Geopolitical puzzle: Irans enemies disperse clouds over Iran, and Putin thanked Romney for straightness

A series of series. Article "The West moan about the" no-fly "zone in Syria" (Source of translation — Of its creator Finyan Cunningham writes about Syrian catastrophe and knows that the "assembly" of the conflict in the Middle Eastern country — this seems to be the continuation of the script has already been realized in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. "The same heresy and speculation, the same nightmare and suffering — he writes — and the same characters risuyuschiesya Western criminals."

The main roles in the film-catastrophe "invited" the U.S., Britain and France.

"Pulling the strings spiritual society — says journalist — Western powers makes evince concern the situation of hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria stream which rushed into the adjoining countries: Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. At the UN, are afraid that the number of refugees in Turkey alone could reach 200,000. "

Geopolitical puzzle: Iran's enemies disperse clouds over Iran, and Putin thanked Romney for straightness

Hence, the Western powers cleverly turned on his favorite topic "no-fly zones."

French President Francois Hollande, for example, argues that Western countries will have to establish a no-fly zone in Syria, which will serve as buffer areas "to ease the humanitarian crisis." Hollande himself declares that France has cooperated closely on the issue with South American, British and Turkish partners. Staging area, the journalist said, the Western countries are going "to address the humanitarian crisis that … and provoked."

"Hollande and his South American and British colleagues, Barack Obama and David Cameron — vehemently declares Cunningham — posing as knights in shining armor who are jumping on the rescue ailing victims. Without hesitation, the ploy is aimed at making the public stir in the western sense of moral obligation, which would render their governments the right to directly intervene in the Syrian events. "

This mercantile manernichane Western states, according to the creator of article simply repeats last year's NATO intervention in Libya. There's also a lot of talk about the protection of human rights, and in fact spent the NATO bombing (by which those rights, add, and were buried).

But for the protection of the interests of Syria are our homeland and China. And western "room" here will not work! In general, Western countries have set out to act outside the UN … That's why they appeal to the Western public beliefs — in order to obtain a mandate for intervention in Syria. Along with this, they scare the world community of chemical weapon Bashar al-Assad. Obama, in this case copies the Bush strategy, according to the creator of the article. "Bush, along with his English friend Tony Blair claimed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, which can be applied in a matter of minutes, and that such a threat to justify a military attack on the country under the control of the United States. No such weapons in Iraq have not been found. "

Today, Obama and his fellow Frenchman, they say the same thing, and Bush, solely with respect to Syria.

"It is amazing — the journalist writes — that the same countries that have made the Iraq war atrocities, based on fabricated heresy — with all this in the end the illegal military occupation, which ended only in the past year, killing more than a million people — are now insolence again to set in motion all the same "very scary" scenario. "

But — wait a minute. In what are the "wrong" hands may get chemical weapons than many are concerned about Obama, Hollande and Cameron? "Thus groups of mercenaries — is responsible journalist to your question — which Western governments and their regional allies sent to Syria to do their work tarnished. This acts in the interest of foreign network structure acts under the name of the "Free Syrian Army", but is known for finding common ground with the Islamist extremist organizations, namely, the "Al Qaeda" and other support for Saudi Salafis, drawn from various countries thought the role of a far-fetched "holy war."

Indeed, the possibility that these militant fanatics seized with deadly weapons of mass destruction, is deeply troubling.

But, sadly sums up the creator, the real danger lies in the fact that the West will do anything, that these fanatics just got hold of chemical weapons. "This criminal west" production "every scene is a prelude to the next." Like a soap opera. But we are not dealing with a series of housewives, and with a war that has claimed thousands of lives.

So Makar, add, in the West is heard more and more voices that criticize openly anti-Syrian policies of their own favorites. By consuming a fair criticism is increasingly fall Hollande, Cameron and Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize on the sad tradition of Nobel thinking about the world in the last turn.

Iran, Syria, and our home: a review of Iranian press "Inosmi".

The newspaper «Vatan-e Emruz» wrote on September 9, that our homeland is to discuss a UN Security Council resolution on Iran plan to enrich. President Putin is still in the pre-election article recognized the right of Iran to enrich uranium. At the moment, being re-elected, he maintains that right.

The same publication also «Jam-e Jam», «Keyhan», «Resalat» and «Mardom salari» lead statement of the Minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov at a press conference after meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on disagreement with the policy of one-sided U.S. sanctions and threats to the address of Iran and Syria.

