In Germany found Celtic Stonehenge

October 17, 2011 12:53

Plan Celtic "Stonehenge" is aligned with the constellations in the VII century BC.  e

Plan Celtic "Stonehenge" is aligned with the constellations in the VII century BC. e

Ancient Celtic megalithic structures discovered in Germany. He has already been compared to Stonehenge, but, in contrast to English of the monument, it is not oriented to the sun and to the moon.
Celtic "Stonehenge" in Magdalenenberge is 136 gravestones, tombs situated around a central leader. The entire complex stands on a large mound of about 100 meters in diameter. It was opened by researchers at the Roman-Germanic Central Museum in Mainz when working with old excavation plans.

 Scientists have suggested that the location of the graves corresponds star chart, and, apparently, were not mistaken. The museum Allard Mees calculated by astronomical data, that way lies the grave stones, placed the heavenly bodies in the summer of 618 BC

Long rows of signs show that stood by wooden posts were focused on the moon during an eclipse, which are repeated in the same phase about every 18 years. So there was a clearly established date facilities of the complex.

Julius Caesar, who had fought with the Celts, noted that their calendar is based on lunar cycles. After the arrival of the Romans was a transition to a solar calendar. Discovery allowed to see a living monument of the "moon" period.


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