Geopolitical puzzle: the British introduced Russian standards of learning and thinking to throw a neutron bomb on the Taliban, and the title of Miss Earth on pockets though what oligarch

Flashlight, cell phone and knit cap. Twelve of tank cars carrying crude oil off the rails in the Kuban in the morning on Saturday. It brought a spark of fire, which appeared due to friction cars pass "News".

Examining the way, the police found that three connections are no rail 12 railway connecting pads. The lack of detail and has become a prerequisite for gathering rolling stock. The Interior Ministry expressed speculation about sabotage.

At the site of the tragedy pumped nearly 500 tons of oil products. The spilled oil is not threatening people's lives. Petroleum products do not fall into the water.

At the scene, the police had found the evidence: a flashlight, a knit cap and a mobile phone. At the moment of the order of trying to establish the identity of its owner.

Geopolitical puzzle: the British are adopting Soviet standards of learning and thinking to lose a neutron bomb on the Taliban, and the title of "Miss Earth" afford any oligarch

In the hands — "Kalashnikov", on the lips — Allah. Syrian rebels claimed the capture helicopter base Marj al-Sultan, owned by the government troops and located fifteen kilometers to the east of Damascus, reports "," with reference to the «Reuters». This is the second Air Force Base, government troops in a particular vicinity of Damascus, which the rebels on their assurances, captured in November.

On «YouTube» video appeared, which shows Tipo captured territory. The footage Syrian insurgents, glorifying Allah, run on base with Kalashnikovs. In one frame is visible favorite band around the helicopter, and the other can be considered "anti-aircraft gun."

As a result, the operation to capture the base, as they say "rebels" were destroyed two helicopters and radar, and 15 supporters of the Assad regime were captured.

Check out this information is not likely.

Palestinian Hamas has estimated losses. Amount of damage done to the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military operation, which lasted from 14 to 21 November, was 1,245,000,000. bucks. This was said yesterday at a press conference, the official dealer of controlling enclave of Hamas Taher al-Nunu, transfers corr. ITAR-TASS Pervin Mammadzade.

As a result of Israeli attacks completely destroyed 200 homes, and about 8 thousand were injured. Completely destroyed 42 non-residential buildings, including the building of the Hamas government in Gaza, three mosques and medical facilities.

An-Nunu led and detailed information concerning the human toll. The victims of Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip were 166 people. Another 1,235 were injured.

"David's Sling". Israel conducted a test of the latest missile defense system, "Sling of David" (aka "magic wand"), set up to deal with medium-range missiles. As said the ministry of defense, this complex successfully intercepted a target during a test at the site in the Negev desert, pass "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

The developed system is designed to make an extra tier missile defense, becoming the crotch of a link between the tactical set the "Iron Dome" batteries and long-range missiles, "Hetz" and «Patriot». "Sling" should strike ballistic targets with range 70-300 km. It is understood that the new facility will be commissioned in 2014-2015,.

Amnesty from Hamas. Hamas announced an amnesty for all prisoners belonging to the ranks of Fatah. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse».

The government of the Gaza Strip will be created a special committee that would review cases Fatah members and their liberation. Freedom will come at 22.

The decision of the Amnesty members of the Fatah movement was made after a three-day or after the head of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah favorite Mahmoud Abbas spoke by phone with Prime Minister of Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. Abbas congratulated Hamas "a victory" in the conflict with Israel.

Specifically Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip assist the parties to begin the process of unification.

Explosion in Rafah. The building Egypt's intelligence services in the town of Rafah, which is located on the border with Gaza, yesterday there was a powerful explosion, reports "," with reference to the channel "Al Arabiya". Part of the building was destroyed. No injuries were reported. Background of the explosion so far unidentified. Currently working at the scene security personnel.

"Al-Arabiya" recalls that the Egyptian authorities in recent months, fighting with Islamist militants in the Sinai Peninsula. It is possible that the Islamists were activated against the unstable political situation of the last days.

Kalashnikov rifle for 11,600 shekels. Egyptian security forces conducted the investigation, which had the aim to find out where the militants in Sinai gets gun.

