Geopolitical puzzle: Kazakhstan crashed plane with the border guards, and in Egypt voted for the constitution of the Muslim Brotherhood

Geopolitical puzzle: Kazakhstan crashed plane with the border guards, and in Egypt voted for the constitution of the "Muslim Brotherhood"

An-72 plane crash. In Kazakhstan, learn preconditions collapse AN-72 with the border guards. On board were 27 people, among them — Acting Director of the Border country. A criminal case, at the crash site works military police reports Oleg Deaf ("News").

The collapse happened in bad weather criteria: there was low cloud, rain was wet snow.

One of the witnesses, Diaz OLZHAS, says: "In the evening there was a storm. At about 30 pm seven was very light, and there was a loud explosion. We consider that this is a salute. Ran a look, it turned out — the plane fell. Here is my next aul, there is still a fire station and creamery. "

The tragedy occurred near the village of Tassay. After the fall of the explosion and the dying plane debris scattered on the snow.

"During the fall of the plane broke into four pieces. Everywhere — the bodies of the dead. Police put up a cordon to the crash do not admit anyone. Even closer are not allowed to come, "- says Davron Yuldashev, another witness.

On board the An-72 was almost all of Kazakhstan's Border Management Committee for State Security. Commanders vorachivalis in Shymkent other day after the last of the military council.

In fact the plane crash in southern Kazakhstan Shymkent garrison military prosecutor opened a criminal case under article "Violation of the rules of safety or prepare for them."

International obligations Our homeland will not break. The decision to ban the adoption of Russian kids Yankees will not lead to a breach of international responsibilities of Russia, said the president's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, the radio station "Echo of Moscow", reports ITAR-TASS.

Comrade Peskov said: "A number of ministers expressed the view that, coupled with the fact does not supersede. Often these or other ministers are turning their attention to the nuances that affect their area of competence. " According to Peskov, namely, the Vice Prime Minister for Social Affairs Olga Golodets, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov talk about the fact that "it is necessary to send a very careful attention to the fact that decisions with regard to the Russian-American agreement, for a ban on the adoption, in no way affected the international obligations of Russian Federation. "

Sands talked to him, "this is really directed at the utmost attention and our experts, our lawyers and legal professionals — they do not share the concerns and believe that a violation of any international obligations it will not. And the Russian Federation implements those rights while taking such decisions, which it has under international law. "

Chemical series lasts. December 24 several Arab media, and with them the Syrian opposition, announced the first use of chemical weapons the Syrian government army, says "," referring to the newspaper "Haaretz".

It is reported that in the suburbs of Homs, Al-Bayda air thrown off two containers of poisons. As a result of asphyxiation that killed at six, not seven people.

Many inhabitants of the suburbs turned into clinics with complaints of nausea, disturbance of consciousness and difficulty breathing. Part of the victims is in serious condition, they were sent to the hospital.

According to the opposition, the four men eventually introducing gas blinded, four were paralytics. Doctors believe that sarin was used.

IA «REGNUM» writes that the information on the application on the ground of Syria chemical weapons finds proof. Experts from the Syrian-American medical society said that the Syrian military used against opposition forces psychotropic chemical agent «Agent-15." This is the conclusion they came to, interviewing witnesses and victims of its implementation.

Earlier, the same agency «REGNUM» I report citing the Iranian and Israeli media, the use of chemical weapons the opposition — a fighter against the Syrian army. With reference to the Commander of the Presidential Guard was reported as December 22 during fighting in the suburbs of Damascus — Daraa — the rebels fired at the soldiers' three charges filled with yellow gas. " Those who breathed gas died within hours.

Related WMD in Syria and the article is devoted to the «Interfax».

The Syrian opposition, journalists write, continues to incriminate the Assad regime to use chemical weapons against the rebels. Experts Syrian-American Honey Company said yesterday that the Syrian military could bring to bear «Agent-15" (3-hinuklidilovy acid benzyl ester, BZ qualification NATO), which can cause trapped in the affected area in acute psychosis, followed by visual impairment, hallucinations , loss of memory and orientation. Doctors point out that in some cases the introduction of all kinds of «Agent-15" can lead to death.