Publications «Khorasan» and «Arman» publish an indication of the RF President Putin that Western countries use militant "Al Qaeda" and the Syrian extremists to resolve the Syrian government.

The newspaper «Tehran-e Emruz» in the article "Russian bear clearly distinguishing" positive about Russian policy under Putin's control, which, together with China and Iran defends the interests of Syria, hindering the implementation of the South American scenario of the "Arab Spring."

The enemies scatter the clouds in Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the enemies of the country disperse the clouds, causing drought in the country. Such an expression Ahmadinejad report "," with reference to «Reuters», yesterday, Iranian online media and the BBC website in Persian.

"The enemies scatter the clouds, moving in the direction of our country," — said President Ahmadinejad. He added that "in this war, victory will be ours." How is he going to make war with the acceleration of clouds, the President did not elaborate.

"Tape" recalls that in May 2012, Ahmadinejad has blamed opponents of the development of artificial drought. He stated that the dispersal of clouds involved in European countries applying for this special equipment.

If Iran will rains, we would add, the president will be able to express their own victory. If the drought continues, Ahmadinejad will have to strengthen the anti-Western rhetoric.

Mohammed al-Zawahiri is for peace. Brothe
r favorite "Al-Qaeda" Mohammed al-Zawahiri may be a mediator in the peace talks between the Islamists and the West. He said in an interview with broadcaster CNN, that the lust of the world between Muslims and non-Muslims, transfer "News".

He has made a special offer. The text on pages 6 supports the conclusion of the peace of the contract for a period of 10 years. The U.S. and the West must abandon the idea of an invasion of Muslim lands and by waging war on Islam. The West must release all prisoners detained on charges of religious extremism in the Muslim, also finish interfere with the educational system of the Muslims.

In response, the Islamists are committed to end the attacks on the Western world and to stimulate new clashes. Not enough, Comrade al-Zawahiri has even promised to protect the legitimate interests of the West in the Islamic world.

So Makar, add, Mohammed al-Zawahiri gave America and Europe to realize that the West can fully assert their "legitimate" interests in Syria: they are absolutely correspond to the interests and aspirations of the "Al-Qaeda".

Hunting season for Prince Harry opened. Prince Harry, who now serves as a pilot in Afghanistan, the local Taliban have vowed to destroy, reports "Pravda.Ru", Referring to «Daily Star». They destroy it in this case fail to take him alive.

"Our fight lasts, and at this point we will take every effort to capture Prince Harry. If we do not get to take him alive, we will kill him, "- said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. According to the representative of the movement "Taliban", all who fight on the side of the U.S. — enemies.

The Taliban on the Web. Militants "Taliban" are intensely social networks: they track through their foreign soldier stationed in Afghanistan. The Islamists know how to influence the western fighters: they make fake accounts on behalf of women, and then added to the "friends" to NATO troops, writes "Reedus' with reference to «The Sunday Telegraph».

The soldiers, who are very acquainted with the beauties hunt, during a lightning correspondence give them your whereabouts and other sensitive information.

Libyan attacks. Militants fired rocket-propelled grenades South American representative in the Libyan town of Benghazi. One of the officers died representation — a citizen of the United States, and another man was wounded in the arm. On it "News" with reference to Arab satellite TV stations.

In the night attack involved two groups of former rebels — "Brigade on February 17," and "team followers of Sharia." Militants on Tuesday tried to infiltrate the building, but they prevented the protection of the diplomatic mission, which came to them in a shootout. But all of the entrances to the Consular Department of the attackers were blocked by troops, and started a fire in the building. At the moment, security forces have left the diplomatic complex, and there are looters.

The Egyptian attack. Demonstrators protesting the show is offensive, as they believe the movie, tore the flag from the building of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse».

The protest was attended by about three thousand demonstrators. Most of them — the followers of Salafism constructive and football fans. A few radicals climbed onto the roof of the embassy. These people tore down the U.S. flag, replacing it with a black flag with the inscription: "There is no God except Allah and Muhammad — his prophet."

In general, the police managed to convince climbed onto the roof to get down from there. Soon most of the demonstrators dispersed.

Protesters complained the film, the show which was dedicated to the anniversary of the September 11 attacks and which is meant, was removed by immigrants living in the U.S. the number of Coptic Christians in Egypt. This film depicts the Prophet Muhammad as a trickster who called for bloodshed.