As reported by the Egyptian newspaper "Al-Akhbar", citing its own sources, not a secret that in the year 2000 under Mubarak managed to gun dealers to do business in the Sinai, trading mostly Kalashnikov rifles and machine guns. In 2002, they established a supply channel from Jordan. Of Aqaba on the reddish sea in Taba and Nuweiba on small vessels brought M-16 rifles. Later they began to ship in the northern Sinai. Of the gun smuggling through tunnels into Gaza fell, reports

After a time, the Jordanian channel was found by Israeli security forces. But it opened a new channel — Yemen. Cannon delivered by sea, but not directly in the Sinai, and in Sudan. The local Bedouin clans deadly cargo transported through the desert of the Sinai Peninsula. Channel this force until 2010.

After the fall of Gaddafi's gun flocks from Libya. Through the desert and the Suez Canal as it comes to Egypt and into the Sinai, and in the Gaza Strip.

MIGnews leads some prices.

Kalashnikov rifle costs 18 thousand Egyptian pounds (11,600 shekels).

M-16 rifle — 25-35 thousand Egyptian pounds (16.100-25.500 NIS).

Hand grenade — 100 Egyptian pounds (64 NIS).

Anti-aircraft missile — 70 thousand Egyptian pounds (45 thousand NIS).

Egyptian resignation. Two presidential adviser Mursi abandoned his post after the head of the country changed the constitutional declaration, practically declared himself Pharaoh.

"RBC" with reference to the channel "Al Jazeera" reported that the first voluntarily resigned his post writer and representative of the Coptic Church Samir Morkus, and it was followed by publicist Sakina Fouad.

Demarche both been called unwillingness to participate in the violation of basic municipal law. Fuad S. identified: "Judging by the decisions taken, the president does not need anyone's advice."

"Today AM Morsi usurped all mandatory features and proclaimed himself the new pharaoh of Egypt" — wrote in microblogging one of the members of the opposition, Mohamed El-B

Opposition members support former senior member of the organization "Muslim Brotherhood" Tarvat al-Kerbavi. "It is unacceptable for M. Mursi behave as if he is a god," — he said to reporters.

As further reported, "RBC", in Alexandria failed to prevent the collision of enemies and supporters of Mursi solutions. More than 25 people were injured in the scuffle. In Cairo, the open conflict was avoided, and the situation is under control of the authorities. But the opposition has said it will hold a "march of millions", similar to those that took place during the revolution in the spring of 2011.

The decree Mursi discussed in the preceding "Geopolitical mosaic".

Pharaoh as a guarantor of democracy. President of Egypt said that the decrees of expanding its capabilities — are temporary. Morsi urged his enemy to the dialogue for the return of political stability in the country. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse».

The official statement of the President was taken yesterday. There are reports that giving the president himself new features "are not focused on the concentration of power" in the hands of the President, and for a time foreseen in order to ensure that they are following the transfer of a democratically elected parliament. Another Mursi this method lusted to achieve impartiality and apolitical judicial system.

In almost all towns of the country because of "initiatives" Mursi opposition announced protests. In the evening on November 25 it became clear on the first victim to the south of Alexandria in a clash between supporters and opponents of Mursi speaking for the president died a child.

McCain denounced Mursi. As the corr. ITAR-TASS Ivan Lebedev, directly behind the presidential administration criticized Mohammed Mursi and South American legislators. A few days back that they praised the known mediator contributed to conclude a truce between Israel and Hamas, but yesterday, Republican Senator John McCain and his fellow Democrat Carl Levin said: Egyptian favorite acts to enhance its capabilities and caused mass protests in the country, — unacceptable. Earlier, correspondent recalls. ITAR-TASS, the State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said that the people of Egypt fought against the regime of Hosni Mubarak, in order to "not be excessive concentration of power in the hands of the 1st person."

Mr. McCain gave an interview to "Fox", which hinted at the possibility of freezing the monetary and military aid to Egypt. He said that the U.S. should act to condemn Egypt's president and force him to abandon his own purposes.

