High-precision 152mm caliber projectile Kvіtnik (Ukraine)

In Lviv, on the basis of the DIA P.Sagaydachnogo name entered into the stage ends with the caliber of the projectile state tests 152mm "Kvіtnik". It belongs to a class precision instruments and is managed artsnaryadom. State commission headed by Commander MF & N Command Maj.-Gen APUs A.Kolesnikov. Also, the commission includes representatives of the developer, the DIA and the number of military professionals.

High-precision 152mm caliber projectile "Kvіtnik" (Ukraine)

Chief designer N.Klochko representing enterprise developer, said the ability of the main Ukrainian precision-guided munitions, such as destruction of armored vehicles of the enemy, defeat command and staff Fri, various well-protected objects crossings. They are intended for terrestrial artkompleksov type MSTA-S 2S3 or "Acacia". The use of precision-guided munitions will allow to significantly reduce execution time and minimize the introduction of ammunition to perform basic combat tasks.

While not so long ago past research and experimental CPE "Vision for 2012" have been proven design performance characteristics of precision-guided artboepripasa "Kvіtnik." Shell received laser seeker and other advanced solutions. The work of the guidance provided by the projectile (light) rangefinder. Applied solutions provide a projectile virtually 100 per cent chance of hitting the chosen goal.

High-precision 152mm caliber projectile "Kvіtnik" (Ukraine)

For gosispytany lured the officers and more than 55 soldiers of the brigade prepared a separate art group Hombre 72. In tests using equipment and armored vehicles from the center of the educational process (International Center security and peace DIA). Conducting official tests with the introduction of armored vehicles based on DIA behalf P.Sagaydachnogo was not accidental, because this particular test site was able to ensure full implementation of effective precision projectile. In addition, the ground at the DIA has the most developed on this day in Ukraine, infrastructure provision, and polygons.

As told military experts at, similar modern high-precision instrument have only a few countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and our homeland. Closing state tests will first of December. During the tests will be worked out shooting movement and protected targets. The total number of rounds that will shoot in the state tests 20-30 units. There will be a painstaking analysis of combat effectiveness and implementation of the AU "Kvіtnik", on which will be known upcoming fate and time put into service in the APU.

High-precision 152mm caliber projectile "Kvіtnik" (Ukraine)

AS "Kvіtnik" is the highest precision munitions with high-explosive warhead and semi-active laser homing "9E421". Caliber — 152mm. There is a modification of the AU "Kvіtnik" under caliber 155mm specifically for the NATO standard. Designed to equip cannon artillery systems. Developer — CDB "Accuracy" and NPK "Progress". Chief designer N.Shkarlet. According to its features of high precision projectile "Kvіtnik" somewhat superior Russian counterparts. It can be applied in mobile, fixed and propelled artillery systems. Warhead is a powerful explosive charge and is as effective as global peers. Shell has a length of 1.2 meters instead of 1.3 meters standard that ensures the implementation of ammunition in the gun system under standard NATO.

The main features:
— shell length — 1.2 meters;
— GSN length — 156mm;
caliber — 152/155mm;
— GSN weight — 2.5 kg;
— shell weight — 48 pounds;
— BB weight — 8 pounds;
— range of actions — 3-20 km;
— Operating temperature range of — 50 to -40 degrees.

Sources disk imaging:
http:/ / Www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo0Iw1LQnTo

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