Geopolitical puzzle: the Israelis are preparing for chemical warfare, and in Breivik in the bullpen has a bedroom, an office and a gym

A hard life "agents Russian citizens." The Ministry of Justice promises to force the non-profit organization does not comply with recently adopted law on NGOs receiving foreign funding. How to Say "Interfax" the press service of the Ministry of Justice, if the respective organizations will agree to plead a "foreign agent", it will stop work for up to six months. If more stubborn NGOs will continue to break the law, their executives can sit in jail.

"The responsibility for willful failure to fulfill the obligations specified by the legislation of the Russian Federation on non-profit organizations acting as a foreign agent, will be provided by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation", — said the "Interfax" the representative of the Ministry of Justice.

Yet some NGOs said they would boycott the law.

Capital Helsinki Group, for example, a "foreign agent" is not called longs. So as not to fall under the new law, MHG renounces Western grants and crosses to raise funds through the Web. The head of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alexeeva told "Interfax": "We will try to start the latest era — to work on Russian resources. We'll have to limit the utilities that reduce staff. "

Geopolitical puzzle: the Israelis are preparing for chemical warfare, and in Breivik in prison have a bedroom, an office and a gym

Another tireless fighter for human rights in Russia, the emperor Ponomarev, a favorite of the movement "For Human Rights" told "Interfax": "We will never be agents and will not submit to this law. We — agents Russian people. We will continue to receive foreign grants, and we read about it openly. "

We would add: "agents of Russian citizens," receiving "foreign grants" — that is, of course, sounds good.

Shelling of Tell al. Syrian troops fired artillery and rocket bombardment of al-Tel — a northern suburb of Damascus. As the ",", Referring to "Reuters" (agency sources — opposition), on Wednesday night hundreds of families have left the area.

According to al-Tieliu, as reported by sources produced an average of projectile per minute. This suburb was captured by rebels last week.

America does not have enough intelligence. As reported from Washington corr. Itar-Tass Kirsanov, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking to reporters, expressed confidence that with the passage of time, part of the area of Syria will come out from under the control of the government and in the hands of the opposition.

The captured territory, Clinton said, "will provide the basis for future actions of the opposition." In general, Bashar al-Assad, according to Clinton, still has the ability to hold talks with the opposition on the transfer of power.

But, according to the newspaper "Washington Post", the Obama administration is experiencing an acute shortage of disk imaging intelligence on the situation in Syria. U.S. intelligence, incidentally, to this day is not for myself, what are the forces of opposition. And the lack of data makes it difficult to force the American side, aimed at Assad's removal from power.

In other words, at the moment, as well as half a year back, when Hillary Clinton publicly admitted he did not know what the Syrian opposition (unlike Libya), America still believes that the will of the opposition itself is the will of the Syrian people.

To find out more about the opposition, the Stars and Stripes democracy advocates have resorted to the tried and tested techniques.

According disk imaging "Washington Post", the U.S. intelligence agencies in recent months have expanded efforts to gather information: caught talks on the phone and radio, electric-mail correspondence, intensely monitored by satellites. Tapped the talks as government officials and opposition leaders who themselves have passed the United States and encrypted communication.

It is also noted that the CIA had failed to enter the operational staff in Syria, unlike Libya. Because Washington is dependent in obtaining of intelligence from Jordan, Turkey and other regional allies.

Putin's plan. The President of the Russian Federation said that the removal of Assad from power must be the consequence of negotiation rather than intervention by the UN Security Council, "" (Margarita Vysotskaya) with reference to RIA "Novosti".

At a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, Vladimir Putin said: "We believe that the order should be next: an end to violence, negotiation, search solutions, the definition of the constitutional foundations of the future of society, and only then — the structural configurations, and not the contrary. On the contrary there will be chaos. " He added: "We do not want to see the situation developing on the bloodiest civilian war scenario, and it would have lasted for many years, it is not clear, as in Afghanistan."

Asked what role in this regard awaits President Assad, Putin replied, "Find strength within themselves to organize the negotiation process."

As for the Italian Prime Minister, he, on the contrary, Russian president campaigned for the creation of a transitional government as soon as possible. As an example, he cited the Lebanese version. The initiator of such a decision would constitute just the UN. And only the voices of the Russian Federation "for" not enough. "The most advisable the use of options, which has already been used in Lebanon, I mean the formation of a transitional government that includes all components of Syrian society — said Mr Monti. — The adoption of such a decision in the UN would be unworkable without a respective support from Russia. "

Turkish media about the situation in Syria. "Inosmi" provided an overview of the Turkish press on the Syrian issue.

The newspaper «Zaman» regards the extension of the mission and the introduction of Russia and China veto as giving Assad additional "period of 30 days long."

