Geopolitical puzzle: the militants from Lebanon failed to break into Syria, and Big Brother in America has mastered the cellular

In Afghanistan, the Russian pilot died. As passed yesterday "Interfax", citing a source in the aviation industry, last week in Afghanistan, about 60 kilometers from Kandahar, crashed helicopter Mi-8 MTV with the Russian-Belarusian crew.

Geopolitical puzzle: the militants from Lebanon failed to break into Syria, and Big Brother in America has mastered the cellular

When boarding the helicopter touched the enclosure and fell from a height of several meters. Died mechanic — a citizen of the Russian Federation, with the impact falling out of a helicopter. Commander (a citizen of Belarus), and the second pilot (Russian) were taken to the hospital in Kabul and then transported to a burn center in Krasnodar.

Lebanese militants will not pass! Syrian troops repelled the attack yesterday, the Lebanese terrorist groups.

"News" citing ITAR-TASS report that gunmen opened fire from positions near the border crossing Hormush, El Armuta, Al-Arida and bridges Abu Suveyid and Kumar. Syrian soldiers opened fire on the attackers back to control pt. During the exchange of fire was wounded Syrian border guard.

The informational bulletin says: "The enemy suffered heavy damage. Samples failed to break into the area of Syria in jeeps with mounted machine guns mnogokalibernymi them. Militants have reversed and took refuge in Lebanon. "

Russian project. Our homeland brought it to the UN Security Council own draft resolution on Syria. As reported by "," with reference to RIA "Novosti", this project provides for an extension of stay of international observers in Syria for three months.

According to First Deputy constant representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Alexander Pankin, "core charge" proposed resolution "is to support the efforts of Kofi Annan and the agreements that were reached in Geneva at a meeting of the action group."

Sixth delegation. Our homeland is now starting a dialogue with the Syrian State Council (SNC). About this report ITAR-TASS.

According to Chairman of the Federation Council's international affairs Misha Margelov, in Moscow for the first time comes SNA delegation led by Abdel Basset Sidoy. "SNA — the most serious opposition organization, which is a broader political gamut — Margelov said comrade. — They represent the "Damascus Declaration", the Islamists, liberals, Kurds, Assyrians, representatives of tribes, Christians and are independent citizens. " He added: "Until that time, Russian authorities did not recognize the SNA and SNA did not offer to start negotiations with Moscow." The head of the committee singled out: "That is why this visit is to begin a dialogue with the real power, which is now ready to begin the settlement of the conflict by political dialogue."

Now SNA delegation will hold talks with the Committee of the Federation Council on international affairs, chaired by Margelov. Also scheduled consultations at the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

This is the sixth delegation of the Syrian opposition, which in the past 12 months are Russian senators. According to Margelov, since June last year in Moscow visited the so-called. "Syrian human rights defenders" of America, the party "Damascus Declaration", "Muslim Brotherhood" representatives "inside" the Syrian opposition, members of the State Coordination Committee for Democratic Change and the Popular Front for Change and Liberation.

Hope Department of State. Put their trust in America that started yesterday trek ships of the Russian Navy, providing a stop in Tartus, is not related to the armed conflict in Syria. This was announced at a briefing for journalists of South American Foreign Ministry spokesman Patrick Ventrella, transfers corr. Itar-Tass Kirsanov.

The official dealer of the U.S. State Department said: "We beheld reports that the Russian Navy ships are sent to Syria. We also beheld messages in which, with reference to the Russian authorities said that these ships will visit the port of Tartus for refueling, and that it is not related to the conflict in Syria. Naturally, we pin our hopes, that's true. "

Ventrella saw that the Americans were "in contact with the Russians" about the alleged call warships to Syria. According Ventrella, the U.S. government does not seem to have enough disk imaging over the fact "that may occur at the base in Tartus."

Expressing South American hopes and complaining about the shortage disk imaging, Mr. Ventrella also called on Russia to "use his influence" to achieve "change the behavior of the regime" in Damascus.

Japan protests. That Comrade Medvedev at the Congress of Kunashir, the Chinese will sail around the Senkaku: continuous concern for the land of the rising sun. After all, no matter where you roll the eyes, around the Japanese countryside.

Corr. ITAR-TASS Igor Belyaev reports from Tokyo that the salting of China was summoned to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and there he declared their opposition — because of the fact that three Chinese ship now included in those territorial waters, which Japan claims as its own. The incident happened near the ships Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu).

1st Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Land of the Rising Sun Kenichiro Sasae highlighted: "The invasion of foreign territorial waters — this is very serious. And such incidents are unacceptable for our party. "

In general, Chinese salted in Tokyo was not born yesterday and said that the Diaoyu Islands "are a territory of China", and why the Chinese ships are free to walk in the nearby waters.

