Geopolitical puzzle: Iran wanted to sneeze at South American sanctions, and Russian actor Gerard Depardieu invited to join the Communist Party

Geopolitical puzzle: Iran wanted to sneeze at U.S. sanctions and Russian actor Gerard Depardieu invited to join the Communist Party

The Syrians will overcome evil enemy. As the corr. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Zelenin, on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syrian troops have the upper hand over the militants. According to SANA disk imaging and a standing army conducted successful operations in Kaxix, Kuveyrase, Manago, Neirab, Sfeir, PACM-Aboud and Maranaze. The coming bands was stopped enemy "suffered significant losses in men and material."
The Syrian Free Army, Islamists of "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" and other extremist groups resumed on January first "battle for airports", seeking to deprive the troops defending the large town of principle to support them from the air. In the province of Idlib they managed to grab a helicopter base in Taftanaze. According to "Al-Watan", govern the operations rebels Turkish military advisers. Close proximity to the airport Kuveyras Syrian troops captured a group of Turkish officers. Four of them were pilots.

The same resource, "Al-Watan" reported that the young citizens of Aleppo, inspired by the successes of the state army, "became part of the Armed Forces SAR to drive mercenary terrorists out of town and put an end to the destruction of the northern capital."

Above 20 thousand young Syrians wished to participate in the fighting in the ranks of the Republican Guard — the main striking force, which use power to suppress the riots. In addition, according to "Al-Watan", increased the number of volunteers in the ranks of the battalions of Al-Baath — the pro-government militia.

Revitalized already affected the change in the pattern of street fighting in favor of the Syrian army. Thus, over the past day military special forces managed to gain a foothold in the area Salikhin the south of Aleppo.

Bashar al-Assad will not go away. As reported by specials. corr. ITAR-TASS Igor Borisenko and Gregory Sapozhnikov, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov said unfeasible to implement the conditions of resignation of Bashar al-Assad. Comrade Lavrov said:

"Our partners are convinced that it is necessary as a preliminary condition to remove Assad from the political process. This is the pre-condition is not contained in the Geneva communique and is unrealistic to implement, since it may not depend on anyone. "

Provocation Slavic face? The countries that are interested in the overthrow of Assad in Syria began preparing provocations against Russia. Claimed by some anonymous military-diplomatic source agency "Interfax" reports resource The purpose of the action, the source said — compromise Russia as a mediator in the talks.

Special forces of the West and the Middle East, the source knows, busy recruiting men of Slavic appearance of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. They "will play a Russian" mercenaries ", allegedly fought on the side of Assad and captured fighters so called Free Syrian Army." These Slavs force be forced to declare on camera that they were recruited by Russian intelligence agencies and delivered to Syria on military ships.

"Relevant topics will shoot in Turkey or Jordan, where long been built and extensively used for large-scale disinformation scenery Tipo destroyed Syrian cities", — told about the plans zabugornyh anonymous intelligence. According to him, for taking provocative commercials gaining boys 25-45 years old, with an idea of military service who are familiar with the systems of defense and able to handle a gun.

Demonstration of similar clips should assist the Syrian opposition allies to do the right conditions for the overthrow of Assad.

Baghdad assassinated. For the life of the Minister of Finance of Iraq Rafia al-Issawi on Sunday near Baghdad was assassinated. Suffered two of his bodyguards. This was stated by a representative of the Office of monetary authorities of the country. "The bomb exploded in the course of the motorcade. The minister was not injured, but two of his bodyguards were injured, "- he said, reports ITAR-TASS.

The motorcade drove Sunni politician checkpoint Abu Ghraib, 20 km west of Baghdad — and at this point there was an explosion. Al-Issawi vorachivalsya in the Iraqi capital town of Fallujah, where he held meetings with favorites tribes.

Iran wanted to spit on the South American sanctions. Well, not just Iran. As reported by referring to the Iranian Student's News Agency, despite the sanctions the U.S. and its Western allies against Iran and other countries of the world … to increase business deals with Iran.

For example, it makes South Korea.

In its new report, Society International Trade of South Korea announced that the total price of South Korean exports to Iran in the first 11 months of 2012, an increase of 7.1% compared to the same period in 2011, have gained almost 5.9 billion. U.S. Iran during this time was the 16th on the prices of products supplier in South Korea.

What is it all the same for the Company? It is naikrupneyshy Economic Institute, bringing together more than 65 thousand participants (almost all international business in South Korea).

Iranian station. Iran has made two stations for listening and electrical collection disk imaging in Syria. This is stated in the report of the Ministry of Defense. One station is located in the northern part of the country, the other — on the Syrian Golan Heights, reports with reference to «World Tribune».

