Headsets Serdyukov floated on the Severnaya Verf

Headsets Serdyukov surfaced on "Northern Shipyard"

"Severnaya Verf" entered into a contract with a little-known, LLC "ICS" at 40 million rubles. The company must perform work on a brand new corvette "Rumbling". This paper will start execution of ex-Defense Minister Serdyukov, who has signed a year earlier decision, delegating Petersburg shell company the exclusive right to furnish all the ships of the British Navy furniture Strongbox. During this period, the British managed to go broke, and "ISS" — change the 1st zits-chair to the other, but the strange decision to the Ministry of Defence has resisted and began to be implemented.

Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" signed a contract with the St. Petersburg Open Company "ISS" on the all-encompassing refinement of the corvette project 20380/20385. This was "Fontanka" said a United Shipbuilding Company, noting that the contract was signed in November 2012. According to the document, the company "Sea-encompassing system" would perform a number of activities of construction of facilities corvette, including pouring floors, sewing the bulkhead, the installation of equipment and furniture in 43 residential and office space ship. Furniture manufacturer under the terms of the agreement, will be the British company Strongbox.

All within the framework of this contract should be "put under key" about 20 percent of the interior of the corvette, as "ISS" entrusted to mount a galley and medical units. The contract amount is about 40 million rubles. In the PSC did not specify the title of the ship, but most likely refers to the first year laid the corvette "Rumbling". Specifically, it is listed in the minutes of the tender committee, dated October 2011.

The contest, which was not

At the disposal of "Fontanka" have two documents that are very exciting way, entrusting the comfort and convenience of the Navy of the same company. First, from 4.10.2011, the — "Minutes of the Commission for the tender to select the supplier of interiors for the project 20385", according to which the company is named the winner of the "Sea-encompassing system." This company needs to be equipped with furniture room corvette "Rumbling," which was laid on the "Northern shipyard" in February 2012.

Second document was signed by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, November 9, 2011. This decision № 235/1/1/5899 prescribes from now on and forever in an inclusive retrofitting homes and offices of all the ships of the Navy (both existing and planned only) Use only furniture of the English company Strongbox Marine Furniture LTD, and the only supplier to find her «Sea-encompassing system", Tipo being the exclusive representative in the British territory of Russia and CIS countries.

According to these two documents, LLC "ICS" though not in Russia has its site for the production of furniture, but it employs more than 600 people, and iron furniture, which the company proposes to purchase from the British, has zabugornye certificates. The decision to re-equipment of the all-encompassing "all-encompassing Maritime Systems" signed by the managing director L. Belous. By the way, the fourth paragraph of the document requires the company in December 2014 to organize the creation and maintenance service iron furniture Strongbox on territory of Russia.


According to the register, «Sea-encompassing system" was created in 2007. At that time, the only participant, and as follows — full owner, was Svetlana Reinhardt. The company's activities in the information-analytical system is designated as a wholesale order, plumbing and heating materials. In 2008, the Company has a CEO Ian Koptelova, which in April 2010 Reinhardt suddenly shifts from the position of the founder, but in August again vorachivaetsya the position of CEO.

Mobile Phone Svetlana Reinhardt has been placed in the public domain in the web of the half. First time in the announcement of job search maid in hotels on the Black Sea coast, the second — in connection with the sale of apartments in the city center. Correspondents "Fontanka" came to the owner of the company, which the Minister has entrusted comfort Russian fleet, under the guise of potential buyers willing to pay for a 77-foot three rubles 11 million rubles.

Apartment for Tauris street though and produced a pleasant memory, but the level of the mistress of many millions (even in the long term) business did not fit. The desire to realize the property Svetlana explained to imminent departure for the continued future residence in Germany. About the business — not a word. About to himself: "I, in general, doing design." Journalists have been about to leave when Mrs. Reinhardt mentioned the name of his own ex-wife, in their own time, who held the highest office in joyful. Alexey Belous. Until nedavneshnego time he led the city council of the town Otradnoe Kirov district of Leningrad region, and illumine with 2011 sets of the faction "United Russia" the Regional Legislative Assembly. But the signature on the decision of the Ministry of Defense is not the deputy, and his daughter's love, to which we will return a bit later.

