Geopolitical puzzle: students in Canada riot in Spain — teachers and excellent live — in Australia

Iran will be friends with the IAEA. Yesterday, IAEA Director Yukiya Amano announced an agreement with Tehran fundamentally about the conduct of inspections on Iranian nuclear facilities. This statement was made head of the IAEA, on his return from Tehran, where he held talks with Iranian control. This writes "," citing "Gaarets".

As Amano said, the parties agreed on inspections as atomic centers and research institutes, as well as in enterprises, causing suspicion among the global community. With all this, IAEA Director admitted that some details to be agreed.

The head of the IAEA report to the radio station "Freedom" (A. Sharogradskaya), stressed that the inspectors will seek access to the object in Parchin near Tehran. Specifically there, the views of some professionals could be testing nuclear weapons.

By the way, at this time, Tehran said that Iranian scientists have put two batches of nuclear fuel produced in Iran on Tehran's experimental reactor. About this report RIA "Novosti" referring to the agency "Reuters". Quote:

"As recent success of professionals from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), it may be noted the supply of 2-batches produced in the Islamic Republic party nuclear fuel to the Tehran experimental reactor."

Geopolitical puzzle: student revolt in Canada, Spain - teachers, and live well - in Australia

In February 2012, Iranian experts at loaded into the core of the reactor in Tehran, the first self-produced fuel complex. Earlier, other countries have refused to supply nuclear fuel to Tehran, despite the achieved in May 2010 in Tehran agreement between Turkey, Iran and Brazil. Exchange agreement in the Turkish countryside Iranian low-enriched uranium for highly-enriched uranium produced in other countries, has not been implemented since the UN Security Council adopted in June 2010, the fourth round of sanctions against Iran. (Hunting in parentheses noted stupidity "sanktsionerov").

The fact that the information on loading a nuclear reactor in Tehran, new batches of fuel complexes produced in Iran came to the press the other day, a new round of "six" of international mediators on Iran's nuclear program there, perhaps, highlights Tehran's drive to convince the international community that nuclear programm is peaceful disposition.

ITAR-TASS correspondent Konstantin Kazeev reports that The Tehran research reactor is used in the medical purposes. Of fuel for him and his work depends on the activity of honey cancer centers in the country — and, thus, healing the 10-s of thousands of cancer patients. The last batch of fuel for the reactor was placed in 1990 by Argentina. At the moment it is almost completely worked out.

As for the main enemy of Iran 'nuclear issue' is May 22 Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Iran must end uranium enrichment and take its territory available with highly enriched fuel. About this report corr. Itar-Tass Kerzhentsev.

The statement was made in connection with Barak starting on Wednesday Baghdad talks between representatives of Iran and the "six" countries mediator. Defense Minister stressed that Tehran should be "fully complete uranium enrichment, as up to 20 per cent, and to 3.5 per cent level." Barak added that "it is impossible to make concessions to Tehran and global powers demands must be clear and unambiguous."

The Minister of Defence did not believe in the validity of agreements that may be reached between the IAEA and Iran. He said: "There is a recollection that the Iranians are trying to reach a 'technical agreement' which will create the appearance of progress in negotiations with a view to reducing the pressure (on Iran) on the eve of talks in Baghdad, so as to avoid the strengthening of the sanctions."

So Makar, all negotiation services, which marks including the head of the IAEA, seem to be the Israeli side only "visibility".

Meanwhile, the China is opposed to the introduction of sanctions against Iran and supports the decision by Tehran's nuclear difficulty of subsequent negotiations. This was announced on May 23, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Cheng Guoping at a press conference, which focused on the continuing June 6-7 in Beijing XII Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Role in the summit as the supervisor is expected to accept the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This writes corr. ITAR-TASS Ivan Kargapoltsev.

Cheng put it as clearly as: "China supports the Iranian nuclear prepyadstviya by negotiations within the framework of the dialogue with the six states of Iran."

