In Belarus, smashed car payment is more than the lost lives

Our listener, hear a message stating that the building factory "Pinsk Wood" put boxes to collect the families of the victims, called for "Freedom":

"When the Belarusian pilots were killed tragically in a parade of aviation in Poland, honor and gratitude Poles honored their memory, their dedication, and Belarusian President during the funeral went on to teach agribusinesses grow vegetables. He's the main expert on everything. Was a tragedy for the woodworking factory — the presidential helicopter landed on the first day.

Boxes hanged for donations, and how much is the last trip of our main host in China? Us that China urgently needs help? And how beautiful nailed in Armenia Lukashenko with his youngest son a barrel of selected ethyl alcohol Kohli before the wedding!

Well, now, apparently, there is no time with the president, is preparing for the so-called All-Belarusian People's Assembly. And maybe a little cut back the people's money that will go to a political pre-election show, and give the bereaved families of workers not at 10 million, and an order of magnitude more? "

Another listener compared the amount of compensation for the broken car and for a human life. He expressed his outrage:

"Look in the morning call the listener. And I want to say that all of us believe cattle. Maybe we cattle, have for this reason. Know, intently watching the events on the" Pinskdrev. "How dare my neighbor that struck the car. For example, he received a cash compensation in the euro more than the 10 million rubles.

Paraphrasing a good adage for a dead give as much as two salaries chairman of the Central Election Commission or the salary of three retired from the House of Representatives.

You know, I want to say one thing: we strive for EU cattle there to insure a large sum: 3-4 thousand euros. And then related to the cattle as it was, and is.

If we do stand up and say that we are not cattle, the power changes by itself. More she is not afraid of political parties, movements, she is afraid of ordinary citizens. To the power of the worst — when people just come out on the streets. "

Calls listeners comments policy Vintsuk Vyachorka:

Vintsuk Vyachorka

"And the size of the tragedy, and the significant role of the enterprise, and the fact that the number of deaths is unknown, is closed. Would to God that all survived. Everything indicates that this is a disaster on a national scale.

Certainly, shock and surprise above all things: inattention head of state, which in any democratic country would have cost him the presidency at the next election is fair, and the attitude to the victims and their families, as there is no fault those people, who had gone to the other world. This is no ordinary production incident.

Against the backdrop of the huge expenses for entertainment purposes, all this showing off, coupled with tips, ice palaces, of course, is outraged evaluation of human life in this country — 3000 dollars, the price of some rusty used car. "

Our regular listeners expressed their opinion on the tactics of the head of state during the presidential election campaign:

"In press, and on your radio was information that Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree to increase pensions by 10 percent and various social benefits. As I understand it, someone you have asked," What does this mean? "

This means that potential presidential candidates can rest assured that their train had already left. After all, a huge army of pensioners does not convince you, they are very appreciated it. "

Bell says politician Sergei Kalyakin:

Sergei Kalyakin

"The fact that Lukashenko is engaged in social payoff, then this is it always did, and there's nothing new there. He also understands that today many people absolutely do not want him to continue was president.

Well, today people are reasonable, and the same pensioners. And those who work in the public sector, are well aware that this increase in pensions today clears the growth of prices for products and service. And after the New Year is all covered with such a price increase, that life will be even harder.

People understand that if this is done under the election, there is an attempt to bribe them somehow. I think that not all citizens would vote for Lukashenko that he raised their salaries. "

Our regular listener was a poem about the visit to Belarus head of the Russian Communist Party:

"Well, we have no vices,
We are marching forward courageously.
Granted to us Zyuganov,
And it was clear! "

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