Clarifying the role of the nominal Svetlana Reinhardt in the fate of the "ISS", we headed to a meeting with the general manager — Jana Koptelovo. Managing a large office furniture met us at their own workplace — in the treatment room medical clinic "Apollo" at the 9th Russian. The head nurse confidently stated that for the first time hears about «Sea-encompassing system," as well as the names of Reinhardt and Belous. The only thing that confused — is self-lady: she did not show any surprise or indignation, or even mistrust.

Ian A. promised to personally verify the information in the Incorporation and call back. Call never came. But two weeks after the visit, according to the reference system, Koptelova resigned as CEO, but with all this became part of the LLC. Has now become the new manager including some Alexander Volkov. We found it in Pskov, where he is, in fact, was born and studied, continues to live and work. The newly appointed head of "ISS" we, too, caught the home. A phone call. Congratulated on the destination.

— What-oh-oh? You do not confuse?
— It's not that we confuse it is written in the state registrar.
— Doskorogo bye! — Graduated from the conversation interlocutor.

Write an inquiry

Getting tired of chasing the directors of "ISS", "Fontanka" study the issue of the legitimacy of the procedure of granting some strange features of a monopolist in the supply of ship furniture for Russian Navy. Under current law, fulfill the decision of the Minister of Defence, there are 2 methods. Or by the competition, or a subcontract between the shipyard and the furniture company. In search of traces of the contest journalists "Fontanka" ransacked all the electrical grounds. It's unfortunate.
In these first minutes of the tender committee and the decision of the all-encompassing redeveloping portrayed signed by representatives of "CMDB" Diamond "," Northern Shipyard ", the 1st Central Research Institute of the Defense Ministry, also flourishes of feathers then-Commander of the Navy Vladimir Vysotsky, the first deputy defense minister Alexander Sukhorukov and in fact most of Anatoly Serdyukov, it is now also the former head of the military. It is interesting that all samples have a talk on the theme of furniture were met with blank wall: "Write request". Information letters were sent out. When it was time to seek answers in the design office quite illogically declared what to expect from their worthless paper — at first it was necessary to address the United Shipbuilding Corporation. In the "Severnaya Verf" stated that these "Fontanka" questions contain elements of state implicit and address them to the Ministry of Defence.

A conversation with the director of the 1st Central Research Institute Andrei Arkhipov particularly memorable.

— And you are from us, then what would you like? — He said to the correspondent of "Fontanka".
— At our request four questions.
— A. .. in other words, you want us to reply to your questions?
Of course, yes.
— Well it's great that you want, but we meet, we will not.

Such frankness and laughter following it somewhat discouraged. But Arkhipov explained that he is not izymatelstva sake, but for the subordination: communication in the press Tipo is run purely Military Training and Research Center "Naval Academy. Kuznetsova. " With all of this manager CRI, whose signature was on one of those most documents, he offered to talk on the phone.

Arkhipov Emperor began his speech with a memoir of his own years of service in the Navy, when the ships used iron furniture, and later all of a sudden decided to go to upressovannye filings. "And now we have looked at international exhibitions, it turns out that the world does iron furniture, benign, at another level. Let us, and we will do the same. That's the whole issue on the merits. For it came from the company "ISS", she is promoting the issue, it has the desire, the desire "- showed their skills interviewee is not thoroughly answer the question.

The correspondent of "Fontanka" Arkhipov convinced that completely and one hundred percent support the idea of comfort criterion of service seamen Russia. Confused only the legitimacy of the procedure. "The competition was not — the head of the Central Research Institute agreed. — While the "ISS" no rights to anything has, and when the order is placed for a specific ship, within the limits of this competition and will be located on the performer. A "ISS" is still playing like a locomotive, driven by the topic, and in fact still does not have the 1st order, will not deliver furniture. "