«Milliyet» notes that the support of Russia and China in the Security Council Al-Assad can not be endless. The Syrian army is falling apart, the opposition are kept under control all the huge area, because of the Russian Federation will have to agree to the formula "Syria without Assad": it can only minimize harm Moscow's interests in the region.

«Zaman» leads the statement of the SNA Seida, according to which the veto of Russia and China "painfully perceived by the Syrian people." According to the views of the emperor, Our home has a moral and legal responsibility for the killing of Syrians Russian cannon.

As the «Yeni Mesaj», the Russian Federation for the Syrian conflict — the question of prestige, because it would not abandon its own policy in the region. Those countries that have changed regimes in the framework of the "Greater Middle East" and the "Arab Spring" zeroed Russian influence. And if our home and give up on the Syrian issue, it will lose the match on the "arm wrestling" the United States.

The Iranian press about
Russian role in the Syrian issue.
Along with the Turkish survey "Inosmi" presented and Iranian.

«Mardom salari» and «Jam-e Jam» emit expression Orlov, the Russian ambassador in Paris, the willingness to abandon Assad's presidency — and the subsequent denial of this in Syria. This indicates, according to the views of newspapers, a consistency in the actions of Russian and Syrian sides.

«Javan» notes that Orlov's words were misinterpreted by Western and Arab media that support the Syrian opposition, and the Russian salting not read about Assad's willingness to leave his post. The same publication noted that the Western media do not stand on ceremony, vbrasyvaya newspaper "duck." These outlets move to Moscow spouses Assad served as occurred event.

The newspaper «Mellat» says veto Our homeland is determined to support the Assad regime and to do everything in order to "show their strength and the Yankees start the latest cool war with the United States." According to the publication, "Russia wants to show America its role in the world and prove to everyone that she is no longer that which was after the collapse of the USSR."

Changeling Assad ally? Yesterday "Sight", citing "Agence France-Presse", narrated that the Syrian opposition is ready to discuss the transfer of power to some members of the ruling Assad regime — for a transitional period.

There was a quote from the statement of the representative of the SNA George Sabra (RIA "News"): "We agree on the care-Assad and his transfer of power to the representative of a regime that will govern the country during the transitional period."

"," said to refute that statement. The representative of Syria, the State Council Basma Kodmani denied the statement made earlier by George Sabra, "We do not consider the option, in which the government of national unity could lead supporter of the regime."

It is also noted that the Syrian authorities said they were not ready to go on the transfer of power from Assad to any of his followers.

Opposition members were taken hostage. As the "Reedus' with reference to RIA "News" and the Lebanese TV channel "Al-Mayadin" unknown persons captured a group of Syrian opposition figures who arrived in Lebanon.

The responsibility for the abduction has taken the group "Saraya al-Mukhtar al-Sakafi." The purpose of the campaign: an exchange for kidnapped Lebanese pilgrims who were taken hostage, "the Syrian revolutionaries province of Aleppo." Until now, the pilgrims remain in custody. The rebels decided to keep them in captivity until such time as the regime of Bashar al-Assad is not overthrown.

Chemical weapon against the invaders. Democratizers very afraid of Syrian chemical weapons. And Syria has decided to scare potential occupiers even more. As the "" (Alexander Korchnitsky) with reference to RIA "Novosti", Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Maqdisi warned: "Syria could use chemical weapon only in the event of foreign aggression."

Geopolitical puzzle: the Israelis are preparing for chemical warfare, and in Breivik in prison have a bedroom, an office and a gym

Comrade Maqdisi said that their own people to poison chemical weapon troops will not.

On the background of gloomy statements Israel began to prepare for chemical warfare. "News" report that the Israelis are panicking: sweep the shelves of chemical protection suits and gas masks.

Bulk purchases in stores began after Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Syria has chemical weapons stores. "News" cite the words of one Israeli woman: "The air smelled of war, just as one can be faster to protect themselves."

In May of this year «The Washington Post», reminiscent of the "Vesti", wrote that in Syria there are more than 5 well-protected warehouses with chemical weapons. Available Damascus has several tons of mustard gas and nerve gases act.

Iran knows what to do. If world powers do not end up pressure on Tehran, it will raise the level of enrichment of uranium to 56%, the "Interfax".

Assistant favorite Supreme Ayatollah Khamenei Takavi Reza said: "Iran is able to enrich uranium to 20% level, but if they (world powers. -" Interfax ") will continue to put pressure on us, we will raise the level of enrichment up to 56%" .

This is a dangerous statement was made the other day of the coming meeting of the Istanbul deputy secretary of the Supreme State Security Council of Iran, Ali Bagheri and Deputy High Representative of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy Helga Schmidt.

Negotiations without progress. "Rosbalt" reports that in the Istanbul talks, "six" of international mediators and Tehran over Iran's nuclear programs from there is no progress.

