Hurricane flown to Arkhangelsk

On the night of Thursday to Archangel hit a perfect storm. Wind storm caused significant damage to the city.

"The storm and the wind raged midnight.Storm prevented people sleep. Wind plowed poorly sealed windows. Rescuers had to spend almost sleepless night, as there were many challenges. Rescuers also focused on situations in the water, "- said Dnyam.Rua source in the city administration.

According to a municipality, the brunt of the hurricane raged from 1:40 to 04:40, came in Isakovor, Tsiglomen, Maimaksa, Varavino factor, Solombala. Brunt of the disaster also affected the island and Berevennik Krasnoflotskoye.

As a result of the hurricane severed power lines, felled trees, damaged roofs. Several city transferred to the boiler back-up sources of power supply.Temporarily closed three kindergartens, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Currently, work is underway to eliminate the consequences of the storm. In different areas are about 20 repair crews. The main work should be completed before dark.

Yet another accident on the high-voltage lines in Pinega District of the Arkhangelsk region left without electricity 3.8 thousand. The incident occurred at 09:05. Cause of tripping investigated. Remained without electricity 16 settlements, four boilers, water stations, bakeries and educational institutions.

"All the houses in the villages are disconnected furnace heating, water supply Pit" — quoted by RIA Novosti MES message. Conducted emergency repair work.

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