— In other words, almost the competition was not announced yet, but the favorite is ready to defend against the decision of the Minister in November 2011?
— The essence of this decision is that in 2013, the furniture should be done in our country, our manufacturers. That's the basic idea. In other words, do not pick up and carry some overseas steel boxes, and all we have to do. This is the most important thing.
— Why specifically the company "ISS" was rendered as the highest confidence?
— This is a popular organization. We set them out there, they're doing and tune the whole room, floors, insulation, insulation, feature in a mortar, they just do not. And they not only with the military, they are plain and stripes …
— To our knowledge, this company is just a fiction.
— Yes?
— Yes.
— Well, maybe. Either way …
— In them there, founder and CEO, who did not even know that they are the founder and CEO.
— Seriously?
— You want to say that you did not know?
— No, I'm in such a case, answer this: these issues, we are engaged in special forces, called the military counterintelligence. Therefore, if I come to these people and they say that it is all lime, then we do nothing and we will not. In fact, we have not done anything. It's only paper. And because there is no contract, no, you can still open a discussion for a long time.

On State Secrets

This conversation took place in April 2012. By the time it's been more than a month, as our request was directed to the Ministry of Defence. In June, when we have a few tired remember about yourself War Department, in the end a conversation with a representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry. The essence of the conversation gave deja vu, because the officer heartfelt speech about the benefits of British-made iron furniture had to cut all the same allusion to the legislation. But if the sovereign Arkhipov we were ready to forgive trusting statement on the admissibility of the favorite choice of the competition before it started, he heard something similar from the mouth of the Ministry of Defense official shows at least weird.

— Do you even realize that what you are states even sounds against the law?
— At the moment, the tender documentation is being prepared. We liked the furniture, but in fact in the Decision is not designated specifically what "ISS" it will deliver, it says that the need furniture such Strongbox.
— Nothing like that. The decision of the Minister of Defense is not a word "type", there is a clear indication: only furniture Strongbox, and deliver it directly to "ISS".

It was evident that for the source "Fontanka" similar information came as a surprise, and he asked for time out to clarify this point, advising, meanwhile, seek commentaries to first deputy minister Sukhorukov, whose signature is also on the Solution. Request to the right hand of Anatoly Serdyukov we sent on June 18. A week later phoned Adviser of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Vitaly Gapon. The officer was cruel. Because of the ministerial decisions have threatened members of the 8th Division. Apparently, those who work for the State of Enigma.

P-Gapon claimed to send a request to another form and for more severe signature, if a senior editor. Wishes Gapon we performed the same day, June 27, 2012. As of January 14, 2013, "Fontanka" has received no response to any of the five sent to the Ministry of Defense requests.

Here Russian spirit smells

"Fontanka" not once has decided to test a talk with the management of the company Strongbox Marine Furniture LTD. Calls in London got into the habit, as well as communication with the secretary Julie Leaver, who constantly say, "Mr. Edmunds came out, call back later", "Mr. Edmunds lunch", "Mr. Edmunds was gone, has not yet come." Feeling that British businesses are not sufficiently different from the Russian, at one point was reinforced by the fact that the reporter "Fontanka" heard in the background of the native language. After a couple of months, it became clear that there seemed to study in an English Strongbox Marine Furniture LTD indeed they say in Russian.

The British company, so vending Minister Serdyukov, was established December 14, 2007. In other words, two weeks after the registration of a legal entity, LLC "ICS". The sole shareholder and director of the Strongbox Marine Furniture LTD is Stephen Edmunds. Until August 2008, the company was inactive until it acquired business and assets Strongbox Technologies Limited, held the function of bankruptcy. Since the company started to manufacture and installation of furniture for offshore platforms, civilian and military ships. Signed contracts for the supply of ship furniture for 2-Navy aircraft carriers England. At the very peak of their own business, the company employs 26 workers unchanged.

These data "Fontanka" became known from the report of the bankruptcy trustee, who from February 14, 2012 started the procedure of bankruptcy Strongbox Marine Furniture. How should one of the document, in 2009 the company decided to expand the market overseas. Was created by the website. To verbovaniya foreign customers the company began a vigorous promotional activities. First 2011 Strongbox Marine Furniture embarked on a basic contract for the production of furniture for Navy ships of England, but because of production delays was not able to make the right amount of product to help out the means to pay in installments purchased machinery and equipment.