Now the media reported on the improvement of the DPRK missile launchers. This writes, for example, "Reedus" with reference to "the Associated Press." Quote:

"North Korea as part of the development of nuclear weapons programs from the beginning of the improvement of the 1st of the rocket launch complexes … It became clear through satellite imagery, which shows that after updating the site will be able to send rockets huge dimensions, from gallakticheskih to intercontinental rockets."

ITAR-TASS reports from Pretoria that transitional government of Guinea-Bissau formed a government. Decree was signed and. about. President Manuel Nyamadzhu the serif. According to this decree, the new cabinet will include 27 ministers, among them two of the commander. Chairman of the Transitional Government of Guinea-Bissau was appointed last week — it was the economist Rui Duarte Barros.

Now in Egypt begin the presidential election. This is reported corr. ITAR-TASS Dean Intoxicated.

In the ballot properly formed names already 13-year candidates. In general, the two of them the other day election withdrew. The winners of the election race — five. Two — Islamist Mohammed Mursi and Abdel Moneim Abu al-Futuh. Two others — Amr Moussa and Ahmed Shafiq — occupied the highest positions in a long period of Mubarak's rule. 5th — Socialist Hamdin Sabbah.

More famous of 5 of favorite candidates is 75-year-old Amr Moussa, former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt. The last 10 years he was in charge of the affairs of the Arab League, as secretary general of the League. Many of the country's tipped to win this old candidate.

Tunisia will give Libya its former prime minister. This writes Kirill Rozhkov ("").

Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi was arrested in September 2011 near the border with Algeria. The head of the Tunisian Ministry of Justice Noureddine Beheira said that his extradition will take place in Tripoli in recent times.

In Tunisia, the former prime minister previously been charged with illegally crossing the state border, they were later removed. But al-Mahmoudi is not torn at home for fear of execution by the new Libyan government — the Transitional Council of State.

At the current time in Libya, a
waiting trial, Seif al-Islam, son of Muammar Gaddafi, contained a military base in the province of Zintan.

Bane's father Seif al-Islam presented a puzzle for a long time.

It was clear that the wounded during the shelling of Gaddafi hiding in a drainage pipe, but the men of the detachment PNS spotted it and captured. Then PNS management announced that the colonel was killed in a random shooting — during transportation to the hospital in Misrata. But it later emerged that the rebels were mercilessly mocked him, tortured him — and later killed with a headshot.

Argentine bomb. May 22 Argentine police found a bomb in the building of the theater, which is now due to speak Alvaro Uribe, a past president of Colombia. About this report "," with reference to the «France-Presse» and «Reuters».

The bomb was found in the lighting device — one of those that are installed in the theater «Gran Rex» Buenos Aires. An explosive device has operated a mobile phone.

Uribe's speech on "Leadership Conference" is reported to take place as scheduled.

Hugo Chavez says: Russian weapon arrives in Venezuela. According to reports from Mexico City RIA "Novosti" Dmitry Znamenskii, Referring to yesterday's announcement of the Chavez, another batch of weapons from Russia will soon arrive in Venezuela.

Venezuelan state television brings key Chavez cited statement: "Without Russia's support, we would not have the military power that we possess now."

Expected to supply the Venezuelan army of modern weapons to protect the public areas.

Geopolitical puzzle: student revolt in Canada, Spain - teachers, and live well - in Australia

The report noted that the results of the past year, Venezuela has won the 1st place among the global buyers of Russian ground weapons — as rated TSAMTO. Venezuela has bought from the Russian Federation T-72B1 tanks, BMP-3M, BTR-80A, 152-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S19 "MSTA-S", 120-mm self-propelled mortars 2S23 "Nona-SVK", 120-mm mortars 2S12A "Sani" 122-mm multiple rocket launchers 9K51 BM-21 "Grad", a 23-mm anti-aircraft guns and other ZU-23/30M1-4

Mitt Romney scores points. As reported by "News", the former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate of the Republican Party Mitt Romney defeated on Tuesday primaries in 2-states: Kentucky and Arkansas.