The stations were made in 2006 with the support of the Syrian government. Iranian experts at gathering information for "Hezbollah". So it is said in the report prepared for the Ministry of Defence Library of Congress.

Iran plans to build more such stations in northern Syria.

Reduction of Afghan security forces will not be. As reported by RIA "Novosti", during the visit of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, U.S. officials in Washington and Afghanistan have agreed that the United States will maintain the current size of the Afghan security forces for 5 years. Their reduction will not be performed. This was stated in an interview with the news agency "Pazhvak" Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi.

It was assumed that after 2014, when the country will leave the main contingent of NATO troops, the number of Afghan security forces will be reduced by 100 thousand people. At present, the total number of Afghan security forces is 350 thousand people. The content of the Afghan army and police military manages international society once a year to 6 billion dollars, and the main financial burden rests with the United States.

The United States also continue to increase the combat power of the Afghan security forces. The Afghan government should get the army for six months four tactical transport aircraft C-130 «Hercules» and within a year 20 helicopters.

ISAF bombed a mosque: 15 dead. Aviation international Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan yesterday bombed a mosque in which Afghans namaz.

As the "Rosbalt"RIA "Novosti" with reference to "Pazhvak."

A woman holds a picture is taken in the county area Chuck. As told by a local inhabitant, Afghan has recently arrived home from the U.S..

As said the Afghan Internet publication «Khaama Press», a woman was abducted by a group led by the Taliban warlord Mullah Rohani three day or reversed. According to the press-secretary of the provincial police General Abdul Wali, the dead bodies of girls and the men who accompanied her with signs of torture and bullet holes were Taliban hanged on a tree. They were discovered in the village of El Hadj Omar, where the Taliban are usually tossed the remains of the executed victims. On the body of the murdered girl was pinned a note to what was said that those executed was an American spy.

During the investigation it was found out that the woman was an active non-profit organization which supplied the locals chickens, equipment for weaving and sewing machines.

Kashmir issue. As the corr. RIA "Novosti" Alexander Nevar, representatives of the military command of India and Pakistan to hold on Mon strip control in the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir met at the brigade level, to lower tensions after armed incidents occurred.

The meeting will begin Poonch surrounded at 13.00 local time (11.30 Moscow).

In India — the epidemic of violence. In the Indian state of Punjab, reports "Voice of Russia", family guys raped a married woman — in circumstances similar to the previous gang rape female students in the metropolitan bus. Police arrested six of the seven suspects.

Dame Sept. 20 years vorachivalas by bus to the village Gukla. The driver and the conductor refused to put her where she asked and took her to another house. There they shared with five friends raped woman. Then she was thrown out of the bus near her village. Lady oriented to the clinic.

In India, for the year 2011 was recorded 24 thousand rapes — 9 with excessive percent more than a year ago. And it's only recorded cases. According to statistics, rape in India are made almost every 20 minutes.

2.7 million dollars from Mubarak. The main Egyptian prosecutors agreed to the proposal advocates the former president of Egypt to return to the treasury of the country's 18 million Egyptian pounds (about 2.7 million dollars), writes "," with reference to the «Egypt Independent».

This amount will refund the price of gifts, previously acquired from Mubarak media holding "Al-Ahram". For payment of the family of former Egyptian president given day or two. In exchange for the funds lawyers Hosni Mubarak to demand an end to the investigation of his case.

Bearded police have defended the right of the beard. Division of the Supreme Court of Egypt has recognized the right of police to let his beard and called the country's administrative tribunal rejected the appeal MIA aimed at dismissal of bearded Egyptian Interior Troops, told reporters representative board aircraft passes

Board members recommended that the High Administrative Court to accept the "final solution to the current police wear beards, and to declare the inadmissibility of the resignation or dismissal of Interior Ministry employees only on the outer lines."

Hundreds of bearded men, writes MIGnews, which were previously excluded from the service for "hazing" appearance, in the months to achieve the restoration of their rights, and even formed a public company laid off Vseegipetskuyu bearded police.

Tools for democracy. Egypt receives more than 6.5 billion. dollars ($ 5 billion. euros) from the European Union in the form of grants and loans for the development of democracy. Told journalists in Cairo chairman of Euro Council, Herman Van Rompuy, reports ITAR-TASS.

He said: "The European Alliance and the related financial institutions offered more than 6.5 billion. dollars in grants, soft loans and loans for the period 2012-2013 to support the transition to democracy in Egypt. "

Somali elderly. After eight years of hard labor pirate Mohamed Abdi Hassan, one of the main Somali pirates, has decided to retire. To his credit — the capture Ukrainian cargo ship "Faina" with T-72 tanks. A tireless worker Sea publicly declared contrition, an example for employees on the shop floor, are headed for retirement right behind him, writes Margaret Bogatova ("Voice of Russia").

