He concluded: the end of a boom airship

New construction boom airship has the potential to end in, so really it began.

The U.S. Army without annoying increasing number airships sent to Afghanistan. As a result, almost reached the limits of the ability of the industrial production of helium, which casts swing the widespread use of these aircraft.

Airships and Balloons very spirited pace gaining popularity thanks to its own military capabilities remain forever in the air over enemy territory. Already some 10 s airships are in the skies over Afghanistan. South American military early next year intend to send there are two really bolshennyh aircrafts. In addition, there is an active development project for the construction of airships to transport civilian population.

How to report to the Office of the Pentagon's military logistics for the Afghan mission on demand helium increased from 49 thousand cubic meters in 2009 to 531 thousand cubic meters in the current.

Need for Intelligence and helium airship «LEMV» of «Northrop Grumman». Developers airship is lack of gas. They do not have enough helium to fill a large envelope of the aircraft. Dimensions of the enclosure are impressive. It is higher than the seven-storey house and length of a football field.

Number helium, necessary for «LEMV», enormous. It — 22650 cubic meters. To ensure the Afghan mission Pentagon has had to face a similar discrepancy. In fact, no company had the ability to provide the necessary volume of gas completely. U.S. military authorities had a chance to actually get bit by bit helium a huge number of small suppliers. The problem is compounded by the fact that for the industrial production of helium itself needs a lot of time. Note also that in the other areas there is also a demand for helium: In electrotechnics, medicine, etc.

As a result, in the past 4 years, the demand for helium measured grows about 1-2% year. And it may soon be exhausted their supplies of this valuable raw material.

Coupled with the fact the Pentagon has no intention to continue to turn away from the purchase and operation of airships. U.S. defense establishment has entered into a contract to purchase helium to 2017. Is not difficult to guess that this might entail as a result of rise in price of the already expensive helium. In the forthcoming it will lead to higher prices and for all non-military goods to which it is applied. It should take into account the fact that the price will increase operating airships themselves. This, in turn poorly affect the development of the commercial development of the airship and the forthcoming put an end to the development of transport available with a large capacity.

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