However, in bestowing a medical society recognize that might be mistaken in identifying the substance.

According to the International Convention on Chemical Weapons Convention, «Agent-15" can be legally set up in small quantities, because there is a numerically small methods of implementation for peaceful purposes. At the same time, it can not by itself be used as a weapon or as in the production of chemical weapons.

Independent disk imaging evidence that Syrian troops really use the «Agent-15" or sarin, no. Representatives of the Russian Embassy in Syria said they had no information on the use of toxic substances. Salting Syria in Moscow Riyad Haddad referred to information on the use of chemical weapons by Syrian military provocation.

Subject Syrian chemical weapons, we would add, has become even more popular in the last day. Yesterday, the Syrian "rebels" even engaged in "counts". It turned out that the Syrian government has eighteen times gassed fighters for democracy.

December 25 opposition announced that the Syrian government has used 18 times fighting against the poisons of the population, says "," citing "Yediot Ahronot".

The gas was used to suppress the resistance in the districts of Damascus, and in the provinces of Homs, Idlib and Nahal. According to the representative of the opposition Luaya Muqdad, the government army uses new little-known poison consistency.

Syrian General Adnan Cilla, defected to the rebels a few months back, said that the government has a "gigantic" stockpiles of chemical weapons, which can be fully used against rebels and civilians. It's like he was at meetings where open a discussion question.

Meanwhile Moshe Ayalon, Minister of Strategic Affairs of Israel, said that his country has no data on the use of chemical weapons Syria, report "," with reference to the «Reuters».

"We've heard these messages from the opposition. And more than once. But as long as we do not have any evidence or proof of the news on the application of such weapons "- Ayalon said, adding that" the opposition, of course, concerned at first foreign
military intervention. "

On Intifada III. Halabeya Ahmed, head of the Jerusalem branch of Hamas, calls on the Palestinians to resume the confrontation with Israel — in response to plans to build homes in East Jerusalem. At the same time he blames Israel's intentions to kill the al-Aqsa Mosque, transfers

Halabeya calls on Palestinians to fight Israel's resort to different methods of resistance, first to "terrorist operations in the very heart of Israel." He calls on the Palestinians to "launch third intifada, to save Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem."

He said reporters in Gaza that "the enemy is fast zahvatnichestvo Jerusalem and accelerates the introduction of dangerous plans to Judaize the town, both geographically and demographically." To this he added that Israel spreads "cancerous tumor own villages Fri in all parts of Jerusalem."

He further accused the Israelis that they are underground work, trying to damage the foundation of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and erect in its place a third Temple.

Concluding an appeal to the Palestinians Halabeya called Arabs and Muslims to declare a state of total mobilization and "liberate Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa and Palestine."

In general, we would add, angry Halabeya can wait slightly. Date next "accurate" predictions that Israel remained there on the strength of twelve and a half years.

This terrible for Israel date — 2025. Columnist Hussein al-Burbury from an American newspaper «Watan» unveiled some revelations Scouts of the USA. About this report IA «REGNUM».

According to research by the Department of Near East Intelligence United States, 2025 (or a bit later), the government will end the existence of Israel.

The journalist writes: "The process of ending Israel and a return to former places of residence irreversible: over half a million fallashey (Ethiopian Jews) and other African Jews want to go back to the Black Continent in the coming 10 years."

