In fact Bebenina prosecution did not rule out the possibility of exhuming

Oct. 26 at the invitation of the Belarusian authorities in Minsk OSCE experts will come, which will be introduced to the audit materials death of journalist Oleg Bebenina. The prosecutor's office as the main treats of suicide.

For information about these experts are still very limited. From the press-secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh we know that they are from Sweden and Norway, but the names of experts, as well as their official position, have not been named. In the OSCE office in Minsk before the arrival of the experts more information about them, too, are not reported.

Meanwhile, in the Minsk Oblast Prosecutor's Office continues to check the circumstances of the death of the founder of the website Charter 97 journalists Oleg Bebenina.

The prosecutor's office: "The term of inquiry into the death of Bebenina extended until November 3."

"The term validation extended to November 3. Come to us OSCE experts, their names I do not know" — said "Freedom" Tatiana Kalinina from the regional prosecutor's office.

According to the employee of the Prosecutor's Office, OSCE experts to review the documents prepared for this test, which was translated into English. In this case, the prosecutor's office did not rule out that the experts will be asked to translate some more documents. Translators, according to Tatiana Kalinina, employed in the office of the OSCE.

Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrew Swede assured that the OSCE experts acquainted with all the checks, and if the need arises, "can be to exhume the corpse for specific expertise."

The prosecutor's office in Belarus say they still fulfill all the versions of what happened, including the killing of a staged suicide, but as long as the alleged "no data that contradict the basic version of suicide."

Z.Bandarenka: "Only after talking with experts can be say — seriously people come, or is it an attempt to cover up the regime of Lukashenko during the election campaign. "

3 September journalist "Charter'97" Oleg Bebenin was found in the loop at his dacha in the Dzerzhinsk region. Many friends and colleagues Bebenina does not believe in the suicide theory. People say marks on his body, which allegedly show a violent death.

Among those who questioned the version of suicide — the coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko, who examined the body Bebenina. Dmitry Bondarenko said that since he had not been talking about the meeting with OSCE experts:

"I do not know who will come, when he came, and generally will talk to us. When these conversations happen with us, only then can I say something true — seriously people were coming, or is it an attempt to cover up the regime of Lukashenko during the election campaign" .

Dmitry Bondarenko part of the initiative group Andrei Sannikov, which attempts to register a candidate in the upcoming presidential election. Andrei Sannikov said earlier that if it were not for the death of Oleg Bebenina, he would have led his campaign headquarters.


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