Military commentator of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Victor Baranez believes that today's final mass of Somalis from piracy — evidence of success of international anti-piracy efforts, namely the Russian warships:

"In the world there are about 30 areas where pirates are most active. The Horn of Africa or the Gulf of Aden — a place so called hot spots where very often the fishing vessels were attacked. Almost without annoying Russian warships are on duty for at least five pirate hot spots, which, in fact, was a consequence of the fact that the Pirates did not threaten to Russian ships and other states that carry coal, wood … and we have many times received appreciation from States Court which our warships rescued from pirates. "

Expert on Law of the Sea Institute of State and Law, RAS Gutsulyak Basil says:

"… Piracy in Somalia — is one of the 'respectable' businesses. And the fact that this business is not profitable, risk-taking, you can pay for it, including life, leads to the realization that many of the pirates lose their enthusiasm for this type of activity, and under the pretext or the other trying to get away in an honorable discharge. "

Paris mass protests against same-sex marriages. Up to 800 thousand Frenchmen took part in a demonstration in Paris against the legalization of same-sex marriages. This number is called the organizers of the action. Prefecture police estimates the demonstrators in 340 thousand people, reports from Paris corr. ITAR-TASS Ivan Batirev.

The main rally ended on the Champ de Mars — the final point of the route of the three main pillars, the nominated from various parts of the town.

A significant number of the participants came to Paris from the provinces: the organizers had booked about 900 passenger buses and trains weaving for their delivery. Despite the cold, the rally came to whole families: strollers have become one of the more relevant perceive the procession.

"Recipients" of protest were president Francois Hollande and his government. In general, the government does not seem to react to the world a large number of people. "According to prelimin
ary data, this demonstration was serious — said in a communique of the Elysee Palace, issued after the publication of the first data on the number of protesters. — She expressed concern that must be respected. Together, this does not change the government's desire to have a debate in the Parliament for the adoption of this law. "

The main demand of the protesters, reports Trend. ITAR-TASS, was the opening of the public hearing on the issue of legalizing same-sex marriage likely directly to the organization of a national referendum, but the main stumbling block was the question of allowing same-sex couples to adopt children. Proponents of conventional values are outraged that the administration of the country is trying to impose a one-sided manner population reform affecting the base of public and family relations.

"," quoting "Agence France-Presse," meanwhile, writes that, according to recent polls, the majority of the inhabitants of France (60%) support gay marriage.

As for the empowerment of homosexual couples, it was one of the main Fri Francois Hollande's election campaign. After winning the election, Monsieur Hollande has repeatedly given to understand that is not going to turn away from the intention to legalize same-sex marriage. In addition, he promised himself to be the first French-sex marriage.

Faith in the gay community. Four activist «Femen» stripped down to "topless" during Sunday Mass by Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, reports corr. RIA "Novosti" Natalia Shmakova referring to the agency «Agi».

Now half-naked girls stood up for the rights of sexual minorities. Their bodies have been written: «In Gay We Trust» («We believe in gay"). They staged a protest rally near Christmas fir, placed in front of the main cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church.

After undressing activists were briefly detained by the carabinieri.

The half-century career of pedophile "Bi-bi-si." Elizabeth Kuznetsova ("Voice of Russia") Told about half a century now pedophile tendencies of the late Air Force Master Jimmy Sevila. This Mr. sexy 50 years committed crimes against minors in the clinics and on the records of the property enjoys a popular TV shows. Police conducted a three-month investigation: it appears that the youngest victims Sevila was eight years old.

84-year-old Mr Savile died in October 2011. A year later, the air went out of personal TV channel ITV documentary film, accused of pedophilia in the lead. Today a police report about the sins Sevila was compiled by Scotland Yard in collaboration with the human rights organization Save the Children NSPCC. The report revealed 214 Savile committed atrocities, including rape or 34 samples sexy abuse.

First sample of pedophilia were reported in 1955, the last — in 2009. The peak of "excitation" Sevila was in the period 1966-1976.

Most of his adult victim was 47 years old. 73% of the victims was under 18, among them were 28 children up to 10 years. And ten of them boys was only eight!

Many atrocities Savile did in clinics and even in a hospice. Lead has been the face of charitable campaigns to children, and even led the children's programs. In the 1965-2006 years. sexy atrocities committed on the territory of different units of "Bi-bi-si", including the right during the recording of TV programs.