Hussein al-Burbury continues: "We are ready to re-emigration of over a million Russians and 10's of thousands of Europeans. The document states that the growth of the "revolutionary" wave in the adjacent countries to Israel, first a powerful surge of Islamism in Egypt, the Israelites cause anxiety and fear for their lives, their future, the future of kids and families. Israelis flocked to his native land where they were born and raised. Finale has not yet become impressively visible, and the confrontation of the Jewish country gained strength political Islam will continue here for many years. "

The article also states: "The Israeli public fear and pity characteristics of fertility and population growth, not reaching to any comparison with the population explosion in the Palestinian territories. According to U.S. intelligence, half a million Israelis already stocked South American passports. Those who have neither European nor American travel documents, they somehow manage to razdobyvat. Many prefer to go on a multi-confessional country with a mixed composition of the population of the state, where you can say goodbye to the idea of the purity of the Jewish race, which was erected and Israel. But its founders failed to create public education, based on Jewish exclusivity. The following favorites did not succeed either in the past or in the present. "

In general, note taking seriously any reports of "ends" and "crash" is not necessary. Especially in this case, the browser or repeated, or IA «REGNUM» consumes quite an old link. Hussein al-Burbury said something similar about the end of Israel back in August (see here or here). Another thing is that in the context of other Hamas statements theme of "the end" again became what is known as "topical".

Military exercises in the Strait of Hormuz. Iran's armed forces will begin on Friday, the six-day exercise in the Strait of Hormuz and northern Indian Ocean. This was announced by the commander of the naval forces of the Islamic Republic of Vice-Admiral Habibollah Sayar, pass "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

"Exercises will be held from Friday to Wednesday in the area of 1 million square kilometers, which includes the waters of the Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman and the northern Indian Ocean," — said Sayar.

The maneuvers were heading "Velayat-91" ("Primacy-91"). They will be tested on the new standards tools will also be trying out some brand new strategy.

And yesterday in Aslavie in the Gulf began naval exercises in the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Maneuvers under the title "Fajr-91" ("Dawn-91") and will last four day or will be conducted in several areas.

The admiral said Alireza Naseri, the purpose of the exercise — to promote an increase in the level of training of naval forces IRGC.

Wage premium. Russian citizen leaving for Iran to work at the Bushehr nuclear power plant will receive salary increments — with one small condition.

"According to the agreements signed by the engineers and technicians (the ladies of the Russian Federation), they will receive a special supplement -" hidzhabnye "- results "," with reference to «France-Presse» Mehdi Musavinedzhada words, the Iranian parliament deputy.

The MP complained that many Russians that maltreated Fri agreement, and local authorities are looking at it through his fingers. He urged Russians to "fulfill their obligations" because Iran is their paying extra to them for the inconvenience.

What percentage of the salary spetsa constitute "hidzhabnye" and how many Russian ladies working at the plant, the deputy did not elaborate.

According to Iranian standards, recalls, "ribbon", ladies can appear in public only in moderate clothes covering the hands and head. Violation of these rules may result in arrest and a fine.

From Iran's hands. As the RIA "Novosti", employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan, Mon shot dead in Kabul police headquarters building South American instructor, was a citizen of Iran. She had intended to make an attempt to control the Interior Ministry. This was stated by the press service of the Afghan Ministry of the Interior.

A female police officer has destroyed 49-year-old South American adviser, Joseph Griffin, who worked on the NATO agreement.

At home, the suspect was searched, as a result of which found an Iranian passport. During the preliminary investigation, she admitted that her puzzle was to kill the control of the Interior Ministry. A lady came to Afghanistan, having married to a senior officer of the Afghan Interior Ministry, and illegally obtained Afghan identity card, which allowed her upcoming arranged to work with the police. This was said Interior Ministry spokesman Sadiq Sadiq Afghanistan. He added that the suspect will not be extradited to Iran, it will be tried in Afghanistan.

Egyptian calculations. Egypt's election commission finally announced the results of the referendum. As reported by "," with reference to «France-Presse», the latest constitution of the country supported the 63.8% of voters.

Meanwhile, the turnout was only 32.9% of the 52 million Egyptians eligible to vote.

Representatives of the opposition of the "Front government of salvation" said the Appeal Against the results of the referendum, since the time of voting were reported numerous violations, and its resul
ts were rigged.

The project is the latest Egyptian Constitution, recalls "Ribbon", has developed the ruling party — the "Muslim Brotherhood." The Constitution was based on the rule of Sharia law.

