Gorbachev against Putin


The last Soviet leader said that Vladimir Putin has undermined the foundation of Russia's young democracy, stifling opposition. Gorbachev also calls the driver's party "United Russia" bad copy of the Soviet Communist Party.

Mikhail Gorbachev gave an interview in support of the charity concert that his foundation is going to be held in March next year in honor of his 80th birthday. The Gorbachev Foundation has raised millions of dollars in donations to help children suffering from cancer.

In an interview with Gorbachev spoke harshly about the current Russian leadership. "Unfortunately, they have come to the conclusion that this unmanageable country needs authoritarianism — Gorbachev said, referring to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev. — They believe that without it they can not do."

Recently, Mikhail Gorbachev increasingly involved in opposition politics. He is the co-owner of one of the leading Russian opposition newspaper — "Novaya Gazeta". He was trying to help set up political party, which would be able to participate in parliamentary elections next year, but dropped the idea because of the serious legal obstacles.

"For those who would like to change the country to speed up these processes, speeding up democratic processes, requires the participation of the people, — he stressed. — It is necessary to have a party. But go and try to register the party!"

Gorbachev did not want say, whom he will support in the presidential election of 2012. Vladimir Putin, who became prime minister in 2008, because he could not run for presidency for the third time in a row, now believed to be considering the possibility of returning to this place.

"Russia has a long way to enter into a new system of values, to create and ensure the proper functioning of the institutions and mechanisms of democracy — the institutions of civil society — said Mr. Gorbachev. — All this is done by a thorough transformation in people's minds. And such things, of course, change very slowly. "

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