Shows corr. Itar-Tass Bekrenev, referring to the South American magazine "Atlantic" to create a movie that provoked attacks on U.S. diplomatic consulates in Egypt and Libya, has recognized the scandalous attitude of the South American pastor Terry Jones of Florida, recognized the fact that earlier in public burned several copies of the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad images .

According disk imaging betrothed above the South American edition, a low-budget film titled "Muhammad, the prophet of Muslims" on the screens in the United States did not go. Prior to the recent events in Egypt and Libya, none of it did not. But in the web of his pieces are available in Arabic.

Pastor Jones recalls ITAR-TASS, perpetrated in March of last year, "show trial" of the Quran. The act of the pastor's speech provoked constructive adherents of Islam in Afghanistan, protests led to the death of over 100 people. In the middle of the dead were members of the UN mission: they were ravaged by an angry mass.

In Rome, there is no peace. In the capital of Italy, demonstrators tried to storm the Ministry of Industry of Italy; ultimately shares affected about 20 people, pass "News".

For several weeks, staff steel company «Alcoa» require saving your own jobs. They closed the plant in Sardinia first of September. Holders they say — because of the losses. The workers decided to claim help from the government. They then sought her way: by surrounding the building of the Ministry of Industry, the demonstrators threw empty bottles at police and firecrackers.

At this point, control of the company «Alcoa» is already in talks with the government.

The Catalans want independence. As passed yesterday corr. Itar-Tass Chernosvitov, in the Catalan capital Barcelona, more than 1 million people took part in demonstrations on national prazdnichkom the autonomous region of Spain, is called "Dyad".

Nationalist demonstration was held under the motto "Catalonia — Europe's new government." Large-scale action supported most of the political parties field, including the ruling party, "Convergence of Catalonia and the alliance."

However, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in an interview with Spanish television said that "a lot of Catalonia severe financial problems that must be addressed together, rather than trying to achieve isolation from the whole country."

Many Spanish political observers, reports Trend. ITAR-TASS, considered the holding of demonstrations by separatist slogans as an attempt to put pressure on the government to revise tax pact. According to this document (so consider the Catalan nationalists), an autonomous region brings in Spain Spanish budget is much more than it receives from it.

The EU will support Russian NGOs. In the words corr. RIA "Novosti" Alexander Shishlo, The EU will continue to support the activities of several Russian non-governmental organizations that are making their own contribution to the modernization of the Russian Federation, as the EU is interested in a steady, prosperous and democratic Russia. This was announced yesterday the head of European diplomacy, Catherine Ashton.

Ashton spoke at the plenary session in Strasbourg, which participants discussed the situation with human rights and the rule of law in Russia. The head of European diplomacy highlighted that the EU "in no way wants to keep control of their (NGO) activities, and in no way wants t
o do the Russian organizing one's agents." Just the EU in the face of Ashton is deeply concerned about the "general deterioration of the situation of civilian society in Russia."

Naturally, we would add, for the funds from the West Russian NGOs are not agents of the West, and the agents of democracy. And it, quite another pair of shoes.

Putin thanked Mr. Romney for his frankness. Our homeland has to take into account the aggressive attitude towards it expressed by U.S. presidential candidate of the Republican Party, in matters of security and defense. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting during a press conference expression Mitt Romney that our homeland is the main enemy for the U.S., reports ITAR-TASS.

"The main thing for us, even if it is not overcome at this point, four years later, he or a person with similar gaze, can come to power, and we must take this into account when deciding issues of security in the long historical perspective", — Putin said comrade.

Curiously, Putin thanked Mitt Romney for straightness. "The fact that Romney considers us the enemy — it's a minus, but what he says bluntly, frankly, it states that he is a man, pure and simple — this is a plus" — saw the Russian president.

In general, he added seriously, it's so sharp expressions only secure the bargaining position of the Russian Federation on missile defense. "I am grateful that he is so clearly defined its position, as it has once again confirmed the correctness of our approach to the dilemmas of anti-missile defense," — said Vladimir Putin. Moreover, the views of Putin, Romney "has strengthened our negotiating position on this sensitive and fundamental issue."

So Makar, add, Mitt Romney promoted his anti-Russian statements not only the rise of Barack Obama's ratings and rating fall of its own, and was able to strengthen the bargaining position of the Russian Federation on European missile defense: it is now Moscow can point to Washington that Messrs. some consider it the enemy, and missiles made direct to the opponents, not the friends.

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