Now, we would add, the government should organize, in accordance with the new main law of the country, the elections to the lower house of parliament — in two months.

Incorrect savings. The number of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the English ("Home Office") with annual salary of 100 thousand pounds in the 2011-2012 reporting year (ended in April 2012), as it appears, grown to 42 people. This writes "," with reference to the «The Telegraph». In 2008, officials of the agency with such income was only fourteen.

Not enough, in the same period has increased and the number of employees "Home office" with a salary of 80 thousand pounds, from 22 to 51.

Not enough of this: in Britain grown the number of paid employees of the Ministry of money, the Ministry of Defense, Department of Energy and Climate configuration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Work and Pensions.

The Ministry of the amount of money employees earn in a year 100 thousand pounds, grown from 18 in 2008 to 26 in 2012. The number of employees in departments with an income 80 thousand pounds has increased from 20 to 29 over the same period. In the 2010-2011 financial year, the number of highly paid officials of the Ministry of money headed for the maximum (what specifically is not specified).

The popular newspaper «The Daily Mail» cites other data. In 2009-2010, the Office of George Osborne had 20 employees with an income of 100 thousand pounds a year they become 37, and in 2011-2012, the number of highly paid employees of the Ministry has increased to 39. The number of employees with an income of 80 thousand pounds grown from 47 in 2009-2010 to 75 in 2011-2012.

The press service of the Ministry of money wriggled: publication explained that the increase in paid employees suffered due to the creation of the division in 2009 «Infrastructure UK» (it advises the government on infrastructure projects and work there in the main former businessmen who are paid higher wages fee for expert assessment and counseling).

Along with paid employees breeding, surprisingly, the government is trying to reduce the economical cost.

The best Christmas gift for Tajik — Saga 27 DVD of President Rahmon. Artem Kobzev ("Voice of Russia") Told that in Tajikistan went on sale with a collection of documentary films about the life and accomplishments of President Emomali Rahmon. The cost of the TV series — the average monthly salary in the country (about 57 U.S. dollars). In Dushanbe, strolling rumors that the retail dealer must take these disks to implement by force.

27 DVD recount all the 20 years of the presidency of the Emperor Rahmon.

New Product commented chief information and analytical edition "Geopolitics" Leonid Savin:

"Perhaps there will be something exciting. For example, how Rahmon took some of the town without a fight, as he led his supporters against the Islamic opposition during the civilian war. In general, I think these CDs will be distributed in the voluntary-involuntary. Surely, they will be instructors in the role of Santa Clauses carry Tajik citizens. Since, according to the cost, not everyone will be able to afford to buy them themselves to the collection. Well, maybe as a gift souvenirs they will be transferred to other heads of state and diplomatic offices. Such a fate I see this masterpiece, which was not so long ago released. "

The Government of the Land of the Rising Sun has resigned. The Lower House is now approve the post of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which won a landslide victory in the general election nedavneshnih, report "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

It is expected that the candidate Abe at a special meeting of the newly elected lower house will support more than 2-thirds majority. Now the new prime minister and will announce the composition of his own office.

Today's Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda in full force to resign. Noda's Democratic Party was defeated, and from that moment goes into the opposition.

Aliases — no! The Chinese Government can legally claim from users to provide their real names and other personal data in the contract with providers report corr. RIA "Novosti" Alina Gaynullina with reference to the Chinese agency «Xinhua».

Committee of People's Congress of China will make out this week a bill that will claim from users of the "world wide web" to provide true names to gain access to the wired and mobile network connection.

By the way, owned by the company «Sina» resource «Weibo» nick is not given in registration forms of real names, last names and passport details, since March of this year, lack the ability to publish microblog notes.

Vengeful Chinese. In the Chinese province of Hebei man driving a car drove into a group of schoolchildren. He shot down 23 kids, 13 of them were injured and were taken to hospitals, reports "," with references to "Xinhua" and «France-Presse».