Republican Party presidential race will end in August Congress in Tampa, Florida. There will be nominated presidential candidate of the party. For the official nomination of "applicant" need the support of the delegates at the convention in 1144. At the moment, Romney is a vote of 1,024 delegates already.

Russian Mi-17 helicopters to Afghanistan is much needed. On this, as reported "News", told reporters yesterday, Defense Ministry spokesman George Little, commenting on the next test of the Republican opposition in Congress to block the purchase of Russian equipment for the Afghan armed forces. Little said that the purchase of Russian technology, he believes it is a fundamental tool for the Afghan Air Force, and the Mi-17 — the right addition to the park helicopter in Afghanistan.

America in the face of Obama is weakening global hegemony. This writes "The Washington Times" (Source of translation — "Inosmi"). Quote:

"President Obama holds two international events of the highest level in a week and is going to offer solutions to the global economic and security issues. It is not clear at all that what the rest of the world listens to him.

International status of Mr. Obama declined markedly since that time he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after only 11 days after the election. He could not justify this "received in advance" credit, and now the foreign favorites do not expect much from him. Well, in a certain sense, it lives up to expectations. "

The arguments in an editorial, "The Washington Times" are Obama's subsequent troubles in the world political arena: 1) the conspicuous lie in the words of Obama's plans for the NATO summit about the "responsible way" to end the war in Afghanistan (the war will not end, will come out of it only NATO) 2) the incident with the included microphone to "catch" non-public response to U.S. President President Medvedev: "All of these issues, particularly on missile defense can be solved, but fundamentally, that he gave me a place. This is my last election. After them I will have more flexibility, "which suggests the idea of Obama's agreement with Russia, and 3) finally, a" hint "of Vladimir Putin to the impotence of Obama — in the form of refusal to visit the economic summit of the" Big Eight ".

And marked the smallest mistakes — for example, the weird (and only favorite Socialist Hollande), the ideas of the U.S. President to refuse European favorites from the cost-saving measures, and even an increase in municipal spending that "for foreign supporters economical conservatism it looked like unsolicited advice to bring the debt to the corresponding for the Obama administration level and that further worsen in the long term, its economic ailments. Mr. Obama proposes as a solution to their problems that policy, which once led to the economic collapse. "

And most importantly — in the last paragraph of an editorial bearing the truly "tragic" tone. I can not quote it one hundred percent:

"The image of America continues to suffer in other ways. Favourites of NATO in Chicago had the opportunity to watch a demonstration of force, malopodhodyaschuyu for the land of the free. The city was flooded with police, including those who arrived from Philadelphia, in full riot gear. Some parts were blocked by an eight-foot metal fences. Helicopters circled over the heads, and even higher at times conducted patrolling F-16 fighters. Even with the temper of the meeting and the continuing danger of terrorism, it was a good deal. The organizers did not think about how this pattern will look for a foreign audience. Meanwhile, these security measures do sverhmilitarizirovannye recollection of what the United States is on the verge of collapse, or, or transformation into a police government, or both, and the other. "

Against the background of such weakening of America, of which written by the Americans, the curious looks brand new article in the journal Mark Adomanisa "Forbes" (Translation — "Inosmi"). Recognizable creator boldly states that already this year our home can get ahead of economic indicators every EU country.

Adomanis article begins with the economic success of Poland. However, this is what is referred to as: begin for the health, finish — for the peace: "… even in Poland slows. The euro crisis has hit export, two thirds of which goes to the euro zone. The weakening euro is also not good. The unemployment rate in Poland is about 13%, and this record for the past 5 years. In April, the index fell purchasing opportunities. But the Poles continue to spend money in anything without limiting yourself. Inflation in April was 4%, which is above the upper limit
of the central bank by 3.5%. In response, the central bank raised its interest rate to 4.75%, although in the past 10 months, keeping them at 4.5% … "And so on: the pros, who are very much like cons.

