House arrest Svetlana Baykova extended to November 20

Told her lawyer Michael Volcheck. In accordance with the decision taken earlier action of the measure was to be completed on October 24.

The term acquaintance Baykova and protection with the case extended for two weeks — until November 15, although the lawyer asked the attorney general last month. Nevertheless, said Volchek time to read all the materials and defendant were investigating him enough.

Under consideration by the Attorney General or, as suggested by counsel, already in the KGB is a defense motion to ease Baykova preventive measure, as it is now contained under severe restrictions. For example, it is prohibited walks, it is under constant guard KGB.

The lawyer said that in the last days of his client's health condition worsened, exacerbated a number of diseases, and it needs professional medical help.

Svetlana Baykova was arrested by the KGB on February 25 Workplace on suspicion of abuse of power. Case against her KGB chief Vadim Zaitsev filed Feb. 24 on the grounds of the crimes referred to in Articles 399 (illegal exemption from criminal liability) and 426 (abuse of power or authority) of the Criminal Code.

Messages that recent media reports about the beginning of a new relation Baykova criminal cases attorney has not commented.

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