How much can rule?

The collectors of signatures of the candidates came into your apartment? Whose election pickets you saw on the street? These questions are answered Grodno passers-by.

Man: "Yes, come to me gatherers. I just do not remember the name. Remember that the writer was to be presented to the president. Yeah, I signed up."

Woman: "Do not come to us collectors home. Seen on the street, but do not have them today."

Her husband: "I do not want to Lukashenko, I got bored. Do not know for whom, and for me it's enough. Well, well, how much can rule?"

Mr."Subscribe. Who — I do not remember coming home."

"Picket seen. Came home, we signed up, I will not say for whom."

Pensioner with his granddaughter: "In the apartment did not come, and the store I signed up for Neklyaeva, more or less intelligible program."

Girl"We pay little attention to such pickets and try to pass by. Myself I generally neutral."

Her husband: "I saw the offer to subscribe to, but also do not pay attention to it. Yeah, well, I have my own opinion. Do not want me to someone impose their point of view — for whom I was later to vote."

Young man"We were coming home for Lukashenko signed."

His father: "And I for Lukashenko. Vertelishki We are living in, so it's the same …"

Man: "For us to come, collected signatures several times, but then we were not home. But we are interested in, a lot of information on the Internet is constantly read such sites as" the Charter ", keep abreast of."

Mrs."In the apartment came. Me in the house was not there, my sister was. She herself out of the village, the village is a signatory".

Man: "I'm interested in, but still no one came. Lukashenko also do not know anyone, but for Lukashenka I have never voted. Ambitious man, he, I'm against such. We would workhorse who is not so much of the other demands much of himself.'s A a person would be to my liking. "

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