In Chelyabinsk, started the first school of wizards, where people are taught to see with your eyes closed

April 18, 2012 9:56

In Chelyabinsk, citizens learn to see with your eyes closed — in the First Ural wizarding school teaching people how to get information without using the senses, the agency news "Access."

"There was a school on the initiative of Mark Komissarov — the author of a new way of teaching methods of perceiving the world, patented in the U.S. and registered in Russia.

In his method, a person can fully and accurately perceive information, bypassing the usual senses, and only take the right decisions. One of the first followers of the scientist chelyabinka Dinara Abdrakhmanova now a school principal, and her niece, Alina — the most successful student of the hundreds of students: 10-year-old girl can not even read with your eyes closed "- the agency reports.

Dinara Abdrakhmanova notes that people are taught in school to enable their perception of the information centers (DSC) — they who provide information without the senses. The child "wake up" the DSC can be 15-30 minutes a session, adults need more time.

More or less regular listeners schools now organize joint trips to the bowling alley, billiards, where everybody plays with his eyes closed for the future planned trip to the cinema in 3D-movie. Training on how to activate the DSC held regularly.

Oksana Lahin,
Photo by the author

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