Geopolitical puzzle: the EU realized that there is an embargo against Iran embargo against the EU and Iran revealed the principles of the South American UAV RQ-170 «Sentinel»

Syria. According to unconfirmed reports, the Syrian army attacked one of the suburbs of Damascus — the city Duma. Reported on the use of tanks. Opposition members say that in the course of the fighting has killed two people. This writes "," with reference to "the Associated Press," which, in turn, refers to "human rights."

Geopolitical puzzle: the EU realized that there is an embargo against Iran embargo against the EU and Iran revealed the principles of the American UAV RQ-170 «Sentinel»

RIA "Novosti" conducting a survey on the topic: "Do you think that the Western media impartially cover operations in Syria?" The vast majority of users of the resource responds, "No".

The Syrians, as reported by "News", reportings not believe some Arab channels, for example, "Al-Jazeera" (Qatar). Quote:

"Syrians living in Kuwait do not believe reportings Arab TV channels, first Qatari" Al-Jazeera ". They say that when it is Tipo live from Homs about how the Syrian forces fired shells at the homes of innocent people, they really explode. But the explosions occur inside. Syrians in Kuwait require all look at these "attacks" closely to make sure that the videos "Al-Jazeera" rigged. The militants themselves lay the explosives and explosive devices later lead to action. "

Also "News" report that the Syrian authorities to Nekhel 322 militants have surrendered, vowing never to wage war against the government. They have all been released.

In the evening on April 21 the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution according to which the number of observers in Syria will be increased from 30 to 300 (","). Observers will have to spend three months in Syria.

In the European Union demand that Bashar al-Assad relinquish power and start the "peace process of transferring the mandatory features of provisional democratic structures" ("ITAR-TASS", Vyacheslav Anchikov). Now the EU at the meeting of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the European Union in Luxembourg undergo considering the introduction of new evrosanktsy against Syria. This is the fourteenth sanctions "package" from the EU.

Two of Sudan. Received information that in the end the fighting in the oil-rich border Heglig killed about four hundred South Sudanese military (RIA "Novosti" quoting "AFP" and the Sudanese government).

City Heglig yesterday left the whole population — 5,000 people ("," quoting "AFP" and a representative of the United Nations). Many of the refugees have no roof over their heads and now have to live under the open sky.

Recall that South Sudan invaded the area of fundamental strategic Heglig April 10, North Sudan began in response to the military action. April 22 Southern Sudanese troops were withdrawn from Heglig — in response to calls from the UN and the international community. But South Sudan loser did not recognize. (Meanwhile, as reported by ",", April 21 thousand people took to the streets of Khartoum to celebrate).

The formal prerequisite attack Southerners was the fact that the two sides have not agreed on the value which the Southerners had to pay for the transit of northerners own oil through the pipeline, which runs along the northern areas.

EU — Iran. The final decision on the complete oil embargo against Iran, the EU postponed until the end of May. Restrictive measures should come into force on July 1, and the decision to do so was to adopt today in Luxembourg. On it "News". Quote:

"According to the available disk imaging, has insisted on Italy and Greece, who fear that a final ban on imports of Iranian crude oil can significantly increase their costs of providing their own energy needs. The position of these states affects the need to implement stringent stabilization programs to reduce its own budget spending, which makes them maneuver the procurement of additional energy.

The EU accounts for about 20% of Iranian oil exports, its main beneficiaries are the Greece, Italy and Spain. Transport by tanker. "

More about Iran's oil strategy and raw difficulties in some EU countries, read the review "Iran: the fight against double standards".

Of course, that strategy Ahmadinejad — the introduction of Iran "kontrsanktsy" in Europe — began to bear fruit.

Iran. Tehran announced the development of a copy of the South American UAV RQ-170 «Sentinel». The Iranian military uncovered the mechanism of this drone. "," report the matter with reference to the statement by the head of the aerospace division of the Revolutionary Guards Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, which passed on April 22 the agency «Associated Press» referring to the Iranian news agency «Mehr». Quote:

"… The general also said that the Iranians managed to gain access to the disk imaging, which was stored in the computer systems RQ-170« Sentinel ». Earlier, U.S. officials, acknowledging the loss of the UAV, said that Tehran will not be able to use the technology because of the South American security decisions.

On Thursday, April 19, Adviser to the Minister of Defense of Iran Ahmad Karimpur said that many countries have requested information about Tehran's RQ-170 «Sentinel». According to the agency «Fars», referred to by the «Associated Press», «in a more brutal form of" enthusiasm for drone showed our homeland and China. "

France. Hollande is ahead of Sarkozy in the elections. This is reported ",". Quote:

"After treatment, almost 98 percent of the votes in the French presidential election on April 22, the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande, gaining 28.59 percent, and incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy — 27.09 percent. Such data referring to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France, are on the website of the newspaper Le Monde ».

Marine Le Pen in third place.

Our homeland — China. April 22 Russia and China have begun joint naval exercises "Sea cooperation — 2012". This is reported "," citing "ITAR-TASS" and press service of the Defense Ministry. Quote:

"The purpose of the exercise is to develop targets for the common defense and security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. The maneuvers are carried out in the Yellow Sea off the coast of Shandong Province.

Exercises will be held in two phases and will end on April 27. In the first step, the forces of the Russian Navy and the Navy of the PLA of China will fulfill tasks of basic training for staffs and ship calculations. In the second step of the exercise participants will fulfill a number of maneuvers in special
ly designated areas, namely, the joint air defense exercises and conducting search and rescue operations. "

Afghanistan — the United States. Kabul and Washington have agreed on April 22 and approved the contract on strategic partnership, which will regulate the affairs of 2-states after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in late 2014. About this report "," quoting "Agence France-Presse."

Currently in Afghanistan is 130,000 servicemen Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF). The declared their mission — to help the Afghan government in the fight against the movement "Taliban".

England. One of the pilots of the British Coast Guard Shetland Islands was suspended from flying — for what flew to the butcher to the Orkney Islands ("," with reference to the «The Shetland Times»). Already the second time he flies on the service helicopter flight training after the end of the butcher, the steaks which are very good. Now the pilot was removed from service. On the flight over the Scottish steaks crew became clear through the video, which was posted on the «YouTube». At the moment, the video file is deleted.

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