How many children of aliens inhabit the Earth


It has long been strongly feel left out in this life, because no one "flying saucer" I could not see. Therefore, most of all I liked was released many years ago in the United States, the book, quite simply called "The data on UFOs." It was immediately dubbed the "full report" everything that happened and offered to take absolutely seriously. In particular — the sensational evidence of an American who has seen "a plate in the shape of women's breasts."

Nesensatsionnym should be considered as an increased interest in aliens regularly visit the United States and the European NATO countries, to military bases. Most likely it's the aliens spy, after all, "there" there is such a profession. From the history of our relationship with interplanetary reason is known, for example: shooting aliens with huge occurred near the Air Force base in Spain. Three sentries heard whistling sounds and saw a light in the sky. Realizing that the territory of the base trying to get "red", time rushed to the sound and came across the three-meter creature shrouded in a green glow. One of the soldiers started shooting and suddenly fell unconscious, others managed to release the offender in about 50 bullets before he disappeared. All three remained intact, the fate of the green giant is unknown.

In the past, reports of meetings with the Americans 'plates' or ended with hints, or direct appeal to be vigilant in the face of the "red menace". Red — in the sense of the communist, as if they can seem awkward bind blue (green, pink …) alien to the red "Soviets". The rest, which is associated with the "plates" and aliens, should be perceived as a benefit.

For ordinary Americans their experts "plates" has long brought two recipes. The axiom of number 1: "ufomaniya", as they call passion "plates" in the English language, makes people happy and helps to solve the most complex problems of the earth.

…The famous baseball player and his wife were sitting in the evening on the veranda country house, they saw the glowing "bowl." Approximate size: about nine meters wide, about six meters "from head to tail" because the athlete saw the "saucer" unusual, not rounded. "After watching for a minute — shared his impressions baseball player — I decided to go for the camera. But as soon as I got up, "plate" moved away, as if warning: "No, we are aliens, do not let us take pictures." I felt like they read my mind. " Yeah, okay, but then in the life of a professional athlete have been dramatic changes. He played so well that he was offered a lucrative contract to one of the top teams. How come? "After I saw a UFO, I began to think about the universe, and these are my personal thoughts pushed the issue into the background. I was calmer to relate to them and was able to focus on the sport. "

Happier — this is the interpretation of the axioms of number 2 — are people who are abducted by aliens. Inside Dish dragged many earthlings, and then unceremoniously kicked out for some reason. Housewife of Arizona while in a hypnotic state, readily told: she was abducted by aliens and taken to a huge growth in the underground city on another planet. Then he took on a trip to another planet, and then the third, where she miraculously escaped the cave dwellers. A prominent specialist ufologist said the public: he believes that these giants were with bronze skin, golden eyes with silver flecks, growth under three meters, and the housewife with its attendant immediately transferred to a distance of 500 million miles.

I am glad that all the stolen and returned to become "stars" — in the sense of journalists. Of course, from time to time, skeptics wonder whether it does not border all with mass paranoia. What nonsense, no arguing against the facts, and the facts seem so.

…American woman, a mother of six children, lived in Ohio for a year abducted twice. And gently returned.

…Another American woman kidnapped four times — so she took a fancy to the strangers. Under the influence of an alien she took his hand across the paper, and that's what happened, "Be happy. Success is waiting for you at the door. We are proud of you. We will guide your every step. Your childhood friend Kuazgou. "

If happiness is measured by the frequency of alien abductions, the girlfriend Kuazgou undoubtedly the happiest. No one, however, has ignored the obvious inhumanity of aliens: they have never shown interest in the fate of the unemployed are not fed any one of the millions of starving people, not provided shelter to some homeless chudnenko planet, staying overnight in the park. On the other hand, which of them to wait. They not only want to share happiness with those who do not, but — sometimes, alas — just behave indecently. Not all the aliens seem to care about moral issues.

…After a housewife from Florida abducted by aliens, they moved into her space woman named Antron, which gave an American some trouble. And the luminaries of medicine — additional difficulties because once again we have to confirm the accuracy of the information received from the lucky women. The fact of extraterrestrial Antron stay in the body and brain health Housewives star testified as follows: "She is honest."

The Earth's medicine is often powerless. Brazilian watchman abducted by aliens five times, like gnomes. After that, "there" from his child was born. Earthling-alien, or vice versa. Caretaker — of course, the experts confirmed his honesty and truthfulness — remember that "wife" looked disgusting. This is according to earthly standards. "As incredible as it may sound, he is the father of cosmic child" — publicly announced luminary medicine.

But — the children far away, not sure that the guard will be able to send child support for their content. Closer — aliens who, as we are assured, American experts on "ufomanii 'long walk on the streets of their cities:" They're just invisible. " Among the tangible "homo sapiens" in the U.S. also have aliens. A lot. "Star People" willingly prophesy the coming of the "golden age" when "will be eradicated disease and poverty, and people will live a long, happy and without any problems and concerns."

American experts, ufologists brought several grounds on which the alien is very easy to distinguish from an earthling. So, the aliens:

— Sleep and work in a different mode — "on the other planets of their length of day and night." Last Friday I went to sleep very late, too late and woke up on Saturday;

— Feel uneasy in public transport — "on their planet a safer and more comfortable means of transportation." The other day, at rush hour, so I squeezed in the subway, I'm really worried for the safety of its edges;

— Constantly looking for information — "all the time, buying magazines and newspapers." Every morning, over the years, I get four daily national newspapers, and then, at least half a day, I collect the necessary data on the Internet.

So in this story a little sorry for just one person. Togo, who saw "a plate in the shape of women's breasts." Becoming a hero, he frankly admitted that he suffers very poor vision and constantly visited a bar where dancers perform belly dance.

Victor Gribachev, Nezavisimaya Gazeta

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