Golden moment for guessing the desires

November 7, 2011 8:55

Atlantis and devoted priests of ancient Egypt actively used this knowledge for doing that now are called miracles. Indeed, in those moments you can achieve maximum effect with a minimum of creative energy costs. This is like an open door to a higher dimension.

Imagine: there comes a treasured time, opens the channel — and hear what your guardian angel (or someone who fulfills our desires)? Talking on the phone with her friend, "Oh, I would not want to have my Victor was the same bastard as Marinkin Boris …" or flirty complaint: "How am I sick of courtship earrings!"
— So, — writes the Guardian Angel. — She wants her friend was a scoundrel! (Are you surprised? But higher powers do not hear and do not see the particle "no"!)
— And earrings boyfriend to pick her … — continues angel.
— Strange, very strange — why should she need all this?

Now you can see what result thoughtless words at a time when the desire to perform? To us this has never happened, let us note in the calendar are the same golden moment and we use them only for good, zagadyvaya your most cherished dreams.

So, first write down the date — the day and month. For example, on September 15 — 15.09. So: the magic moment of miracles occur on September 15 in fifteen hours, nine minutes: in sixty seconds you one wish. For example: "I want the new year to get thirty thousand rubles a month!" Say "I want to have my salary raised!" Does not mean it is too vague. Ask specifically and clearly what you want and when.

But there is a caveat …

You have, of course, understood that the number of matches of the day hours, and the number of the month — minutes, during which we were smiling happy. But you probably want to ask: What do I do on September 29, or, say, January 31? Yes, indeed: we have in a day is only 24 hours. Therefore, from 25 to 31 numbers, we change the rule for calculating: the month shows us hours, and the number of the day is an indicator minutes. For example, on September 29 (29.09): time guessing desires come in 9 hours 29 minutes. Accordingly, January 31 (31.01), we have to wake up at half past one in the morning, because a happy minute starts at night, at 01 h 31 min.

Check — and believe!

The secret to this is both simple and complex: simple, because the use of this board can be anyone. A complex because it has a deep background astronumerologicheskuyu associated with the vibrations of numbers that form the date. But, maybe, we will not complicate your life mathematical calculations, astrological wisdom and terms? Let's just choose the right moment — and make a wish! And making sure that this magic trick works, we will use it in the future!

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