In parallel, the report placed the Royal Prosecution Service, says Elizabeth Kuznetsova showed that Savile could be held criminally liable "much earlier", but the police did not take seriously the application of several of the victims.

David Cameron has seen the future of Europe. But the vision was blurry. British Prime Minister David Cameron will speak Jan. 22 in The Hague, with the principal speech about his vision of the future of Europe and will announce the UK in the 2018 referendum on his country's membership in the EU. Write about this English newspapers citing sources close to the prime minister. Curiously, the prime minister said out of the EU unrealistic. So they say close to the talks people, reports corr. RIA "Novosti" Lena Pakhomov.

Cameron strongly criticizes the policy of the European Union. He reaches back Britain more features that were previously transferred to Brussels. London blocked the project budget longtime union: it is disadvantageous England.

A few weeks back, Mr. Cameron said he was willing to hold a referendum in which the British decide whether their country is in the European Union.

But Labour's Ed Miliband favorite referred to Cameron's uncertain position on the future of Britain in the EU 'unduly risky game "with the British electorate as well as with the European countries.

Now the sources of the newspaper «Mail on Sunday» say that the position of prime minister for Europe has softened, and the output from the union, he said, "crazy." He does not believe in the success of the referendum, but still uses it as a "negotiating tactic" in the dialogue with Brussels.

And his voice rang out across the ocean: Barack Obama gave to understand that the United States would not support Britain's attempt to withdraw from the EU.

How the rope is not veysya … It turns out that in the difficult days of BA Berezovsky ahead. The proceedings against Mr Abramovich was the only flowers.

"Interfax" reports that the Prosecutor General's Office can bring to England a new request for extradition of Boris Berezovsky. The premise is referred to as verification of the facts set forth in the nedavneshnem movie channel "Russia".

"I think that this information (on preparing terrorist attack in Kiev) is the enthusiasm for law enforcement agencies both Russia and Ukraine. If the incident so require, we are willing to put in London another request for extradition of Berezovsky. Such a request may bring as Prosecutor General's Office and the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine ", — said Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Zvyagintsev.

However, Zvyagintsev admitted: "Unfortunately, England is famous stable" safe haven "for those persecuted in Russia for atrocities. With the issuance of the Thames there, and the number of "barman" there is growing. Last year they added three more characters, and now hiding in the mists of Albion 25 people, including well-known Berezovsky, Zakayev, Dubov, Temerko and others. Requests for extradition of fugitives are still 15 pending the English side, starting in 2008. "

Yet, according to the deputy prosecutor general, "it is impossible to say that there's nothing quite do that." "For example, late last year sought the highest tribunal in London over 5 billion. rubles from the former managers "Sovcomflot" Skarga Nikitin and their accomplices who stole from state-owned above 26 billion. rubles and is now hiding in London. "

Also, according to fellow Zvyagintsev, with the participation of the Prosecutor General in the British tribunal seized of "Aeroflot" to Berezovsky and his companion Nikolai Glushkov in the amount of 719 million rubles. On behalf of the Government of Samara region filed a lawsuit to recover from Berezovsky and Yuli Dubov almost 1 billion. Russian rubles to address the courts.

The British role in the Malian operations. England will send in Mali two military transport aircraft «Boeing C-17 Globemaster III», which will be involved in the operations of international forces against armed Islamists. About this report "," w
ith reference to «BBC News».

Aircraft of the Royal Air Force will fly from England now. Aircraft will be sent to Mali at the request of France, who joined the military operation earlier. At the same time, a source in the Ministry of Defence said that Britain does not want to send their own fighter for a specific role in combat. It is possible that the British soldiers will train Malian troops.

Mess in Belfast. During the riots in the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast on January 12 injured 29 police reports "," with reference to «BBC News».

Street protests in Northern Ireland continue for 40 days. On Saturday, a collision occurred on the Short Strand — areas in the east of the town, where there are nationalists (Northern Irish Catholics who favor the union of Ireland and Northern Ireland). Earlier, about a thousand protesters gathered about the structure of Belfast City Council.

Demonstrators threw bricks at police, stones and Molotov cocktails. It was burned several cars. To disperse the demonstrators police used rubber bullets and water cannons.

"Tape" recalls that the protests started after the Belfast City Council, the majority of which are in Northern Ireland supporters exit from the United Kingdom, has decided to put up the English flag at City Hall for only certain old days. This led to protests by the so-called loyalists, most of which — Northern Irish Protestants who believe that Northern Ireland is an integral part of the United Kingdom. First street demonstrations enemies solutions of the city council passed without major incident, but later some of the protests have grown into big mess.