Eggs for the presidential brother. RIA "Novosti" referring to the agency, "Yonhap" reported that police in South Korea now detain former member of parliament Lee Sang-Duc — elder brother of President Lee Myung-bak. Earlier, the tribunal had issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of bribery.

From 2007 to 2011, Lee Sang-Duc, according to the investigation, received from banks «Solomon Savings Bank» and «Mirae Savings Bank», found themselves in a difficult financial situation, the amount of about 600 million won (about 525 thousand dollars). For this bribe he has promoted two betrothed banks to avoid the planned audit and sanctions by the authorities.

When Lee Sang-Duc came to the court, "Novosti", throwing eggs at him by those who had lost their bank deposits.

Pirate Mickey Mouse. As the RIA "Novosti" with reference to "the Associated Press," and the U.S. State Department official dealer Patrick Ventrella, yesterday called on the U.S. authorities to respect the rights of the DPRK's website. The reason for such statements served as a concert in Pyongyang, which was Kim Jong Un.

At a concert held view to the role of the characters dressed in costumes of her toons cast.

The company «Walt Disney» said she did not give permission for a demon
stration of their own cartoons and performance.

Scottish independence is no longer interested. The number of Scots who approve of the idea of separation from England, markedly decreased in comparison with the previous year. These are the results of the survey «TNS BMRB», transfers ",".

If a year earlier advocated for the independence of Scotland 39% of its inhabitants, 38% were against, and undecided — 23%, then in July 2012 for separation "voted" 30% of respondents, against — 50%, undecided 20%.

According to the views of local observers, the publication of the results of the survey was a serious blow to the First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, who defends the idea of independence. Changing public opinion says that his campaign for the office could not achieve success.

Bulgarian recognition. Bulgaria has officially recognized the so-called. "Neutral documents" that the Georgian authorities are made for the people of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. On this, as reported by "," with reference to "Our Abkhazia," said Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze — following his meeting with the Bulgarian officer.

Geopolitical puzzle: the militants from Lebanon failed to break into Syria, and Big Brother in America has mastered the cellular

Mr. Vashadze said: "This is a very fundamental news, and I am convinced that the recognition of the document continues." He also said that the negotiations on the recognition of the "neutral passports" are under way with other countries.

Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikolay Mladenov, in turn, saw that these documents have been widely recognized abroad, "will contribute to the best possible reintegration of Georgia."

In general, "neutral passports" that are recognized today by Japan, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland and the United States, especially popular in Abkhazia and South Ossetia is not in use. As of March 2012, which resulted portal "Georgia Online», civilian Registry Agency of Georgia was given about 80 "neutral identity" and 9 "neutral travel documents."

Budding Italian-Russian helicopter. As has transferred yesterday from Farnborough ARMS-TASS, holding company "Helicopters of Russia" and the Italian company «AgustaWestland» (group of "Finmeccanica") signed a preliminary agreement to jointly develop, manufacture and sale of single-engine helicopter promising weight 2.5 tons

The implication is that the helicopter will be sold on the world market and has been extensively exploited in various fields.

ARMS-TASS recalls that in 2010, "Agusta Westland" and "Helicopters of Russia" in a joint venture "Helivert" to assemble AW139 helicopters at a plant in Tomilino.

Comrade Adomanis knows what country are looking for real! Recognizable columnist Mark Adomanis in the journal "Forbes" (Source of translation — "Inosmi") Criticized Article by Anna Nemcova, placed in «The Daily Beast» and dedicated "Putin's Russia" and "ears" that are out there in the Russian Federation itself, have office wall.

Adomanis quoted Nemtsov:

"But at the moment, many Russians from the middle class as ever afraid that the walls have ears. Changed only the alleged organizers of the surveillance. As indicated by the study of the capital nedavneshnee Recruitment HeadHunter, more than half of Russians with wages more than 6,600 dollars a month — in other words with a solid middle-class income, fear that employers read their electric-mail, chat, Google, Facebook messages and personal notes in Twitter. The richer and more on the Status of an employee, according to the agency, the more often he (or she) thinks that his (or her) superiors engaged in spying.

Of the more than 7,000 respondents 12% believe that their employer was reading personal blogs, in what could be bad comments about the management. Nearly 50% report that they reprimanded for seeking the best performance in the web during working hours. More than 60% of those who believe that they are being watched, they say that they were called "on the carpet" for a nasty conversation, while 8% admit that they were fired as a result of not conforming, on the views of employers, the behavior of the computer …

Hard to say how often Russian employers spy on their employees. Almost all memory such surveillance may be the result of a longish and tortured history with the KGB. "

Adomanis believes that Nemtsov understand anything bad in the economy. The median wage in the U.S. in 2010 was about 26,500 dollars, and our homeland, in his view, poorer America, and wage it below. Hence the 6600 bucks for a month — wages are not the middle class. Adomanis recommends Nemcova define a similar class in the non-economic categories (for example, "creative" or "anti-Putin class").

