His skull like a cake, which is cut off from the quarter


43-year-old painter, whose brain was damaged so badly that he lost his ability to speak, the court awarded compensation in the amount of $ 58 million.

Man stopped talking after he was beaten up by the bartender, who in a fight broke his skull. The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized security company guilty and ordered to pay compensation to the victim. At a press conference following the announcement of the court decision, Antonio Lopez Teas supported by relatives.

Having won this process, a man set some kind of record. The amount of compensation, which he has to pay a security company, has become the largest ever awarded to a single person in California.

When the tea has removed a baseball cap that hid his terrible injuries, the room where the press conference, a wave of astonished gasps.

"His skull, like a cake, which is cut off by a quarter," — said the lawyer Federico Sayre.

The attack on the Tea has been committed in a bar in Mid-Wilshire, when he tried to stop the bartender and security guard who attacked two of his relatives.

Lawyers said that untrained security guard who does not have the necessary licenses, beat Tea baton, hit eight times his foot on the head and four times hit his head on the pavement.

"It was really terrifying and brutal beating of a man who was not at all to do with it," — said Sayre, who represented the interests of Tea with Fernando Chavez, son of the famous leader of the civil rights movement of Cesar Chavez.

According to the lawyer, the guard Emerson Quintanilla, and the bartender, who instigated the attack, disappeared without a trace. Lawyer also said that the incident occurred April 20, 2010-th, when tea, his brother and two nephews who were also working painters, went to a bar after work.

One of the family members got into an argument with the bartender. Quintanilla, who has worked in the security company, started beating a male relative. Tea tried to intervene, asking the guard to stop. At this point, according to Sayre, the guard struck a blow Chai, who sent him down and out.

"When he got to the hospital, part of his skull was missing. Doctors managed to save his life, but his brain is very badly damaged. He will never be able to speak, and he was up to the end of life require 24-hour care."

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