Congratulations. You — bankrupt

In 2011, the state of the money supply of compounded so that to the beginning of January 2012 the company was unable to pay its employees and creditors, as a result it was decided to seek the advice of spice. By that time, assets of the company were estimated at 29.5 thousand pounds, whereas initially the price was more than 400 thousand pounds. Liquidation of the company and the sale of the property could not cover the debts to the creditors. Just in time to offer to purchase Strongbox Marine Furniture is the company Strongbox Accommodation Furniture Ltd, which eventually transferred assets of the company for 250 thousand pounds.

Director of that office with the latest vaguely familiar title first time was Julia Lever, which "Fontanka" is prihodilosobschatsya when he was its secretary Stephen Edmunds. In general, as stated by the last of our employees to the Central Navy Portal, the transition of its assets from one company to another, as well as the purpose of receivership only a "reorganization" and "modernization" in connection "with the increased demand of shipbuilding industry," the services of companies Steven Edmunds. In a communication received from the misty Albion letter also lists the projects which Strongbox and Co. want to do in 2012 — 2013 Years: furniture placement on aircraft carriers "Queen Elizabeth", "Prince of Wales", 6 frigates of the Canadian Navy.

Headsets Serdyukov surfaced on "Northern Shipyard"
Iron Furniture Strongbox Marine Furniture (photo from the website of the company). strongboxmarine.com

Disk imaging on future deliveries of furniture for Russian Navy Stephen Edmunds did not say, as a word is said about it on the official website of the company, by the way, after the change of titles remain the same. In addition, LLC "ICS" in the middle of distributors Strongbox, contrary to belief the Defense Ministry is not listed. The English are generally no representatives on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. In general, a trivial relationship with the company Edmunds cradle of Russian fleet still is. Immediately after the bankruptcy and the next upgrade one of the directors of the company was from St. Petersburg Eduard Ivanov, and this event brings us to, to have to tell about the present and the holders of senior executives «Sea-encompassing system."

Both life and business, and Klebanov

Belous Lubov was born in Leningrad 30 years ago. Notwithstanding own comparable young age, she already two years is the owner of a hundred-meter apartment on Marine Avenue, prefers to travel by "Mercedes" and "BMW" and has served as General Director of "Morneftegazinzhiniring" formed in 2005, the founder of OOO "Warm House" . Both of these organizations, unlike my mother registered Belous "ISS", are fairly well known in the circles of prof.

"Warm House" practiced insulation. A "Morneftegazinzhiniring" has a certain reputation, at least in view of the fact that the company has been entrusted the work on the modernized "Sevmash" for India's aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" (Past the "Admiral Gorshkov".. — Ed.). However, they delivered in April 2012, not furniture, because the company is practiced by security systems that are more fire. By the way, last autumn aircraft carrier has not passed driving tests, because seven of the eight boilers are out of order.

Analysis of the data provides insight into the state registrar that at the birth of the first "Warm House" and then "Morneftegazinzhiniringa" There were four: Ruben Metsatunyants, Paul Zubkov, Vladimir Reznikov and Love Belous. The middle one is listed as employees Eduard Ivanov, who joined the Governing Strongbox Accommodation Furniture Ltd.

Life is all five fairly saturated. Their schedules are prevalent frequent trips to Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Krasnoyarsk and obviously Moscow. It's worth noting that there is no gender discrimination we have not seen: Love Belous, by contrast, often flying all around the country on business trips. In the middle of her fellow travelers, we saw an interesting name — business-woman not once went to a white stone of Ilya Klebanov. At the same time as when he was a presidential envoy to the Northwestern Federal District (June-July 2011), and after release from the post (January of 2012).

Now Motsak

Love is so close Belous an experienced politician with extensive exposure in the military-industrial complex and the shipbuilding industry can do almost anything to explain. So when the In June of this year, director of "ISS" became the right hand Klebanov during his embassy Misha Motsak, correspondents "Fontanka" is not taken aback. Did not seem weird to us, and that in a telephone conversation, Vice Admiral retired referred for employment and asked to call back tomorrow. All the following week on his mobile assistant Daria answered and asked to call back later because the chef at the meeting. We were assertive and eventually rewarded: Misha V. answered the phone personally.