"We have proposed numerous solutions. The debate emerged around the issue of uranium enrichment. France, obviously, refers to the goodwill of the fact that Iran has gained access to the peaceful atom, but not for nuclear weapons, "- said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

Other details of the media do not lead.

Iraqi attacks. As reported by "" (Daniel Arsenyev), a series of terrorist attacks occurred on July 23 in Baghdad, and seventeen other towns of Iraq. From the explosions and car bombs in clashes killed 107 people and wounded was 216.

Explosions occurred with a difference of a few hours. Blow was struck more by the security forces and government officials.

Namely, 13 Iraqi soldier was killed in a morning attack militants on a military base in the province of Salah Din. In government buildings in the Iraqi capital, a bomb exploded. The street car exploded, causing 16 people were killed outright.

One of the bloodiest attacks of July 22-23 was made in the town of Taji. 5 houses exploded, killing 17 people. Law enforcement forces rushed to rescue the wounded, and there blew himself up in a mass suicide bomber, killing 11 more people.

Afghan poisoners. As passed yesterday corr. ITAR-TASS Roman Poderv'yansky, in Farah province in western Afghanistan thirteen police officers defected to the Taliban. Deserters brought with them a tool, equipment, and transportation.

The official dealer of the provincial governor Abdul Rahman Zvanday said that the head of the checkpoint in the village of Sheba County Bala Boluk and 12 of his subordinates were also poisoners. These deserters have poisoned seven of their own colleagues who refused to join him. The fugitives have taken a multi-purpose vehicle "Hammer", a jeep, radio stations and 20 units of firearms.

The special operation in Tajikistan. As a result, the operation in the districts of the town of Khorog in eastern Tajikistan 30 militants were killed and 40 others were detained. In the middle of the siloviki — 12 dead, the wounded about 20. About that now r
eport to "News".

Law enforcement agencies continue to pursue militants. Before security forces have a goal: to take him alive or dead Tolib Ayembekova. The authorities accuse him of involvement in the murder of Major General Abdullo Nazarov national security, committed by July 21.

RIA "Novosti", Recalling the "Khovar" recalls that Nazarov was killed on the way back from a business trip from Ishkashim on arrival in the city of Khorog. "Preliminary investigation revealed that the sin committed by members of illegal armed groups, led by the inhabitant of the town of Khorog Tolib Ayembekova," — said in a statement.

Under the management of offenders Ayembekova foraged drug smuggling tobacco and precious stones. On their account — a number of serious and very serious crimes.

Hindus, Muslims avenged fully. During the last days of the conflict between the inhabitants of the Indian state of Assam and Muslim migrants from Bangladesh, has claimed more than 30 lives, reports "RBC" with reference to the «Reuters».

Because of the fires burned hundreds of villages Fri 5 in the state. The police intervened in the conflict, opened fire on the locals, who were suspected to commit arson. 4 people were killed.

On the same day offenders, religious affiliation are not specified, stopped the train and its passengers maimed.

Suppressing acts of another group of robbers, police opened fire on the mass of 400. Injuring several people.

"RBC" recalls that the conflict between locals and migrants moved to the active stage on July 20. Representatives of the ethnic Bodo, 90% of whom are Hindus, Muslims attacked since found them guilty of murdering four of their own tribesmen.

More fighter for the Olympics! According to reports from London corr. ITAR-TASS Alexander Poderv'yansky, Referring to the newspaper "The Independent", look for the security of the Olympics will be almost twice as many British soldiers involved than in Afghanistan.

The order in London will support 18.2 thousand troops. For comparison: the number of UK troops in Afghanistan achieves only 9.5 million people.

The Executive Director of the English Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Paul Deighton said: "We are trying to reduce the possibility of unexpected events. During the three day or prior to the beginning we want to be sure that we do not have to worry about the circumstances. "

In addition to military and security officials in civilian guard at the London Olympics will be 12.5 thousand police officers. They were instructed to be poprivetlivee with visitors to the Olympic venues.

Burgas bomber read in Russian. This was said by investigators taxi driver who drove out of the terrorist in Pomorie Ravda, transfers "" (Stepan Ivanov).

Police learned that the day before the attack of a suicide bomber in a braked «Hotel Perfekt» in Varna in the company of ladies. Coupled with her police now looking for more of the 1st alleged accomplice of the terrorist — the description of eyewitnesses, "a man with a rather short haircut and a strong accent."

Who is a terrorist clear that he was not a citizen of Bulgaria and arrived in the country of Romania with forged documents of a U.S. citizen.

",", Bulgarian news agency citing the "Sofia" and «France-Presse», passes by the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov, who said that in the suicide bomber had accomplices.

