Holiday Ramha-Ita — Rosh Hashanah Summer 7521 from S.M.Z.H.

Friends and colleagues, I congratulate all of the upcoming holiday Ramha-Ita (Rosh Hashanah) and the upcoming change of times, the advent of the Wolf! I wish you and your delivery, in the New? Zfka? (7521) from Lete S.M.Z.H., kindness, happiness, prosperity, love, wisdom, joy, sanity, Light Forces in glorious accomplishments and good deeds for the benefit and prosperity of our ancestral and the Great Race!

Change of eras. In the summer of 7521 (2012 year) there is a change of epochs — our arm of the galaxy will move from the Hall of the Fox in the Halls of the Wolf (patron God Veles). It is believed that this period begins the day of Svarog.

"And the end of the world for shady characters, and the end of the period of darkness to the Light." Santee Vedas Perun.

Holiday Ramha-Ita - Rosh Hashanah Summer 7521 from S.M.Z.H.

Glory Rod-originator!
Thank the gods and the ancestors of our Light!
Glory to our native land of the Great Race!

Ousen. The autumnal equinox. In the new year celebration with every dong person is given the opportunity to get rid of one sin (unrighteous deeds) (Great Bell bet this holiday exactly 108 times), and during the first months of the flying man who committed indiscretions, should remedy the situation. Arranged a feast-Bratchina, drink honey and Surya. Some genera celebrated Rosh Hashanah or on Kalyada Krasnogor.

Characteristics of the upcoming 7521 Summer S.M.Z.H.
Summer -? Zfka? (7521) from S.M.Z.H. — Earth Path
Summer in a circle — and? (1)
Summer in krugolete — and? (1)
Name of summer — Wanderer (The Way)
Element — Earth
Color — Black

This summer activates Light Forces, bearing the creative agency, is the impressive growth of the economy, through the development of production and agriculture, is favorable to end the war between the states (Länder). This year people are born with a light is to be built beginning, an analytical mind and a desire to help their loved ones.

Ancient forms of chronology:

13021 Summer of the Big Freeze (Great cooling)
40017 Summer of third Arrivals Wightman Perun
44557 Summer of the Great Creation Colo Russenia
106792 Summer of Asgard Grounds Erie (9 Taylet)
111819 Summer of the Great Migrations of Daarija
143003 Summer on the period of the Three Moons
153379 Summer of Assa Dei
165043 Summer Time by Tara
185779 Summer Time from Thule
211699 Summer Time by SMAD
273907 Summer of Time h'Arra
460531 Summer Time of Gifts
604387 Summer Time of the Three Suns

How to celebrate Rosh Hashanah?
Ideally, Rosh Hashanah is celebrated in the community with the following range of activities. If Rosh Hashanah occurs within the family, it must necessarily be a lush, delicious, festive table, cooked mistress, preferably covered in nature.

You can light a candle on the nature in the woods or by the water:

Or just at home:

To create a cozy atmosphere with pleasant fragrances can light incense sticks:

If the celebration of Rosh Hashanah is in nature — must be party to the event fire, which offered both gifts or just yield edible gifts, and around which netted Slavleniya Gods and congratulations with New Summer.
Also at the festival besides the games and ceremonies can be read out poems, parables, tell tales and legends, to observe the stars and nature.
One of the essential attributes of this holiday is the bell strikes for the purification of which must be 108.

For laying the sacrificial fire logs harvested in advance and spread
a certain way in our stone built swastika.

After all the participants stand in a big circle and is
Slavleniya Gods congratulations coming new year. With words
"From living Fire — living Fire" elder of the congregation lights the bonfire.
All other thoughts and words help this action, the energy just
passed to each, all feel ownership of the mystery …

In the Fire for slavleniya Ancestors throw grain and food with the following terms:
Rod Heaven — ancestor,
Light Race Patron,
Remember all of my Ancestors
Koi Svarga your light!

After that, the fire can throw preformed rites, their wishes
and requests to Rod and ancestors, as well as burn a purifying fire is
from which you want to get rid of in the coming new year.
Cleansing Fire also clears all the subtle body, so it is recommended
wash them.

