In eastern Turkey, there was another major earthquake

Repeated 5.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in eastern Turkey on October 25. As reported by seismological station of Kandy, the epicenter of quake was 40 kilometers north-east of the city of Van.
Hotbed of underground elements lies at a depth of 5 kilometers. According to ITAR-TASS. According to the latest figures from the Office for Emergency Management in the Office of the Prime Minister of Turkey, the victims of the earthquake in Turkey has risen to 432 people. The number of wounded increased to 1352 people.
7.2 magnitude earthquake in Turkey were reported during the day on October 23. After the first devastating blow was followed by about 300 repeated concussions soil magnitude up to 6. The number of victims exceeded a half thousand people. Hundreds of thousands were left homeless, and the second day in a row forced to sleep on the street. Emergency services launched a campground, but sites still not enough.
Turkish rescuers working hard hit by Sunday's earthquake, the city of Van, were able to detect the debris alive two weeks of the child and his mother.

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