Hlushakou refused to participate in elections

Candidate for the presidency of the Belarusian Party "Green" Yuri Glushakov withdrew from the election campaign.

Recognizing that his staff failed to collect the required number of signatures for the nomination, Hlushakou not consider this defeat.

"During the presidential campaign, the Belarusian Party" Green "has been enriched by a colossal political experience and was able to recruit hundreds of new supporters. We — the young party. But we were able to enter into this difficult campaign and keep it at a decent level, "- said in a statement issued by the election headquarters Yu.Glushakova, BelaPAN.

In this Hlushakou emphasizes that his party "still stands for unity, but a matter of principle." Belarusian Party "Green" is ready to support one of the candidates, "who considers himself eligible for the points made by taking into account the views of the electorate: the rejection of the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, cancel the contract system and the restoration of all terminations of social benefits, including Chernobyl, immediate transition to a parliamentary republic with building on strong local councils; moratorium on privatization of important companies and the adoption of the law "On the workforce" (self-production, which includes the right of collective participate in deciding on the distribution of profits). "

The statement noted that the election campaign "Runs like never before in very difficult conditions." Yu.Glushakov notes that many opposition candidates were not able to agree on the possibility of entering the single candidate from Democratic Forces.



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