Kids, in which crashed Yin Tiejun, vorachivalis with school hours. They received injuries of varying severity, including traumatic brain also broken legs.

After the collision, Tiejun tried to set fire to own a car: it had been cooked a gas cylinder and pyrotechnics. The explosion could warn the police put out a car. Tiejun Yin himself was arrested. In the blood of the offender has not been found traces of alcohol or drugs.

The police believe that the act of 48-year-old Tiejun could be caused by vindictiveness. Three years back by his daughter was attacked, she was killed. Tiejun was very unhappy Myagenko, in his opinion, the sentence offenders. He sought the death penalty for those convicted.

The Yankees, who liked to kill. 62-year-old William Spengler, shelled the town of Webster firefighters in the State of New-york, confessed in a suicide note that he just liked to kill. At the same time, he wrote that he lusted to burn down the whole block, report "News" with reference to "Interfax".

Spengler set a trap for firefighters on the shore of Lake Ontario. He set fire to his own house, and he, armed with 3 guns, waited for the fire brigade. Two firefighters who started fighting at home, they were killed. He wounded two more.

Near the fire burned at least 7 houses. After the attack, the perpetrator committed suicide.

In place of scorched houses, pass "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS, found the body of 67-year-old sister of the offender.

According to Spengler's neighbor, the offender could not tolerate her sister — the only survivor relative. But the mother he adored. And after the death of her crazy.

It also reported that Spengler previously served 17 years in the slammer — for the murder of his grandmother in 1980.

"The most crazy man in the world." On the "IN" time and again described the South American hype around the acquisition of weapons in 2012: after the disaster in Colorado, in the "Black Friday" on November 23, after the shooting of adults and children in school in Newtown Sandy Hook (CT) on December 14. The latest review on the subject — here. Now the inhabitants of the United States stand in line behind the trunks and
ammunition as in America stroll rumors of limited circulation of firearms-related killings in Newtown.

"Voice of Russia", Recalling the «New York Daily News» and other sources, writes that in the U.S. people get rifles, Kalashnikovs and other small gun. Last week, the Americans got hold of as many rounds as usually get three and a half years.

The main demand of the company «Brownells», specializing in sales of ammunition, stores are now a semi-automatic rifle AR-15 ("shooter" Adam Lanza of Newtown used specifically by it).

Also, the demand for AK-47 submachine gun, and the MAC-10.

On Sunday, the main gun lobbyist in the United States — State Rifle Association — has launched a campaign against the "disarmament". People from the NSA appeared in nearly all major U.S. television program notes. For Sunday's "attacks" on the public have been pulled together a large force: NSA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre, president of David Keene, a member of its management, the last Republican Congressman Asa Hutchinson.

Wayne LaPierre advanced conventional weapons lobbyists reason: "The gun — a tool. The problem — in the offender. " So he said in an interview with "CNN, BBC '.

This brutal Mr. believes that in order to end the armed violence, the need to further increment the number of guns. He had previously proposed to introduce in all U.S. schools with armed guards, "… the most best remedy against the disgusting guy with a gun — this is a good young man with a gun."

In Australia, we would add, bad men with guns povyvelis and a half years, the 10-ka simply because there since 1996, after the massacre in Tasmania, a ban on personal trading tool, as an instrument that was on the hands of the people, redeemed. At the same time it significantly reduced the number of suicides. And since 1996, there came a single "massacre."

It should be noted that in America, far not all share the worldview of Mr. Lapierre.

His press conference, held at the "Willard", twice interrupted by echoing activists protesting public organizations. Words about "guys with guns" angered many politicians provoked strong criticism in decent prints, and New York-based newspaper "Daily News" Named head of the NSA, "the craziest man on earth."