"But — continues Adomanis — in contrast to the" stars "of the European Union, our homeland will develop faster (where the rate of economic growth will amount to 3.4% to the Ministry of money, and 4% by the IMF). There is even lower unemployment (6.6% in 2011 and 6.5% in the 1st quarter of 2012). There's much less than the budget deficit (low — 0.1%, maximum — 1.5%) and well below the general level of state debt (about 7-8%). Certainly, there are many areas in which Poland is ahead of Russia in terms. First, it is inflation. This may seem controversial statement, but by owning more of the equilibrium economic model, Poland will be able to skillfully overcome the shock wave leisurely debt crisis that undermines the current time and erodes the foundation of the EU. And our homeland of their own excess dependence on natural resources again go into a tailspin, as it already was in 2008-2009. "

The observed discrepancy in Adomanisom "economic trajectories" of Poland and the Russian Federation, according to the views of the analyst, not a sign of an exemplary economic governance in the Kremlin. "… Russia is still quite poor and underdeveloped country." But just because "when implementing obmyslennoy policy, it will be able to easily evolve with the growth rate of 5-6% for many years." So that "the difference in rates is explained almost entirely and completely indescribable weak and damn scary figures the EU, in particular in those post-communist countries that are more comparable with Russia. In the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary again the economic downturn, and in Bulgaria in the first quarter of 2012 — stagnation. And the growth rate there are only 0.5% … "

With all this, says the creator of "membership in the EU — is a profitable business, but now it is not so obviously. The most alarming is that the aura of competence surrounding the European universities, now broken into pieces, thus, it is possible that broken completely and irrevocably. "

So Makar, Western analysts have come to expect from the Russian Federation "deliberate policy", as a result of which it will be able later this year to show the crisis and non-crisis countries of the EU GDP growth rate of 5 or even 6%. We demonstrate as well?

Against the background of similar forecasts lift RF other journalists do not want to build it in the G8 and even insist on "expulsion". Peter Voleyko (Poland) «Blog Dyplomacja» (Translation — "Inosmi") Writes:

"If Mr. Putin does not see a particular utility in the presence of the country's" Big Eight ", making no assumptions Russia to participate in its meetings. Favorites of the more developed democracies meet without the representatives of the Russian Federation almost two decades and may continue to do so at this time. And there is no reason to take a slap on Putin (Obama specifically moved from Chicago G8 summit at Camp David, as in the first NATO summit is held), and to assure that the presence of Medvedev very best. Our hut on the edge? Thanks, do not need? We perceive it with no regrets. "

Indeed, the "star" EU — Poland — took exception to Russia from G8 without regrets. And that the "eight" Eight remained, there may need to take instead of the Russian Federation Poland. Especially since the economic prerequisites for it.

But this is what happens when our country is projected Adomanisa to bypass both Germany and Poland in 2012?

It seems that Poland should insist on the exclusion from the G8 is not Russia, and Italy: the Italian crisis will soon begin to associate, if not to the Greek, then the Spanish.

Oh, and Peter Voleyko proposed and conventional method of eliminating Russia from G8: «The Parting of the Russian Federation with the" Big Eight "should pass without fireworks diplomatically. Just do not send the invitation to the head of Russian Federation for the next summit … "

In Canada, students are rioting. The report Matthew Popov ("News") Introduces the student riots in the Canadian province of Quebec. 10's of thousands of students took part in the protests, a large demonstration took place in Montreal. The protests lasted for three months. The May "aggravation" came in connection with the adoption of the local authorities of hard law banning unauthorized demonstrations. Since then, the students are not seeking some monetary benefits, and trampled over democracy in Canada, the freedom of assembly.