Kirdyk suckers. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway Espen Barth Eide commented expression of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, made by a "tweet" about the commissioning of the submarine "Yury Dolgoruky", "Shake, bourgeois! Kirdyk you. " Knows about it IA «REGNUM».

Espen Barth Eide, see: "Language, the remainder of the war rhetoric of cool, is used very often."

Norwegian minister, as he says, do not worry fact substitution of old times with new submarines. He is concerned about Russian rhetoric.

"When I was the minister of defense, — said Eide — I also got a new military ships — frigates. But I chose a different method of communication than it did Rogozin. "

Ukrainian settled pessimism. Thousands of Ukrainians can not find work at home and do not believe in the fact that their lives can improve. Such pessimism among the people grow up there every year. This is evidenced by the results of the survey nedavneshnego, transfers with reference to

According to sociologists, at the end of 2012 only 14.9% of our citizens were willing to believe that life will change soon to the best. In 2005 the figure was over 40%.

According to the professionals of the Institute of Sociology, 7 years ago, 18.3% of Ukrainians do not beheld the prospects of improving the lives, and now they do not believe in a 51.3% improvement. This is a record for the last 10 years.

73% of respondents said that they do not have order in society, and 70% complain about the failure to comply with the laws and the Constitution.

48% of Ukrainian professionals employed stated that only offers the ability to check out of Ukraine. 43% think seriously over employment abroad. The best countries for employment Ukrainian experts at christened Canada, the U.S., the EU and Asia.

Ukraine is in a 10-ments of the world, "leading" in the movement. Ukrainians "nomadic" — about 6.6 million people.

In Georgia pardoned "spies." Nikolai Alexandrov (""), Referring to the «Trend», said that in Georgia to freedom came "Russian spies" — the citizens of Georgia and the Russian Federation, previously accused of working for Russian intelligence services. A total of 190 released prisoners who were now recognized as political prisoners.

As the number of political prisoners were detained for massive mess November 7, 2007, May 26, 2011 and those convicted of espionage. Among the latter: Ruben Shikoyan, Tariel Abashidze, Gela Kakabadze, Vyacheslav Pluzhnikov political prisoners and others got even recognizable footballer Jora Demetradze. All these people met Georgian television journalists and officials, including the Minister on the implementation of penalties Subari and chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Parliament of Georgia Eka Beseliya. As stated by the latter, in Georgia from now "brand new era begins when the country will not be political prisoners."

By the way, according to the law refused to sign the release of President Saakashvili. The deputies have overcome a presidential veto, and the law signed by the Chairman of Parliament David Usupashvili.

In response to Saakashvili's party said the new government of Georgia "announced a full-scale capitulation to the Russian secret services."

Russian actor Gerard Depardieu invited to join the Communist Party. As the ITAR-TASS, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Valery Rashkin citizen Depardieu invited to join the ranks of the Communist Party.

Rashkin friend sent him a formal appeal.

"After he gave an interview that Depardieu father was a communist and he has great respect for him, as I understand it, he shares his ideas. And given the fact that he got our citizenship, and our country, in general, the left, you can make him an offer to join the Communist Party, "- said the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

Nikolai Patrushev discussed with the Chinese, Russian Security. Love Lyulko ("Pravda.Ru") Told that the Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev January 8-9, adopted in the PRC role in the negotiations on strategic security issues. Patrushev met with Xi Jinping and other officials.

Now our homeland and China discuss U.S. plans to build a global missile defense system, including in the South China Sea.

"Our partners (Chinese) share our concerns, and we have agreed to coordinate our actions in this regard", — said Patrushev.

It is understood that Beijing and Moscow are planning to step up cooperation in the field of missile defense in response to the growth of South American defense capabilities around the world. Maybe it will be produced in the deliveries to China has long been requested by them of the S-400.

Second set of questions concerned the quality of border security between the two countries-name. It is possible that it was in talks about trying to extort money from Russian tourists at the border when taciturn consent of the supervisory bodies and non-interference in China. Perhaps the Parties states and incursions of Chinese poachers and illegal Chinese migrants who organize on the Russian countryside illegal production, banks, hospitals. This is, of course, is done with the connivance of corrupt Russian officials.

Most of the meetings took place behind closed doors.

Influenza in fifty states of America. Alexander Khristenko ("News") Said on of strongest in the last 10 years of the epidemic of influenza virus (H3N2), has swept all 50 U.S. states. In New York and Boston declared a force majeure situation. Of cases — hundreds of thousands. The number continues to grow. There is a lack of medicines.

In the state of New-york — 10 dead. According to official data, the H3N2 virus has claimed the lives of 20 U.S. children.

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