German Sterligov offers to sell in order to save the Russian Siberia

German Sterligov offers to sell in order to save the Russian SiberiaEntrepreneur German Sterligov sent an open letter to President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

According to Sterligov vast territory of Russia is the sentence for "dying people" of the country.

Therefore Sterligov put forward a proposal to sell Siberia and the Far East:

"I consider it appropriate and necessary to establish a mechanism for the sale by auction interstate territories and regions of Siberia and the Far East for resettlement survivor titular population in the central regions of Russia, and that to use the proceeds from the sale of funds. Sales are made only for the gold and try to use the principle cherezpolositsy selling regions across countries with the most geopolitically advantageous for us to locate future neighbors. Caucasian republics, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, we will not be able to sell, so you'll just give them the independence they want to or not.

If with Siberia and the Far East is not to solve the problem through the commercial sale of these areas now, while we still can be able to sell, tomorrow will surely be too late to the Urals is one big China, and completely free of charge and very skoro.Nikakoy opportunities evacuate the families of the Russian people, who do not want to live under the Chinese in our state will not. "

In 2009, German Sterligov opened in several cities in Siberia (Barnaul, Irkutsk, Kemerovo) branches Crisis Settlement and commercial center (ARCT), the members of which could lead the exchange of goods with the electronic system. In late 2009, the assets of the ASCENT were arrested. German Sterligov declared bankruptcy of the company. After some time in connection with the return of erroneous payments arrest was made, but the center will not reopen.

After that, German Sterligov became chairman of "International Reserve Settlement System", whose goal is the introduction of payment in gold (ARCT regional branches began offering services MRRS). Simultaneously calls himself an entrepreneur sheep farmers, and gusevodom indyukovodom.

In an open letter to the head of state and the Prime Minister Sterligov gives the following diagram and the arguments in favor of selling the eastern territories:

"As in the siege of the fortress suburbs burned, and all had time population fled to the citadel, and now those who still live in the Siberian and Caucasian colonies should pull to the center, a register of the unpaired men, leaving regions sold drunks whores and drug addicts in load the purchasing countries. To receive from the sale of gold to all the families of the colonies and the old settlers to build in Russia some wood and stone house with outbuildings to create millions of farms in the open land and Chernozem Nechernozemie, buy equipment and cattle, free from all imposts and tributes at least 10 years of formation economy.

Sale of endangered regions beneficial for Russia and geopolitically.

Better to have a few around the Ural Mountains who know each other and China than one huge consuming China, are dealt with sparsely populated, a weakened Russia. Better to have a number of independent Caucasus that feeds itself, than to have within themselves an independent Caucasus, which must be constantly fed.

Given that the implementation of contracts for the sale of territories to be spread over time, both in terms of resettlement of the people, and in terms of payment, it will ensure Russia for at least 50 years to be respected player in the political field of Eurasia, especially if the reserve Baikal as the main source of fresh water mainland. These fifty years will be key to ensuring a break and regrouping of the new Russia to change the demographic, moral, and economic situation in our country. The years — the last chance to turn the situation from degenerating to the increase in the number of the titular population. Especially important is the most cost-effective and speedy sale of Russian oil and gas regions. "

"It's not about selling the country, as its salvation — says Sterligov. — We are talking only about the sale of the colonies that would otherwise be lost without any compensation. Yes, the land is watered with the blood of our ancestors, but we can not hold it. We have actually abandoned it, having made hundreds of millions of infanticide. We is not up to greatness. Our task is to survive. This is impossible without failure of the ballast of the vast territory of the colonies — the Caucasus, Siberia and the Far East: they pull out of the country last drop, not only financial, but, more importantly, human. This is just a retreat in order to avoid total destruction of the nation. If you do not gather in the center of the remaining staff, the Central Russia and lose: the naked eye can see the rate of assimilation, and no one to resist it — we are scattered across the vast expanse. "

"The program selling homes for the evacuation of the titular population of the colonies to Russia should overlap the resettlement program of cities and company towns of Russia itself and the transition to gold in all international settlements," — said the businessman. Theses programs Sterligov developed itself. "The point should be that of a hired man unit into a master piece of his land, and he had no one to make a complaint about the quality of his life, would like to himself. Unique vector settlement company towns and cities — on the ground, to create their own farms ", — stated in the material published on the website of the information agency of the entrepreneur.

Sterligov has to figure out people's opinions about the relocation to a referendum: "The referendum should ask the next question is whether you want to move to Central Russia to the finished house with outbuildings, cattle and equipment. All — you in the property + 30 hectares of land. Referendum was held after which the register inability men by region, to be sold. To participate in the referendum, drunks and drug addicts to prevent. "

"Not me, sheep farmers, pointing out to you, Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister, what instructions should be given the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and other relevant agencies to prepare appropriate proposals — completes an open letter to German Sterligov. — An ask you — hurry up. Indeed, it may be that we are too late, and the history of the Russian people over. It is one that can only survive by trying. Not to try to survive is called suicide. Maybe you know another way? If yes, please — share. "

To open letter attached such illustration:

German Sterligov offers to sell in order to save the Russian Siberia

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