"We do not wish that the democratically elected autocrat reincarnated as undemocratically elected dictator, as has happened before," — said his employee Levin in the program broadcaster 'En BBC. "

However, the same Levin stressed that the United States should exercise "extreme caution" in relations with the management of Egypt, so as not to upset the delicate truce between Israel and Hamas.

It creates a memory, we would add that M. Mursi skillfully used the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in order to protect its interests imperative.

The French do without the list. France is not planning to take their own "Magnitsky list". In an interview to "Interfax" said the French salting in Russia Jean de Gliniasty, transfers ",".

The fact that a month back the European Parliament voted for a resolution recommending that the EU adopt the "Magnitsky list", involving the imposition of sanctions against a number of Russian officials allegedly involved in the death of lawyer Magnitsky.

Commenting on the resolution, de Gliniasty said that issues visas are the responsibility of sovereign states, and not making plans for Paris' Magnitsky law. "

Future desert. Mikhail Antonov ("News") Said about why soon obezlyudeet Europe.

The creator describes the cubist monument homosexual victims of the Nazi regime in the heart of Berlin: design with a window, and in it — Kissing gays and lesbians (in the eyes of kids.)

In the Netherlands, all of the profiles have long made up the question of gender. Tahira Limon, an employee of the registrar's office Municipality of Amsterdam, says: "If people come regitsja, and it turns out that it's two guys, it was only because we realize that we are talking about same-sex marriage." There are no limits, only necessary that the age of "spouses" was not less than 18 years.

Netherlanders in the middle of about a million homosexuals. They raise 25 thousand children.

And if, respectively, the proportion was distributed to all Dutch society, the 17 millionth country later generation would be reincarnated into a desert.

Gays are not in a hurry to "educate" the kids. And those that "educate", inoculated them with their "values."

In France, the Socialist Hollande will do everything to legalize same-sex marriage: he's giving campaign promises. By the way, December 16 in France will be another manifestation of the democratic gays and lesbians — in support of this very legalization.

In general, in France and strong protests triggered by other camp — normal people.

As you know, hundreds of thousands of ordinary French people expressed their own protest against the law on the legalization of same-sex marriages. Comedian Virginie Merle horn geteroprotesta against refractive nature of marriage, on the subject states that only seriously: "The law add length system, which will erase the notion of men and ladies, the father and mother. Not be read as "husband" and "wife", but only "wife". And tomorrow there will be a birth certificate, which will be told that "Nicolas sired by Morden and Jean-Pierre."

"This is in heterosexual families have a concept of male and female functions. In same-sex unions, nothing like that. Just two guys live together, and the company always tries to understand who in their little boy and girl who "- notes Frakkar Morden, a psychotherapist.

South American sociologist Mark Regneryus found that people who grew up in same-sex families, 15% more often depressed, and among them 10% more suicides.

A representative of the organization "Red Cross" in Germany, Friedrich Ernst Dyuppe states: "More than 60% of new cases of HIV infection accounts for homosexuals, and the law leads us to a lifetime of eliminating the number of blood donors guys, what had sex with another man ' .

Cocktails for the police. On Sunday night, unknown people threw Molotov consistency of a company of police special forces in the center of Athens, transfers corr. RIA "Novosti" Alex Bogdanovsky.

This company all day and night guarding the headquarters of the center-left PASOK party, a member of the ruling coalition in Greece. Approximately fifty young people gathered there NIGHT MODE. They threw in police over 2-dozen bottles of "Molotov cocktail." No one is hurt.

In Catalonia, the election defeated the separatists. The nationalist coalition "Convergence of Catalonia and the alliance" defeated in elections to the autonomy in the north-east of Spain. However, for all that she has lost previous positions. These are the results of counting 100 percent of the votes, reports "Voice of Russia" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

CSC was unable to obtain an absolute majority in the regi
onal parliament. And if earlier it represented 62 deputies, but now their number has dropped to 50 (30.5% of the vote). So Makar, the coalition won an absolute majority in parliament (68 seats), the right to realize the idea of separation of the region from Spain.

