Gregory Kastusyou invites you to rally in memory of the KGB

The presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou encourages use of the last day of the campaign to collect signatures to hold Oct. 29 "Rally in memory", dedicated to the anniversary of the tragic mass shooting representatives of the national elite NKVD prison in Minsk on the night of 29 to 30 October 1937.

As the press service of the Belarusian Popular Front party, in the form of action will picket to collect signatures. Such events during the election campaign did not require a special permit.

The action will take place on October 29 at 20:00. Gregory Kastusyou invites members of his initiative group to become a chain along Independence Avenue in front of the KGB, when he hath lighted a candle mourning. The picket will take place no closer than 50 meters from the building of the KGB. By order of the Minsk City Executive Committee, picketing must be carried out at a distance from government agencies.

A reason for the action is not directly related to the election campaign, it is confined to a black date Belarusian history. In the night from 29 to 30 October 1937 in Minsk prison of the NKVD (now a KGB prison) killed several dozen activists of the Belarusian science, culture and art. Among those killed were Ales Dudar, Todor Klyashtorny, Michas Zaretsky, Alexander Chernushevich, Michael Reed. That night was the culmination of the destruction of the Belarusian national intelligence.

The politician was invited to join the action of memory and grief as members of his initiative group, and all citizens who honor the memory of the victims of Soviet repression. Gregory Kastusyou personally invited to participate in the action figures allocated to the president and to stand on the principles of democratization in Belarus and to overcome the Soviet ideological heritage.



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