Ray of light in the dark kingdom. Beautiful, professional and intelligent Mary Ellen Saynon («Daily Mail», England, the source of translation — "Inosmi") Was able to behold from the outside, look like "Eurocrats" alongside fellow Putin. On Friday last week, she spent 45 minutes at the press center of the European Commission. According to her, she "received a Christmas gift." They became the contemplation of Vladimir Putin. No, it's not about dreams, love the ladies. The fact is that, given the president of — of which journalism has always responded well, unlike many of their own Western counterparts — evrogospoda looked disadvantageous, if not — sorry.

"… Such is the gift of the Magi: I sit for almost four rows from the Russian president and admired the way he behaves with Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso.

His behavior? Like a shark, swim laps in the pool, now I did not eat, but just in case, remember, who's the strongest. I mean physical strength, muscle, and not just economic — it all raw materials: oil, natural gas. With this, Putin is also all right, and we need it. But on Friday, he used the first muscles to impress. "

Hall, is expected to start the press conference:

"… And here they come — Mr Barroso, President of the Commission, Mr Van Rompuy, Euro Council, and Mr Putin, President of Russian Federation. Or let's say differently: entered the hall Portuguese politician, similar to the fattened singer, a retired Belgian Prime Minister, skinny as a stick, and muscled past KGB thug with a black belt in judo and karate — the president of the greatest country in the world. "

Here's Van Rompuy, muttering something in a piece of paper — here and "strategic relationship", and "global challenges" and "modernization" and even a weird term "economic development", which is not enough to do with the situation in the EU. In general, the topics were not the ones that would have intrigued live Irish journalist.

Against the background of rummaging through papers Rompuy, Mr Barroso.

Here comrade Putin:

"He held his head high, his feet were placed shoulder-width apart (and they had ample), and his gaze slid through the ranks. At this time, both the Eurocrats looked at his notes, keeping the knees and feet together, just the boys from the monastery school. "

While muttering Rompuy, President of the Russian Federation bored looking around the room.

"He's a little out of hand turning his muscular neck. Under his jacket played deltoid and pectoral muscles. The President bore the weight from foot to foot like a boxer before you go out into the center of the ring … "

When installed it all read, he also began a piece of paper, but later abandoned it, deciding to do without cribs. In his speech he referred to a European energy legislation aimed at creating a single market, "uncivilized". He was "puzzled" as EU legislation does not allow "Gazprom" to control distribution networks. We should not forget about the controversy surrounding access to pipelines and oil and gas prices.

Mr Barroso was not used to visitors, especially Russia, called it a policy of "uncivilized". He sees Mary Ellen Saynon, denied the words of Putin stressed that the EU "respects all international agreements, the principles of the rule of law." Then he gave to understand that all said, and the bureaucrat, who led a press conference, announced that it was the last question of the press conference is over. But …

But Vladimir Putin looked directly at journalists in the hall and said, "Wait a minute."

"Mr. Putin leaned on his chair and turned to reporters with ease and confidence view:" My friend of many years of Emperor Barroso so sensual and explained the long position, as the senses, that is not right, I'm sorry … Discover the 34th article of the contract with our basic EU, yes, the 34th article of our basic contract with the European Union. " Then he stressed that the binding of gas prices to oil not invented by Russia, and the Netherlands, and added that, also thanks to its merits, the trade turnover between Russia and the EU headed for $ 400 billion. "

Then, a couple of times pricks "Eurocrats", Putin thanked the journalists.

"In my opinion, — writes Mary — Mr. Putin did not have to thank the journalists. This we had to thank him for the blood spilled in the water. He deserved applause. Just last week, the European recognizable international journalist complained to me: "What we have here are passionate about, this is not journalism, it's stenography." And usually it's really true. But thanks to Mr Putin, we have seen the press conference live, rather than staging a dispute. It was a confrontation between the man who has no respect for the "European project&qu
ot;, and 2 members are not elected by anyone elites who usually slip on Brussels, surrounded by a common respect as the cardinals of the Vatican. "

Past KGB agent, says the journalist, became a beacon of light for me.

Rays of light in the dark western kingdom, add, — that journalists like Mary Ellen Saynon. Commentators who write hot heart and a cool head are not selling for the worn pieces of silver.

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin
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