the company," transfers RIA "Novosti".

"Reuters" with reference to the press-secretary of the «American Airlines» Bruce Hicks said on Wednesday that the third-largest U.S. carrier, which is a subsidiary of bankrupt AMR Corp., Is going to be reduced to 11 thousand employees and in September-October at the lower 1-2% of the number of flights. Earlier, in February, the company announced the probable reduction of staff by 14 thousand people due to a bankruptcy procedure.

10's of thousands of people will be thrown into the streets by South American employers against drop the U.S. credit rating. September 14 by one notch (to AA-) was reduced sovereign credit rating of the U.S. to South American agency Egan — Jones, transfers corr. ITAR-TASS Makarchev.

In the comments the agency's analysts noted that the move of adop
ting a U.S. Federal Reserve decision on launching the programs from the third stimulus (QE3), which, in their opinion, will lead to a depreciation of the dollar.

On the possible lowering of the credit rating of the U.S. on September 11, said international agency «Moody's». His spetsy noted that the increase in the size of the national debt (not so long ago, it exceeded 16 trillion. Dollars) relative to national GDP of the U.S. "raises the question of downgrade", reports corr. ITAR-TASS Makarchev.

So Makar, add, while States — at the municipal level or the personal initiative — are fighting for the rights of Tymoshenko and "pusek" pore over "Magnitsky list" and nurture "opposition" in the Middle East, America hating, — at their home 10's of thousands of people remain without jobs and the economy is financed by either debt or by the Fed start the printing press. It is interesting that every other South American president, no matter what he read before the election and no matter what the party of the 2-nor treated, "successfully" continues the work of its predecessor. In a head of itself comes the idea that at least some U.S. president — the enemy of its own people …

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