Grodno: the site of the old began excavating

In Grodno on the street. Greater Trinity began excavations. Here is one of the oldest neighborhoods, there is hope for finding the XI century, says Doctor of Historical Sciences Sergei Pivovarchik University of Grodno Yanka Kupala. The public is excited about what archaeologists have hit the ground only after builders dug a ditch digger.

In the pit today worked himself Sergei Pivovarchik, which requires the Department of Archaeology, and two of his students from the fourth year — Alexander Khotko andDenis Yezerskyy. This is not the first case in Grodno, where builders have been slow to invite archaeologists, although the authorities like to call Grodno "monument city" and "museum city".

At the site.

Pivovarchik"Yes, in fact, and it turns out that archaeologists past will know that here there are some construction work and come and work together with the builders next door or even later if they have something to dig. It seems to me that there is imperfection of our laws. And secondly, any historical research, they require funding. "

Found foundations.

Dug a pit at this point one firm to build a house. But as long as the excavations continue. What did we find and what goals have archaeologists?

Pivovarchik"Because it is the center, the most important thing for us — to trace the stages of the history of this part of the city. And it is far from the first fruits of our city — the citadel and position, so I would like to here were the earliest materials, for example, from the XI century. Archaeological and historical studies indicate that in the nineteenth century — after a fire in 1885 — this part was quite densely built new houses. These foundations once and found. Unfortunately, they broke the cultural layer of the old time. The fact that we met here, it's — mixed materials XVI-XVIII centuries tiles rider, the remains of pottery. Very well presented material culture of XIX — early XX centuries: the architectural elements, household items, bottles, coins, ring, tile Stanislawow of our workshops. "

Sergei Pivovarchik shows one of the first findings.

A student of History and Sociology of the University of Grodno Alexander Khotko likes to work on the excavation.

Hotsko"I have always been involved in the excavation, when they were engaged in our university. And always there is not coercion, but his ardor. That's why I joined this department, I want to continue doing this. Now we're digging your city, this is important, so I want to try their history, the history of their city. "

Students working on the excavation (left) and Denis Alexander Khotko Jezierski.

I must say that the Great Trinity Street runs through the former Jewish quarter, said the head of the excavation doctor of historical sciences Sergey Pivovarchik. During the last war, the Germans established a ghetto here. However, the stone structure, which stood on the site of what is now the excavations, was destroyed during the Soviet era.

Opposite the excavation site — the old building on the left — a synagogue.


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