How to destroy the Cathedral of Polotsk

Mr. Vladimir, you recently mentioned the tragic fate of Polotsk, St. Stephen's Cathedral, was blown up in 1964. I would like to know the details. Whether to keep any documents showing the robbery of the temple and its "elimination"? Motherland should know their "heroes."

Sergei Tsarik

Polotsk fortune in this wonderful monument of architecture in 1745. Built in the late Baroque church lifted up the front facade of the tower at 60 meters and reigned over the ancient city. Together with the rebuilt five years Sophia, which was blown up by soldiers of Peter I, St. Stephen's Cathedral became the dominant urban architectural landscape. Despite the huge size, the temple as if floating above the city marvelous stone Gallion. One of the towers was a striking clock, the product of the Vilna master Gustav Mudni. Believers impressive three icons painted in the famous Salvatore Verone roses, especially the altar "Zakamenavanne pershapakutnika Stephen."

After in the first third of the XIX century colonial Russian authorities expelled the Jesuits from the city first built the temple, and then their successors of the Jesuits, the cathedral has new owners — Orthodox. First of all, it was renamed the Nicholas. Academics Imperial Academy of Arts and Yakovlev Vasilyev got good order for 12 thousand rubles — to draw the "true Orthodox icon." Bad Catholic started wandering through purgatory.

Disassemble the cathedral authorities kamandyravali not just to anyone, but an important expert — Conservative zoological study of Vilnius Academy Master Brunera. (Not to recall the Soviet anecdote about how Vasily wanted after the victory over the "white" panabudavats conservatory that the proletarians had no problems with the canned food.).

Crossed first cathedral belonged Cadet Corps, was a city cathedral, and then suffered bullying Bolshevik barbarians. "At the request of workers Polotsk residents" was closed and abezgalosili — dropped and sent to the smelter bell.

This was only the first act. In the mid-1930s, has found sanctuary arch-enemy in the person of Lenin — a small monument on the tall pedestal. Against the backdrop of the cathedral, he looked something like the jacket on hereditary arystakratse. But the cathedral tower still remained above the leader, with the Bolsheviks could not come to terms. Born ingenious solution podsokratit church steeples dismantling the upper tiers. At the same time destroyed and unique clock that seems to beat Bourgeois time. Between the towers were beheaded hanged monstrously huge portrait of Stalin, like the fact that air balloon rises above the horizon in Nikita Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the Sun".

After the war, the Cathedral and the surrounding old buildings gave shelter to many institutions and more than a hundred families.

The authorities retaliated holy ingratitude.

In October 1963, signed by the chairman of the executive committee was born Polotsk City Council N.Klyapatskay decision № 328 "On the event of demolition of the church and the right wing of the former military school." The last minutes of the existence of the cathedral forever etched in my memory. Went winter school holidays, and we watched a film about "our" and "Germans" in the cinema "Rodina". Suddenly the lights came on and the person with the Order's chocks said: "Children, do not be afraid. Now going to tear the church." After the film, instead of the temple we saw tsyklyapichnuyu smoky pile of stones. Much later came to understand that the area has lost the unity of the architectural ensemble, and the city — its historical silhouette. And then in our souls lived just a feeling of something terrible and irreparable.

After many years in the memoirs of Soviet dissident General Grigorenko, I read that at the Cathedral of St. Stephen Polotsk and Vitebsk CRI-century Church of the Annunciation "tested a new advanced technology give birth places of worship." Somehow, in the Russian cities have not experienced it then …

Authorities spent "on the ruins of the dismantling and removal of debris" 30 thousand rubles. Honorary citizen of the city N.Klyapatskaya justified in the press that destroy the cathedral made her Republican boss. Perhaps it was. Documents show that afterdnyuyu commission that decided the fate of the holy things, led the then Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR Kamensky, and within it was the chairman of the State Committee for Construction of the Republic Korolev.

But who made the City Council award the destruction of the cathedral fellow heroes Korogodina Davgasheya and diplomas, and the captain Shulzhenko declare gratitude?

At the site of the temple of Soviet architects put terrible nine-known in Polotsk as a "house with ears" …

However, there is a project to restore the ancient shrine. If he vrechaisneny, I finally believe that in the XXI century, Polotsk will host.

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