Separate from the main fire of brushwood laid found fire for round. All the participants, adults and children, hand in hand, a fun play around them, jump over the fire, each dedicated to one of his jump our gods. It is believed that it is necessary to jump at least 16 times! Jumping over the fire purifies the soul.

Bell or bell (ship's bell) beats, as expected by tradition to purify, 108 hits.
Bratchina very symbolic that day, as it is represented in all possible fruits and vegetables donated by the Gods and Mother Nature this year, eaten with gratitude all those present.

During Bratchina fire for jumping burns, charred and split it evenly leveled for walking barefoot on coals. It is believed that people who were able to defeat the fear of fire, never burnt them, and only become more holistic and volevym.Hozhdenie on coals cleans Spirit.

After such a holiday energy in the body and cheerfulness of the spirit remains a long time!

Preparation and additional information for the Feast (Friends of the Forum

As noted by new year?

Kolyada GIFT FOR 7521 Summer (2012-2013 year)

Rosh Hashanah 7519
Rosh Hashanah 7520

Collection of articles: AGE WOLF
A selection of videos from various traditions of clicks: 2012 | physics doomsday | Change of epochs
AGE OF FOX to the era of wolves. The symbolism of the transition
2012 (Summer 7521), What do you mean this date? Personal worldview

SOLAR KOLO "Eastern Slavs
Kolyada GIFT
That we celebrate the new year?

Person born in this year, has a great test, as well as the Powers: the passage of a dark period of crisis, failure, and becoming. This year is the beginning of beginnings, and is always difficult to start, but whatever the origin, always followed the accomplishment of the goal and the embodiment conceived ideas.

Change of eras. In the summer of 7521 (2012 year) there is a change of epochs — our arm of the galaxy will move from the Hall of the Fox in the Halls of the Wolf (patron God Veles). It is believed that this period begins the day of Svarog.

Hand-Slavic Vedas. Calendar Carols gift for Summer 7521.

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Calendar 'leapfrog' in. Why in Russia celebrated the 3 different new year (March, May, September) and then added a new year and "Old-New Year"? Where did the chronology shifts in the calendar? What used calendar form? What do the names of the months (Slavic, Roman, etc.)? Fill the gaps! Says Head of Old Russian Orthodox Church, Old Believers Ingliingov Pater Dy Alexander.

Slavic New Year, "Rosh Hashanah"

The tradition of the New Year dates back to antiquity. In ancient times, the holiday symbolizes the beginning of a new life cycle. With the development of civilization, sacred rituals gradually woven into the fabric of the official celebrations. Modern Christmas traditions virtually unchanged came to us from antiquity.
In the New Year's holiday prayers were offered up to God, the protector of unborn month and the most revered gods. And each begs to not only personal well-being, but also peace and prosperity across the state.
New Year's Eve all the people came to the excitement of all visited each other's homes, exchange gifts and wishes.

Rosh Hashanah Slavs timed to the days of the autumn equinox (September 22-26) and started the New Year on September 14. After the harvest, people knew that the main crops already in the barn, and in labor Slavs resolved to celebrate the wedding, the bride and hold festive celebrations.

After the decree of Peter I the New Year in Russia postponed to January 1 (December 25), on the eighth day of Christmas. In a strange way, "ukaznoy» New Year coincided with the eighth day of Christmas, that is, Day of Christ's circumcision. According to esoteric teachings by cutting the baby "grounded" human nature and stop working two lower chakras. According to other ideological claims of the Jews circumcised in infancy reduces the level of spiritual personality organization to man managed media culture (man-a "zombie", a man-"biorobot" man-"animal") and the rabbinate.

Because these traditions is introduced, then a return to celebrating new year all people that make up the Russian super-ethnos (all people living together in Russia, talking in Russian), is seen as a series of tasks together:
"The task of restoring ancestral memory and rewriting the history of our country and of humanity, partly lost during the" cut-off of historical memory. " Because there is no love and defend the Motherland who does not know the true history of his family. "Joint exit from under the global management of our regional civilization without.

Film in the series "Echo Time" tells the story of how and when our ancestors originally coming New Year, to be exact — Rosh Hashanah, as well as of those who have and still faithfully follows the precepts of the Patriarchs, the faith and the Orthodox venerate the great The legacy of sorts.

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