In Germany, the environmentalists stopped atomic caravan

A group of activists "Greenpeace" handcuffed themselves and chains to the railway tracks near Karlsruhe in southern Germany, stopping the movement of the first in this year's "atomic caravan" — a train of radioactive waste.
Currently, the railroad track are about ten people. Before chained themselves activists environmental organization secured the rails metal bars, which also makes the trains in this area impossible.
The police have a loss to answer, as soon as rail traffic resumes. Parsing makeshift barricades and liberation activists "Greenpeace" will take, according to preliminary estimates, the number of hours. Cops promise "not to show undue haste." "The main thing now — to free people, not harm them," — they say.
The train, carrying five containers with 56 tons of radioactive material from the plant for the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel in Karlsruhe, to pass on this section of railway track on Wednesday night. Composition should be a temporary storage "Nord" in Lubmin in northeastern Germany, ITAR-TASS reported.
To ensure the safety of the 'atom caravans "in Germany every time employ tens of thousands of police officers, as the movement of trains loaded with highly radioactive waste in the country is always accompanied by mass protests. On the way, such trains protesters chained themselves to the rails and chains, erecting barricades on the tracks, organize sit-pickets, police armored vehicles poured resin and burn them, special vehicles throw Molotov cocktails. Some protesters removed stones from the railway line, making it unsuitable for such traffic composition.
Police did not always confine themselves to endure at the hands of the protesters from the railway tracks. Against the most aggressive use batons, pepper spray and water cannons. After such conflicts dozens of casualties taken to hospital. Against participants undermining criminal proceedings in connection with the creation of danger to traffic rail.

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