In Bavaria, red cat returned to owner after 16 years of wandering

April 4, 2012 15:13

In Bavaria found a cat that went missing 16 years ago

In Bavaria found a cat that went missing 16 years ago

In Bavaria found a cat that went missing 16 years ago. According Abendzeitung Muenchen, red cat found a family in the woods near the commune Aying near Munich and put in a shelter — he was visibly exhausted. It was immediately clear that the old cat — he did not have front teeth.

The animal was very trusting and spent a couple of days in the family home Shettel in whose pile of wood in the shed, it suddenly appeared. At one point he noticed an identification on the ear tattoo number. Later it turned out that this is the cat Poldi, who disappeared in 1996 in the town of Unterhaching. The shelter at a special database found the owner.

According to employees of the animal shelter, they can not remember a similar case, the animal and owner reunited after so many years. Conductress shelter Evelyn Kozenbah remembered the cat disappeared for three years, but sixteen years — is "very, very much."

Initially, the shelter staff could not communicate with the hostess, but in the end still told her the good news — she was in seventh heaven. "She was completely taken aback, she totally did not expect that Poldi will appear again," — said in a shelter. At one time this lady desperately looking for Poldi and posted ads, but in 1996 she took another cat. Now she is trying to do everything possible to cat Poldi in the new old house was cozy. Missing out he actually still a kitten — he was less than a year.

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