Second place in the election left the Republicans took Catalonia (21 seats, 13.6% of local residents). Third place was awarded to the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (20 seats, 14.4%).

Taliban will calm the neutron bomb. Former defense minister and member of the British House of Lords, John Gilbert suggested a specific method to do away with the Taliban, transmit "News".

According to him, only to just throw on militants on the Afghan-Pakistan border, a neutron bomb.

By participating in the hot parliamentary debates, Mr. Gilbert said that in the region is still almost no one lives, so, yes rare goat herders. And later, if you use weapons of mass destruction in the region, then there will not be hidden.

The MPs decided not to support the proposal of Gilbert.

It is true, we would add: it is necessary to wait for approval from the global hegemon.

Russian education will be available in the UK. We all wonder: why is it that the children of our oligarchs and officials masses tend to Britain for diplomas? There shall I highly educated — in a country where the prime minister does not know who the creator of the patriotic song "Rule, Britannia" and what is "Magna Carta"? It appears, in Albion today introduced Russian standards of education.

In England intend to learn from the experience of Russian education, pass "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS. Capable of arithmetic, there are going to teach kids on the model of specialized schools that are in Russia for the first time appeared in the Soviet times. Specifically, in this way the United Kingdom Minister of Education Michael Gove plans to raise the level of teaching of "the queen of sciences" in the municipal schools.

First reformed by the standard Russian School will begin work in 2014 on the basis of the English King's College. Behind it will be others. There will be in-depth teach arithmetic and prepare kids for admission in the best institutions.

"The idea was based on a network of schools found in the era of the arms race in the 60-ies of the last century for the identification and nurturing of mathematical and scientific elite in order to provoke the development of the USSR — written by the British media. — As in Russian schools, some of which are fixed in their positions today of, certain things will lead teachers or university students. "

"Role model" British media called physical-mathematical boarding school at Moscow State University, founded in 1963 by Andrei Kolmogorov.

Serious selection of students will be held on the basis of examination results, the end of summer courses and interviews. At the moment, King's College is developing a strategy for a new project.

100 days in the WTO. Nikita Sorokin ("Voice of Russia") Said that not long ago had passed unnoticed in principle date — 100 days membership of Russia into the global trade organization. What experts think about it?

Director of the Information Office on Russia's accession to the WTO Portansky Alex says:

"For our partners for foreign investors to Russia's WTO membership makes clear, internationally recognized rules of the game. In other words, the predictability of the trade regime. This is very crucial for the business, is crucial for planning any contacts, links, and contracting for a long time. "

For foreign business accession of Russia to the WTO — it first opened the door to the Russian market, says a senior analyst at "Alpari" Daria Zhelannova. Russian market is a very broad, because, of course, it is for the foreign business quite a lot of enthusiasm. Since the barriers to entry are reduced, foreign firms will be able to establish a simplified scheme here subsidiaries and open consulates.

But, with the entry into the WTO and Russia are waiting for the difficulties involves the head of the Department of Planning of the individual cash money group "BCS" Natalia Smirnova:

"I do not see that with the entry into WTO, we have opened up some new horizons, new and much much more in comparison with what we had before. All the same, just slightly procedures will be simplified and taxes will go down a little bit. Just be a bit easier to export what previously could be exported, and that — everything. If we talk about the WTO, I see faster more minuses than pluses, as our market will be able to more easily enter foreign firms with which our Russian companies will not be able to compete. "

Vladimir Putin during the meeting of the Russian Security Council has recently said that the entry into the WTO does not mean abandoning the policy of support for the state of the economy. The President advised the bureaucrats, and along with businessmen to take an example from "old-timers WTO", which act very sophisticated and does not violate.

So Makar, we would add, Russia urgently needs to follow the example of China, and not from the Ukraine, which the WTO had a difficult life.