"The streets of Montreal — says journalist — filled with students, organizers of the action promised in advance that they will come more than 100 or even 180 thousand. May 22 for the number of demonstrators landmark — this is the hundredth day of mass demonstrations against government education reforms. Call to Canadian students — to support the protesters in Montreal — Located on its own website the organization that coordinates the actions of protesters … <…> The formal reason for the latest stock two. First — this is what the authorities plan to increment the price of learning. According to the views of the protesters, the reform will make higher education inaccessible to many who longs to get it. Second — passed a law last Friday, the so-called Bill 78, of mandatory to implement on the ground throughout the province of Quebec. This bill outlawed the protests, which were not warned in advance of the police, rebuked assemble in groups above 50 people and carry out any mass gatherings near the schools of Quebec. Organizers of similar stocks threatened by serious penalties. For the participants, they range from 6.8 to 34 thousand dollars U.S.. For student organizations, respectively, the penalty will be 24 to 122 thousand dollars. "

Rebellious students also immediately noted the hundredth day since the beginning of the fight against the planned local government increasing tuition fees. This was reported from Ottawa ITAR-TASS correspondent Alexander Pakhomov. "At this time, — says journalist — there were no arrests, although in the last days of the weekend police detained more than 300 students. 20 people were injured in clashes with the guardians of order. "

In Spain, teachers are rebelling, and the Interior Ministry is considering prison sentences for them. The scope of performances truly is enormous: seven and a half million Spanish teachers, university teachers, pupils, students and their parents on May 22 took part in a nationwide strike. About this report ",", Referring to «El Mundo».

A prerequisite for the Spanish speaking people was unpopular government decision to cut funding for education — as much as 3 billion euros.

It is planned to lay off thousands of employees of the educational sphere, to increment the load on the remaining teachers and teachers. Will increase the number of students in classes. In the end, will be increased tuition fees in universities — by 25%. It is also contemplated to introduce other austerity measures.

As a prerequisite introduction of these measures called cash crisis. For the population as the country's "economy" is expressed by mass layoffs and lowering the standard of living.

Spain's Interior Ministry has already decided how it will fight the protesters. In a democratic country participating in the EU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs wants to put in the bullpen organizers of the mass protests. The statement about it — just think of — on
ly added fuel to the fire. Management of the country here has been accused protesters of trying to silence dissent and to establish the country's authoritarian, almost dictatorial regime.

In the German School eighth-grader, armed with 2 handguns and opened fire. As late yesterday evening said from Berlin corr. ITAR-TASS Anton Dolgunov, south German police Memmingen (Bavaria) arrested 14-year-old child, who opened fire at the school. In the process of arrest no one was hurt.

Teachers and students had to barricade themselves in their offices after the first shots. Arrived at their call the police to catch the brutal eight-grader at the school she found it, and used a helicopter. Child found on the playground in another district. The guy shot a couple of times and said he would kill himself. Psychologists have assured him lay down guns. Motives of the unidentified boy.

For more information about the incident yesterday led RIA "Novosti" with reference to the German newspaper «Augsburger Allgemeine»: «Young man barricaded himself on the playground, where, together with it are another 15 teenagers. He had two pistols from the 1st he shoots at the police, and threatened to shoot himself from the other. "

Also reported in this article — citing "Bavarian Radio" — an instrument that belongs to the boy's father.

While in Spain rebel teachers in Canada — the students, the OECD has calculated that a country with a high quality of life — this is Australia. About this report RIA "Novosti" referring to the agency «Bloomberg».

Australia is recognized as a country with the best quality of life. This country has received more than the highest figure for the best of life, which is calculated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. To define your own country ratings OECD considers aspects longevity, income, security, unemployment, etc.

In Australia, the average life span equals about 82 years — and it's 2 years above the OECD average. Above 72% of the inhabitants of this country between the ages of 15 and 64 have a job, a corresponding average for the OECD is only 66%.

Large investments in the mining sector in Australia increment employment in the country and led to a decrease in unemployment to less than 5%.

It is also noted that Australia — the only country in the "Group of Ten", to avoid a recession in 2009. European countries have to put up with austerity measures, and in Australia they say about the economy surpluses, which the government is meant to achieve in the next financial year beginning July 1 there. Completely may be that Australia will be one of the first advanced countries that have emerged from the economic crisis.

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