Henry Kissinger: We need to seize the seven countries

Henry Kissinger: "We need to win seven countries"

Henry Kissinger open up with a reporter.

Past U.S. Secretary of State, national security advisor, the United States, a professional in the field of international relations, the Nobel Peace Prize to Mr. Kissinger has always been a flamboyant figure on the political Olympus. Not so long ago, despite the honorable age (in May this year he turns 89 years old), he headed the list of the top 100 intellectuals in the world.

And not so long ago, he shared with the South American reporter The Daily Squib his vision of the situation in the world and, specifically, in the Middle East. The conversation evolved so blatant that it broke off policy assistants, and journalists were asked to leave the premises.

Here is a translation of expressions Kissinger:

"The United States and China weaken Russia, and the final nail in the coffin will be Iran, which, Of course, the main goal of Israel. We have so far allowed China to increase military power, and the Russian Federation to recover from the "Sovietization". All this in order to give them a false sense of bravado, this is their undoing faster. We as a marksman, which urged on weakling to take barrel. And as he reaches for the weapon — a bang-bang.

Impending war will be so tight that the only superpower can win. Here we are, folks.

That is why the EU is in such a hurry to form a super-state — they know what's coming, and to survive, Europe needs to be united and cohesive. The urgency with which they do it, says to me that they are well aware of the impending confrontation.

Oh, how I dreamed of this delightful moment! "

"Control the oil — and you will keep control of the country; monitor food — and you will be monitored in people."

"If you're ordinary people, be able to prepare for a war like this: move out to the countryside to start farming. However, you need to bring a gun, because there will be crowds of hungry people.

And more. Despite the fact that the elite will be in your own garden, and non-hazardous special shelters, it also does not prevent to be careful — they are seekers may also be damaged. "

"We uttered our military that we need to seize the seven states in the Middle East for their resources. The work is almost done.

Everyone knows what I think of the military, but I must admit they are so very diligently followed orders. There is one last step, namely Iran, which absolutely change the balance. How many more Our homeland and China will stand by and watch as America cleans all? We shake and harsh Russian bear and Chinese sickle and hammer, and it was then that the cause must be to enter Israel. He will have to fight with all its own power, to kill as many Arabs. If all goes well, half the Near East will be Israeli.

Over the last decade, we have trained our young people well for computer games. It was curious to behold the newest game Call of Duty Modern Fare 3 ("Call of duty: modern war-3 "). She is one hundred percent reflects what happens in the near future — it's predictive programming. Our young people — both in the U.S. and the West in general — is ready, as they are programmed to be decent fighters, cannon fodder. And when they will give the order to go out and fight with these crazy Chinese and Russian, they obey orders.

Out of the ashes we will build a new society, there is only one superpower, the government will overcome the world. Do not forget that the United States has the best weapon we have those things, which others do not at all. And all this we will demonstrate, when the time comes. "

On this optimistic Notke interview was suddenly interrupted. Kissinger's assistant rushed out the door to show the door of the journalist. By the way, almost old days Kissinger visited Moscow and met with Putin. But this South American hawk has not confided.

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