The cost of victory. About the contest "Miss Earth" to "IN" commented on Saturday — at "Results of the week". And yesterday corr. "Vesti" Boris Sobolev released information not only about the price victories in various competitions of beauty, and of the origin of the vast majority of winners. It turned out that the geographical balance of tight "correlated" with corruption …

"Every year in the Russian industry of beauty happens around the 10-ka of opposite ends of the state and to weave regional. In fact, they are all like "Beauty of Russia", conducted by means of the so-called wealthy man, in other words, wealthy lovers contestants. Cases to a similar show on at least some of pochetaemyh jury stood up, slammed the door or refused envelope with a fee, we do not know. "

"We have such competition — it can be purchased at all with guts. "Miss Moscow" — 300 thousand dollars. And "Beauty of Russia" — 300-500. That is so here. In other words, 300 — certainly means that the remainder can negotiate. This is the first place ", — says on hidden camera director beauty contest" Miss Moscow ", the deputy director of the All-Russian Public Movement" Russian Beauty "Zinaida Baldanova.

"Some fly 14 hours with 2 transfers, and here it is — the capital of the Philippines lures. Here, too, love the very measure beauty. Not a week goes by, that in the coastal clubs did not select any one more "Orgasm Queen" or "Princess wet T-shirt." In general, held on November 24 in Manila, the end of the international contest "Miss Earth" — the event, as they say, quite another order. "

Reporters looked around: the contest of the top three, competing with "Miss World" and "Miss Universe". It has a brand Filipino businesswoman Lorraine Schuck.

"If you examine the origin of the winners of the three major global beauty contests in the last 15-20 years, it turns out mind-boggling pattern: up to 70 percent of all prizes take girls from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil. In other words, more than in any other country of the b
lack money and corruption traditions, the more often it krosotki achieve recognition in the international arena. "

Mrs. Shaq deigned to take in his cottage people who introduced themselves messengers of Russian oligarch.

"Everything is painfully simple. You've heard about the Russian oligarchs? So now, some of them, our chef is ready to part with 2 million bucks. Over two million of his protege will of the Queen of your competition? "- Asks the journalist with hidden camera.

"I can not promise" — meets Lorraine Schuck. <…>

Telephone conversation with Moscow.

"What if we offer more? At the moment, a voice from Moscow, the president of our group — a generous man. He agreed to double the amount, "- asks the reporter.

"Oh my God! This is a completely different story! I would go so "- is responsible Lorraine Schuck.

"Therefore, the cost issue — four million bucks, your word?" — Asks the reporter.

"Well, yes …"

The N. Pereverzeva journalist asks: "If you find out that the title of" Miss Earth "is sold for a few million bucks, you will b paid?" She replies:

"Oh my God, what a terrible question! Of course not. And none of the women would not have paid. At these competitions compete in beauty and soul and body, but not in the thickness of the purse. "

Boris Sobolev writes:

"And it says the bearer of the title" Miss Moscow 2010 ". The winning rate there recall — 300 thousand dollars. Also, the winner of the contest "Beauty of Russia-2011". There's the cost of the Grand Prix is from three hundred thousand dollars and up to half a million. "

For our Natasha and her passages about the poor of, observes journalist, now, no one seems to care. Natalia Pereverzeva reads:

"Of course, I came here to win and do not get stuck in the semifinals. I am sorry that I appreciated so timid, I did everything I could. "

Natalia Pereverzeva entered the twenty finish. The list and photos of the winners can look, for example, here.

Shooting in Florida. Roman Mamonov and Svetlana Maksimenko ("Voice of Russia") Told about some incidents of "Black Friday" in the U.S..

Around hypermarket «Walmart» in Tallahassee, Fla., two people were injured and hospitalized. The exchange of fire occurred because of a dispute about a parking spot at the store. The two men opened the score to the victims of the "Black Friday", the sale of shares in the beginning of the season.

In the hypermarket «Walmart» in Montreux, Ga., the frenzied mass of buyers out of control. Fortunately, the incident did without injury.

"Black Friday" in the U.S. will succeed, "Cyber Monday". As the corr. RIA "Novosti" Larisa Saenko, in the United States comes Cyber Monday — the peak of the shares of online sales, continuing the Christmas shopping season.