But talking to a naval officer — Hero of the Russian Federation did not. Newly-born director of "ISS" said the reporter that any comments will not give because he gave a serious interview with a large and pochetaemomu edition. "Fontanka" not too lazy and waited for the release of this publication in the Arkhangelsk regional newspaper "True North." The material is large enough, because only give more worthy of attention, in our opinion, the pieces.

"ISS offers the most easy and comfortable furniture iron (by the way, thanks to the painting looks as comfortable as wood), wall panels made of modern non-toxic materials. Cabins, believe you need to equip a standard household appliances, televisions and computers. "

"- But they say that the British company — a partner GMT — went bankrupt …
— This is nonsense! British company involved in military shipbuilding for the British, Dutch, Canadian fleets, also sponsors a polar expedition Prince of Wales. Someone just confuse or deliberately confuses people. (…) Or do you think that the fleet of Her Majesty the Queen of British would put themselves at risk? .. By the way, for 20 years, the company has received only one complaint from the British Navy. And we have to step supplies 20 percent of the furniture is converted into lumber. "

"- Where and when can be created creature?
— Assignment — to get a full cycle in 2014. At present there is a selection of the site. It is necessary to calculate the logistics, availability of human resources … I do not rule out that the ICC will cooperate with any of the existing shipbuilding companies and will create at their facilities. "

"- There is a perception that zabugornye technology — it is very expensive …
— Curious as to "Sea-encompassing system" won the contest "Diamond", which was the first aspect of quality, technology level, and the second — it cost? It was they just offered the lowest cost. "

Examining this interview, we realized why Mike Motsak not have desired to speak with the "Fontanka" — we had a completely different question. For instance, why he believes that held "diamond" competition to choose furniture for the 1st project 20385 automatically legalize unwarranted decision of the Minister of Defense of the all-encompassing re-equipment of the fleet? Or why the Competition Commission refused LLC "Ares" having severe 'experience in comprehensive obstroyke space ships and vessels, "which has its establishment in the Leningrad region, and opted for the company, is not equipped with either the 1st ship and not having its own facilities? With that, "ISS 'proposed amount of 300 thousand rubles less.

Not my question

But these and other questions Motsak Misha did not want to answer. We called on a mobile phone newcomer manager Strongbox Accommodation Furniture Ltd Eduard Ivanov, he pretended that he hears for the first time is not just about "ISS" and furniture, and of England in general. Even when we catch him on the phone at the Petersburg office "Morneftegazinzhiniring" where, by the way, is also posted and "Sweet Home", and "ISS" conversation still does not work out.

In May 2012, was replaced by Commander of the Navy. New commander Viktor Chirkov correspondent "Fontanka" met in the Palace Square, where he was on the issue of the students. The direct question of the journalist Admiral said that the construction of ships for the Navy was not in his jurisdiction. Specific solutions have suffered from Serdyukov — Ship furniture makers — have refused to openly talk about the claims of their own, only behind the scenes complaining about the loss of profits and reputation obscure rivals. Do not look for strength within themselves to make an official statement even control of the United Shipbuilding Company, limited at that time only the comment "Fontanka" that "USC should be proclaimed by the Government on the development of the exchange rate in a very transparent public procurement units of competition, first on a competitive basis."

It is worth the candle

To understand the desire to "ISS" to be on the ship's furniture market is quite clear what amounts of money it is. It is clear that the calculation of "Fontanka" can only be tentative. For the base price is already taking contract. Recall that 40 million rubles — a 20 percent ship. So Makarov, one can imagine that the elevation of the corvette will cost 200 million. Note that the "Rumbling" is a modification 20380 ("savvy" and "Guarding" already in the Baltic Fleet, three — in various stages of completion). According to the revised draft 20385 other than "Gremyashchiy" for the Russian Navy is meant to make 9 more modernized Corvettes, and all, according to the "Northern Shipyard", the need for Russian fleet in such ships is 20 units.

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