Also surprised by the one-sidedness of Article columnist Nemcova.

If she writes of, why not mention — for the sake of comparison — the democratic Western countries, where incidentally, "employers often spy on their employees, and to do this they practically nothing legally prevents. It looks like she does not know — says Adomanis — that the conduct in which she writes, is found in the United States, everywhere and often completely covered by the media. In fact, the event that Russian employers are paying more attention to the surveillance of their payroll slaves, says not so much that the backward Our homeland is mired in the Russian past, but about the fact that she is stronger resembles the Western countries. "

Comrade Adomanis cited several "egregious examples of employers' surveillance in the country, the history of which had neither Lenin nor the KGB, nor of this nasty, nasty Vladimir Putin."

In the U.S., private detectives hired to spy on employees, misused sick leave, almost two-thirds of companies that track down what web sites are visited by their employees, more than half (52%) of organizations looking electric Mail employees and approximately every fifth company is looking for instantaneous messaging own employees; rising in the U.S. market software designed "to control security and data collection", according to the American Management Association, 45% of U.S. employers to not only track down previewed in the web content, and pressing buttons (!) also the time that employees spend at the keyboard, and in America there is even control surveillance of employees. Also M. Adomanis cites an article by the American Bar Association, in which reaffirmed that "control of the web and the introduction of employees of electric-mail address — this is the right tool to help avoid lawsuits." In the end, it gives a link to the article attorney from the State Labor Relations Board, and in this article clearly states: "Personal introduction of an employee of an electric-mail address of the employer or web access is not protected by law."

Position and Russian, and American workers, said Adomanis, characterized by the fact that those other there is virtually no rights to "privacy" when it comes to the use of the Web in the workp
lace. "This is a fundamentally — writes columnist — and this must be read, but obviously not in the style of," Look at those stupid, retarded Russian! Their employers use spyware programs from! "

One million three hundred thousand. On the resource «End the Lie» Madison Ruppert published an article "U.S. mobile phone company only in 2011, responded to 1,300,000 requests for disk imaging of subscribers."

According to the latest data on mobile companies from Congressman Ed Markey (Mass.), the company responded to the huge number — 1,300,000 — requests received from law enforcement authorities with respect to disk imaging on subscribers.

Documentation, purchased from companies «AT & T», «C Spire», «Leap and Cricket», «MetroPCS», «Sprint», «T-Mobile», «TracFone», «US Cellular» and «Verizon», the first steel time available to the public and justified, as is widely spread practice of monitoring citizens.

Geopolitical puzzle: the militants from Lebanon failed to break into Syria, and Big Brother in America has mastered the cellular

More concerned about the creator of articles that one request can lead to outright Weave the people who will be caught in a "network of government." Law enforcement agencies can gain access to all the phone numbers that are connected to a certain cell in a certain period of time. This was told David Kravets. And he explained: "For example, if the police find lust man who broke the window under protest" Occupy ", it can get a phone number and identifying data of all the protesters with mobile phones in the area at that time — and to use the data for other purposes" .

For many years, reports Ruppert, cellular companies in the U.S. flatly refuses to provide the public with information about the frequency of requests of law enforcement.

Curiously enough there and then, says the journalist that similar information of the company passed the police did not gratuitous. For example, in 2007 «AT & T» has received 2.8 million dollars for the work it performed with respect to almost 125,000 requests. In 2011, this amount increased to $ 8.25 million: processed over 260,000 requests.

"Fun" and the fact that «AT & T», which must be respected "human rights", in other words from time to time to issue reports on the work of similar requests from law enforcement, did not publish any of these reports — until such time as the company "did not give a kick Congress. "

The company «Verizon» received in 2011 about 260,000 requests (a yearly increase of about 15%).

Most of all requests received operator «Sprint» (third largest in the U.S.). The company said it handled about 500,000 requests.

Law enforcement agencies, writes companion Ruppert, have the right to get information from companies in different ways. They can request the information, claiming that there was a concrete threat of injury or death of an incident, also referring to subpoenas and court orders.

Using mobile phones, Americans are not protected by the Fourth Amendment. Exclusively in one «AT & T» more than 100 employees working in 24/7 mode to query law enforcement.

The creator of the article thinks that the requests are often very much and that the South American society is yet another example of how the United States is rapidly immersed in the horror of Orwell.

So Makarov as a freedom-loving America worries about KGB-dominated office-suppression in Russia, its own democracy that with a jeweler's precision described in 1948 by George Orwell (who had in mind was not Russian Alliance), tighten the screws tighter.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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