"They arrived in the country in the month before the attack, constantly changed the rental car and lived in different towns: external surveillance cameras never recorded together," — said Borisov. In his view, a terrorist associates are of the highest professionalism.

Borisov also said investigators were unable to identify the bomber by global databases — and this despite the fact that they were his fingerprints and DNA.

On how the Bulgarians in the Swedish forests harvested berries. Hundreds of workers from Bulgaria were in the Swedish forests. The fact is that some enterprising gentlemen asked them to collect fruits to earn extra money. But on arrival it became clear that no one is going to provide housing for immigrants, reports "," with reference to «France-Presse».

Migrants set up a tent camp near the village of Mehedebyu (county of Uppsala.)

According to the local agency "TT", about 100 collectors berries showed up and about in the adjacent village Svabensverk Elena Gävleborg. In the forest they were taken by truck, and they have nowhere to live.

Placed into custody 43-year-old man, by hypothesis, the Bulgarians: he is suspected of involvement in trafficking. Migrants told that this particular emperor had assured them to go to Sweden to pick berries — and promised to pay the money.

Vpribavok revealed that this year — lean on berries. Berries in the woods is not there.

Breivik settled comfortably. ITAR-TASS, referring to the Norwegian media, ignorant of the temporary transfer of a killer Anders Breivik another bullpen Ila in jail — Skien. Transfer period — 10 weeks.

In recent terrorist bullpen available, as in the old, will have three rooms: a bedroom, an exercise room and a study.

And in the bullpen Ila, where previously contained a killer, meanwhile, will hold a repair of premises for Breivik.

Venezuela out of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. This was announced on Tuesday, Hugo Chavez, reports corr. RIA "Novosti" Dmitry Znamenskii with reference to the AVN.

"This is unfeasible tribunal again hurt the dignity of the Venezuelan people, the world needs to know about it, and we come out of this organization for the sake of respect of our dignity," — said comrade Chavez.

Chavez has not attracted nedavneshny verdict of the court on the case of the organizer of explosions at diplomatically representative of Colombia and Spain committed in Caracas in 2003, the Inter-American Tribunal found that the Venezuelan authorities are responsible for the ruthless cry and infringement of personal integrity against attacks artist Raul Diaz Peña .

In a statement, the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this regard notes that the Inter-American Court of Human Rights has found his involvement in the "politics of Washington to protect the terrorists that are attacking the peoples of our America."

RIA "Novosti" recalls that before Chavez has proposed to withdraw Venezuela from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. This proposal was supported by the Parliament.

Portrait of Bolivar. How to say today "News", Hugo Chavez on air municipal television presented a three-dimensional portrait of Simon Bolivar.

Two years scientists come in handy to ensure that the structure of skull exhumed Liberator return appearance of the hero of the struggle for the independence of Latin America from Spanish rule. Also, the Liberator's personal page appeared in «Facebook».

Mitt Romney believes that leaks disk imaging in the Obama administration just will not happen. Rival Barack Obama in the presidential election claimed to investigate the leak hidden disk imaging on the elimination of Osama bin Laden, the transmitting "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

According to Romney, you need to organize a committee for the "immedi
ate and full investigation of leaks hidden disk imaging related to matters of national security."

"Those who searches for political gain, disclosing hidden information must be exposed, dismissed and punished" — saw Romney. "It's not about playing the guerrillas, but a decline in the area of national security. At stake are the lives of Americans, "- he added.

At the headquarters of Mr. Romney explained that, in his opinion, the administration of diversion "for the creation of the voters (positive) style of Barack Obama."

«Skype» in the version of «Microsoft» «knocks" on users? Not so long ago «Skype» was one of the services which the interception was unenforceable, that did not like law enforcement. But after like a "Skype" was replaced by the owner, everything changed.

As reported by "News" (Anastasia Yurenkova) after «Microsoft» bought «Skype» for $ 8.5 billion dollars, it became clear: the company received a patent on the technology of "lawful interception" that allows you to copy information secretly transmitted during communication sessions.

Tehnoblog «Slate» notes that unrealistic to say, he began to «Skype» already use this technology or not. A direct question to «Microsoft» refused to answer. Assumption is imposed: from users to hide the truth.

The company said that the configurations in the program are ordinary modifications of the product, and there is no reason to believe that the service has started to fulfill the requirements of the Government of tapping. The representative of the «Skype» Chaim Haas said: «VoIP-service cooperates with law enforcement, as it is legally and at the technical level possible."

Without giving direct answers to these questions about the "tapping" the company «Microsoft» promotes the emergence of the various rumors. Experts recommend the company to release a report on the provision of disk imaging governmental body. In the "Microsoft" could take as reference documents published on this «Google» and «Twitter», that its cooperation with the "authorities" do not hide.

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