Market analysts expect that the one-day volume of online shopping in the United States set a new record — somewhere on the level of 2 billion dollars, or 12% more than in the previous year.

The range of vendors — almost 15 million items of products, discounts on other of their achieving 50%. Chain retailers vying announce "hot" deal — from toys to collapsible mansions.

The biggest discounts are offered for jewelry decoration: they achieve 70%, except for designer diamond jewelry, where dropping only 30%. Fell and the upper Something to Wear: it can be purchased for 40% of the original price.

Some retailers have opened the season of discounts previous week, making "Cyber Monday" to "kibernedelyu." State Retailers Association predicts that over the Christmas season izderzhut Americans to purchase retail products 586.1 billion dollars.

He has not believed in Santa. Progressive journalist Kurt Nimmo ( Writes:

"I asked Santa for, whether he believed he, as a child, in fairy tales, and he gave me this:

— No, not explorers beheld how Osama bin Laden was buried at sea. "

Under the Freedom of disk imaging, the agency «Associated Press» has received and published the correspondence on its proper electric-mail showing that South American sailors aboard the "Charles Winton" unlikely to have been eyewitnesses to the burial at sea of terrorist.

Unfortunately, says K. Nimmo, electric-mail messages, which represent the first public disclosure of state disk imaging on undocumented killings were very edited.

In the letter, allegedly written by an officer of the Navy United States, it is argued as if the body of Osama bin Laden washed and wrapped in white sheets («Daily Mail»). Another letter, allegedly sent by the municipal agent of the ship, reports that only a small group of people from the control of the vessel has been informed about the burial at sea. "The officer read prepared religious quotes, which were translated into Arabic by a native speaker. After a verbal farewell body was laid on a flat board, head up, and then the dead body slid into the sea, "- wrote Admiral Charles Gauett.

In the middle of the electric-mail recipients — Admiral Mike Mullen, the then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General James Mattis, the top officer of the U.S. Central Command.

The Pentagon does not have a certificate of death, autopsy report or the result of DNA tests to identify bin Laden.

"We will do everything we can to make sure that no one has any reason to deny that killed Osama bin Laden specifically" — read after the alleged murder of John Brennan, Obama's adviser on counter-terrorism.

Back in May of last year, the last State Department official Steve Pechenik said Alex Jones (, that the murder — is staging, "American theater of the absurd", and that all the photos fabricated.

Pechenik and others, says Nimmo, including members of the FBI and Israeli intelligence reported time and again that Osama was killed in late 2001, soon after the U.S. military invaded Afghanistan. December 26, 2001 a leading Pakistani newspaper published an article which stated: Bin Laden was killed in the middle of December and the Taliban, along with bureaucrats participated in the funeral. Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and Afghan President Hamid Karzai has also publicly stated in 2002 that Osama bin Laden was killed in 2001.

Earlier (4 May 2011) confirmed comrade Pechenik, that he is willing to reveal the name of a federal court order general who said to him that the attacks of 9/11 were "internal sabotage". He added that he was not a liberal, conservative or not a member of the "tea party", he is an ordinary Yankees, deeply concerned by the direction in which his country is heading.

Pechenik stated that the decision to "staging" was adopted for the sake of an artificial increase in ranking Obama: "This is an organized setting … people sit and stare comedy … the president … is like a zombie, and says that he has just killed Osama bin Laden — the man who had been dead nine years ago. "

"The American theater of the abs
urd", add, not so long ago, continued in the presidential elections. For example, in Wood County (Ohio), which has 98,213 people of the electorate voted for Mr. Obama 106258 voters (108%). Also in Ohio, two referees for the elections were caught with bundles of ballots for registered voters. Many voters of this state, having come to the polls were taken aback when they were told that they were … already voted. The same pattern was observed in several other states. In the vicinity of 10 Colorado registered more than 100% of the voters. In Wisconsin, "voters" Obama drove by bus from the adjoining states. In Nevada unions engaged in the registration of illegal immigrants at the same time forcing them to vote. Learn more — in the current review "Lesser Evil" as a principle of American democracy ".

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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